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									All About Tole Painting, Learning the Basics

There are different kinds or types of painting and for the ordinary
indivudal, it can be rather confusing. You probably have come across oil
paintings, watercolor paintings, body painting, face painting, and many
others; but did you know about tole painting?

Tole painting is considered as folk art. It is the painting of wooden and
tin utensils, furniture, and other objects in a decorative way. Objects
may refer to metallic objects like coffee pots, kitchen utensils, and
other household items. The wooden objects can be chairs, tables, chests,
jewelry boxes, and even toy boxes.

When did tole painting started? It all started in New England way back in
the eighteenth century particularly in Pennsylvania. It was done by the
German immigrants at that time. The same thing happened in Scandinavian
countries and its Swedes, Danes, and Norwegian immigrants. The Germans
concentrated more in tin and metal tole painting. On the other hand,
Scandinavians worked on furniture and wooden objects. There is a slight
difference in the patterns of these two traditions.

Tole painting in today's modern times makes use of long-lasting, sturdy,
and inexpensive acrylic paints. How is tole painting done? First, the
wooden objects are sealed and then primed. After that, the object is
sanded and the paint is decoratively applied.

What makes tole painting valuable? Oftentimes, the skill in tole painting
runs in the family. Therefore, the story and favorite patterns of the
family are shown in the various tole paintings. The paintings are painted
in freehand and it can be of humorous themes, various colors, family
jokes, and illustrations of family stories.

There are expensive as well as cheap tole paintings. It all depends on
the quality of the utensil, the personalization, the art, the work, and
the story. There is a great advantage in tole painting especially if it
is your craft. For instance, if you come up with a not-so-good painting,
you can easily sand it off and then repaint the utensil. Experts though
can tell if a certain tole painting is repainted - there is an indistinct
background of a certain object. Repainting often occurs if the painter is
still inexperienced. Some pieces of furniture, utensils, and similar
objects are repainted because it is too valuable to the owner and they
don't want to get rid of it and so instead, they have it repainted.

Now, you can find tole paintings in various surfaces unlike before where
you only see them in metal-ware and tin surfaces. If you want to learn
more about tole painting, try to search the internet for important
information regarding this type of art.

If you do your research, you can find tole painting resources like
project instructions, tips on how to do tole painting, and your needed
supplies. There are online tole painting shops that you can visit that
sell handmade and tole painted items. You choose a utensil, furniture,
chest, chair, table, or other objects that are tole painted. You can
easily purchase them online as long as you have a credit card. Be careful
though when making online purchases; just make sure that the page is
encrypted so that you can protect yourself from online scammers.

Tole painting is becoming more popular nowadays. With the demand for tole
painted items increasing, the price of such items can increase in the
future. If you want, you can invest in tole painting and have a business
of your own. You can even do the work yourself especially if you're
artistic and creative.

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