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					Wytherling Court: off the A252 at Molash between
             Challock and Chilham                          Blossom
                                                         Toll Rides (off-road) Trust

                                                              Sunday 22nd
                                                              April 2012
                                                              At: Wytherling Court , Molash,
                                                                Canterbury, Kent CT4 8HX

                  Shottenden Lane

                                                     Proceeds in aid of Molash Church, the Toll Rides (off-
                                                         road) Trust and The Perry Wood Winkle Club
                                                    The Blossom Charity Ride is approx. 10 miles long with
                                                       wonderful views of Chilham Castle, Selling and the
                                                   surrounding countryside - including orchards bridleways,
                                                                         and forestry.
                                                                              Conditions of entry
             Blossom Ride                                      § Please send entry forms, and a Stamped
                                                                 Addressed Envelope for starting time, to be with
                                                                 the secretary by Tuesday 17th April, 2012.
                                                               § Please make cheques payable to
          There will be no jumps on the course
                                                                 Molash P.C.C. Charity Ride.
Entry for the ride is £12 (17 and over) and £10 (16 and        § Riders will be allocated a starting time, and notified
under) - non-returnable - per rider.                             about a week beforehand. Please bring the card
                                                                 sent to you to the start.
Also, there will be £5.00 riding money on the day, paid in     § Riders will start between 10am & 1.00pm.
cash.                                                          § Requests to ride together should be made on the
                                                                 entry form.
     Entries close on Monday 17th April, 2012                  § A map will be displayed at the start of the route
                                                               § Riders must report to the Ride Secretary at the
Please include a Stamped Addressed Envelope                      start, when they will be given a number, and,
with your entry, which should be sent to:                        please, they must report in when they finish, even
                                                                 if they do not complete the route.
                                                               § Hard hats must be worn, and suitable footwear, not
Mr Geoff Jenkins,                                                Wellington boots or trainers.
Kings View,                                                    § Will riders please remember that they are riding this
Shottenden Lane,                                                 route thanks to the generosity of landowners ... so
Molash,                                                          enjoy yourselves and treat the land with care.
Canterbury,                                                    § Will riders please remember that permission to
Kent CT4 8EZ.                                                    enter private land is for the duration of the ride
Tel : 01233 740 598                                            § A Doctor and a Vet will be on call.
                                                               § The landowners, the Toll Rides (off-road) Trust,
                                                                 and those involved with the running of the Ride do
                                                                 not accept any responsibility in case of accident or
                                                                 injury, or loss of personal belongings.
Entry forms, details and maps are also on:
                                     All riders take part entirely at their own risk

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