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Blooms Taxonomy - DOC

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					                                     Thinking Toolbox & ICT Blueprint Example
                               Embedded in teaching practice and authentic student learning experiences
                                                          Bloom’s Taxonomy
                                           Thinking behaviours important in the processes of learning

Teachers       Thinking Strategy & Tools                                  ICTs                                          Outcomes
                                                                                                         The computer is used on a daily basis for
           Understandings of:                     Developing skills with:    Using:                       modelling and administration
            Bloom’s Taxonomy                     Laptop                     Photo software              Teacher and student files are stored in a
            Use of Bloom’s Taxonomy in           Digital camera             Art software                 systematic way.
             planning and student activities      SMS, LMS                   Comic Life                  Thinking tools & ICTs are introduced,
            Graphic Organisers (as below)        Google Docs                Movie software               understood and used across the school.
            Thinkers Keys                        Internet & Skype           Audacity                    ICTs are used for planning, assessment,
            De Bono’s Hats                       Email                      PowerPoint                   presenting and reporting
            Habits of Mind                       Troubleshooting            Word                        Thinking and ICT cultures are developed
            Developing student understandings                               Online environments          in the classroom
             of the stages Bloom’s Taxonomy                                                              Teachers are skilled in using the ICTs
                                                                                                          and software used by students (below)
                                   Graphic                               Thinkers        De Bono’s
Students   Bloom’s Taxonomy                         Questioning                                              ICTs                 eLearning
                                  Organisers                              Keys             Hats
                                                                                                        Digital camera    Originality and creativity:
                                PMI               Closed              Alphabet         White            Paint             Illustrations
           Remembering          Y Chart           Open                What If          Red              Kidpix            Diagrams & maps
Junior                                                                                                                    Graphs
                                T Chart           Seven Servants      Brainstorming    green            Audacity
           Understanding        Venn Diagram      Q-Trix                                                Photo Story 3     Photography, photo essay
                                                                                                        Comic Life        Graphic design, posters
           Applying             +                  +                  +                +                PowerPoint        Slideshows
                                Bubble maps       Skinny              Question         Yellow           Word              Digital stories
Middle     Analysing            KWHL              Fat                 Reverse          Black            Umajin            Book trailers
                                Cause and         Seven Servants      Commonality                       Photo Filtre
           Evaluating           effect            with key words                                        Blog
                                                                                                                          Multimedia (SiSoMo)
                                Flow chart        and phrases                                           Web 2.0           Documentaries
           Creating             +                 Use of synonyms     +                +                Internet search   Advertisements
                                Tree              of key words to     Alternative      blue             Movie Maker       Blogs / wikis
                                Tournament        edit questions      Interpretation                    SlideShare        Web 2.0 (SlideShare,
Senior                          prioritiser       Use of multiple     BAR                               Wiki              Fotobabble, Voice Thread,
                                SWOT              question words      Prediction                        Google Docs       Kizoa)
                                                                                                                          Narration , Podcasts

                                                   Key Competencies and Values

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