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									Classic Ford Mustang Window
Frame Replacement - How To
Replace Vent- Window Frames
With a new vent-window frame reproduction from Mustangs Unlimited, you can eliminate those pitted and
unsightly vent windows on '67-'68 Mustangs
By Donald Farr
Photography by Donald Farr

Vent window frames are similar to steering wheels-they're visible from the driver seat at all times, and
when they're in bad condition, well, the driver is stuck with them in his vision at all times. Now,
thanks to a new reproduction available from Mustangs Unlimited, owners of '67-'68 Mustangs can
replace pitted, rusted, and otherwise unsightly vent-window frames with a new frame coated with
shiny, beautiful chrome.

The new vent-window frame is a direct replacement for the originals. But it's a bit trickier than a basic
R&R, because the glass and hardware from the old frames must be transferred to the new ones. Other
than the two rivets that secure the rear framerail to the frame requiring the use of a rivet gun, the
procedure can be completed with hand tools.

The new reproduction vent-window      Our original frame, as found on a 1. Start the disassembly of the
frame from Mustangs Unlimited is a    customer's '67 convertible at        original vent-window frame by
direct replacement for the original   Classic Creations of Central         removing the vent-window
frames in '67-'68 Mustangs. It's a    Florida, was not as bad as most,     tensioner spring, followed by the
nice piece with fresh chrome to       but no amount of buffing and         two-piece bracket, which is secured
eliminate originals with pitting,     rechroming could save it.            by a pair of Phillips head screws.
marring, and rust.

2. Push down on the vent-window       3. The window runner is a slip-fit   4. The stainless rear framerail will
glass to release the pin from the     and can be pulled away from the      be reused on the new frame. It's
leading edge of the vent frame; then vent-window frame.                        secured by a pair of screws, several
pull up to remove the glass. It will be                                        tabs on the weatherstripping, and a
reused in the new frame.                                                       couple of rivets. Start by removing
                                                                               this screw at the top.

5. The second screw is located            6. Use a flat-blade screwdriver to 7. Drill out the pair of rivets at the
behind this rubber grommet, at the        pry open the tabs on the back of     bottom of the frame.
top corner of the frame. While new        the rear framerail. They secure
grommets are available, don't lose        the weatherstripping to the rail.
the screws because they're not.

Classic Ford Mustang Window
Frame Replacement - How To
Replace Vent- Window Frames

8. Finally, the rear framerail can be     9. More than likely, you'll want to install 10. Attach the rear framerail
pulled away from the frame. Because new weatherstripping into the new                to the new frame using the
it's stainless steel, it can be buffed    frames. It's a tight fit, so spray the     original pair of screws and
out to a like-new appearance for          rubber with WD-40 or some other            the tabs on the
reuse. The old weatherstripping can       lubricant to help with the installation.   weatherstripping.
be removed as well.                       The corners can be particularly tough.
                                          Careful use of a large flat-blade
                                          screwdriver can stuff the rubber into
                                          the frame.
11. To complete the installation of    12. The glass installs in the reverse of   13. In our case, the original
the rear framerail, you need a rivet   its removal-slide the threaded stud into glass didn't line up perfectly
gun and 3/16 rivets. Because our       the lower hole, then push down on the      in the new frame, leaving a
rivet gun was too large to slip far    glass until the pin can be slipped into    gap at the top.
enough into the rail, Merv Rego at     the upper hole in the frame. Then
Classic Creations of Central Florida   install the bracket, spring, and nut
used a small nut on top of the rivet   using the original components.
as an extension.

14. For better alignment and fit,      15. Install the window runner by           16. Now you can install your
Merv removed the glass, then           tapping it into place with a rubber        freshly restored vent windows
carefully bent the pin using a 7/32,   mallet. It's a good idea to replace the    into the doors. Adjust them
1/4-inch deep socket on an             old runner felt, available from Mustangs according to the shop
extension. Use extreme care-you        Unlimited.                                 manual.
don't want to break the pin.

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