The Basics of Acupuncture by sosska


									The Basics of Acupuncture

There are many people who are either fascinated with ancient medicine
methods, alternative therapies, or even those who want to learn about
other cultures. In addition, non-western medicine approaches and other
techniques are also a major interest to many people. Fortunately,
acupuncture therapy falls under all of these categories and there is much
to be learned from this ancient medicinal technique. The ancient Chinese
civilizations started using acupuncture when there was any physical or
mental ailment that needed to be cured. There are all sorts of reasons
why this ancient method was also moved from the Middle East where it
originated, but a whole plethora of countries have definitely benefited
from it.

Nevertheless, there will always be those people who are fascinated with
the basics and fundamentals of acupuncture. In reality, acupuncture truly
is an amazing therapy. For starters, acupuncture isn't like any other
therapy because it doesn't involve anything that any other traditional
Western therapies involve. For example, some traditional Western
therapies involve focusing on an individuals interactions with the
environment and other people; however, acupuncture deals with the person
and the body itself, including bringing the state of the body back to
equilibrium where it belongs.

What Does Acupuncture Believe?

Just as there are a great number (and growing, too!) of people who are
fascinated with what acupuncture is, those people are the same
individuals that need to realize that acupuncture is truly a belief
system. In other words, acupuncture just simply isn't a therapy technique
that requires a person to undergo needles in their skin and that's it. On
the contrary, acupuncture is a whole belief system that entails beliefs
about the body and the whole healing process.

For starters when it comes to acupuncture, the Chinese believed that
there was one basic source in the body that was responsible for the whole
body's energy source. This energy source is called the Chi, and this spot
in the body is also responsible for any type of pain that is felt.
Knowing all this, however, enables a person to also know that in order to
stop pain from being felt then those spots on the bodies must be removed.
Thankfully, the Chinese culture figured out that their were pathways that
run along the Chi line. In order to combat any number of illnesses and
diseases one has to undergo the process of having needles placed in the
skin in order for those pressure points on the body to help the process
of healing.

The Science of Acupuncture

Even though acupuncture is not an exact science, more doctors and
alternative therapy practitioners in the West are using acupuncture as a
reference point and study guide to look at the practices of alternative
therapies in a different light. Perhaps the reason that traditional
Western medicine doesn't embrace acupuncture as much as the Chinese does
is because there are no hard facts to go off of. But those who don't
practice it also don't realize what they're missing out on. When it comes
right down to it, thought, acupuncture is not only amazing, but it's also
a therapy that everyone should be grateful for!

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