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M6785412Q40780001Clear_Cube__Statement_of_Work_ - NECO


									                                  STATEMENT OF WORK
                                   Virtual Desktop Solution

    The objective of this statement of work is to gain a replacement Virtual Desktop Solution
    that has been used to support Marine Corps Network Operations and Security Center
    (MCNOSC) in their primary role in managing, monitoring and defending the Marine Corps
    Enterprise Network (MCEN).


   MCNOSC current virtual desktop solution was designed to provide the MCNOSC users with
   higher PC availability, harden security for data and hardware access, simplify remote
   management, remove desktop workstations to eliminate the distribution of PCs in an effort to
   lower operation cost. The current Virtual Desktop solution has reached its end of life.


   Marine Corps Network Operations and Security Center requires a Virtual Desktop Solution
   contain the latest Intel i5 or better processor with high performance drives, DDR2 memory
   and graphics cards with the capability to utilize up to Quad monitor technology and to the
   highest display resolutions.

(a) Project Management & Deployment Oversight

Status Reporting and Frequency of Updates:
Vendor will deliver a Status Report during the project to describe the activities which took place
during the period that occurred. Contents of this report will include accomplishments, milestone
objectives, and technical details of any issues which may impact the project schedule, coupled
with technical ownership of the resolution of the problems.

Delivery Method: A soft copy of a word and/or excel spreadsheet will be delivered to the
integrator’s appointed project manager, as well as the final end customer.

Reporting Contents:

      Each activity performed during every reporting period
      Each activity scheduled to be performed for the next proceeding reporting period
      Project change control and SOW amendments for impact points
      Detailed technical problems, concerns, and/or recommendation or acknowledgement of
       acceptable workarounds
(b) Pre-Deployment Implementation Planning
Vendor will provide an implementation plan for estimated project timelines to describe phases,
activities in each phase, and reporting times. Qualifying accomplishments, milestones, and
timelines will be detailed in the plan.

Delivery Method: A soft copy of a word and/or excel spreadsheet will be delivered to the
integrator’s appointed project manager, as well as the final end customer.

Contents: The plan will include the following components as appropriate:

      List of contacts for each reporting authority, including responsible Vendor team members
       , integration vendors and end customer contact points
      Projected detailed workflow of phased timelines for each activity
      Verification of work space environment free from any construction work and readily
       available for the deployment team prior to their arrival on site. This portion will also be
       validated in the Site Survey Checklist, described in the following section.
      Estimated completion start and end dates
      Highlights of project milestones

 ( c ) Site Survey Checklist
Vendor will conduct a pre-deployment site survey to describe the readiness state of the
deployment site location where the Vendor equipment, software, and infrastructure will be
installed. Critical project technical items will be highlighted before the commencement of the
Installation and Deployment project onsite.

Delivery Method: A soft copy of a word and/or excel spreadsheet will be delivered to the
integrator’s appointed project manager, as well as the final end customer.

Contents: The Site survey checklist will contain the following relevant information, as

      Confirmation of physical security access to the location/environment of the installation
       and deployment of Vendor items
      Confirmation of adequate power and cooling elements available
      Confirmation of physical Rackspace to house Vendor equipment including a workspace
       for staging equipment in based on the volume of physical devices to be deployed.
      Desk space availability or cube and/or office space where client endpoint devices are to
       be located, including access to peripherals such as monitors, keyboards, and mouse.
      Redundant power sources with UPS (Universal Power Supply) installed
      Completed network infrastructure Layer 1, 2, & 3 (defined by the seven layer OSI model
       for network communications), including all punch-down blocks, cubicle/office jacks,
       Ethernet cable CAT5/6, and proper VLAN and routing.
(d) Infrastructure Readiness Checklist

Vendor will provide an Infrastructure Readiness Checklist to describe the required infrastructure
state for starting a successful installation and deployment of the Brand Name or equal Virtual
Desktop solution. Incorporated into this portion of work will be an advisory consultant to ensure
that best practices and minimum requirements are archived before the arrival of the Brand Name
or equal Virtual Desktop Solution installation and deployment team.

Delivery Method: A soft copy of a word and/or excel spreadsheet will be delivered to the
integrator’s appointed project manager, as well as the final end customer.

Contents: The checklist will consist of the following elements:
          Network Configuration
          vLAN creation and definition (how many, which ones, and communication bridges)
          Static IP assignments to related core network infrastructure
          Definition of Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) or static IP assignments
          Adequate access to central services/server systems (Active Directory, DNS, File
           Servers, DHCP)

(e) Professional Services

Installation and Configuration Services

Schedule of Services
   1. Deployment Team. A Vendor certified engineer will be providing the following services:

            a. Rack and Stack of Brand name or equal (55) R3080 Blades, (200) i9424 Zero
               Client, and associated (7) R4300 chassis in centralized datacenter and
               distributed IDFs.
            b. Vendor will assist in the Image Build and Deployment
                Image must include a Central Management server Blade Agent.
                   i. R3080 PC BLADE or equivalent must ship with Win7 x64 Factory
                  ii. Vendor will assist in the Defense Information System Agency (DISA)
                      Security Technical Implementation Guide (STIG) capability of the PC
                      BLADE Image
                          1. Additional test and validation may possibly be required in
                              order to insure proper interoperability. In the event that this
                              requires additional time which would exceed the allotted
                              project schedule, a change control may be amended into this
                              Statement of Work under terms of the contract award.
            c. Assistance of integration with VMWare View and other relevant virtual
                   i. The Vendor team will assist in the environmental setup or
                      configuration of VM infrastructure, but as a consultative basis to
                      integrate the necessary components.
              ii. Government will provide access to Active Directory, Windows Server,
                  Network, and Data Security teams to properly assist with setup of
                  these components.
             iii. Vendor will assist and ensure that the VM desktop provisioning
                  according to per seat basis as recommended by the industry for
                  VMWARE is met.

        d. Install and tune i9424 I/Port Zero Clients.
        e. Install and Configure a Central Management server to provide centralized
           management of firmware updates.
        f. Run discoveries within a Central Management server to find all endpoints &

2. Onsite Requirements. These requirements must be satisfied in full prior to the arrival of
   the previously items in the ‘Schedule of Services - #1’.

        a. Physical and Logical Network Must Be Complete – C/Ports
              i. Currently the cabling is a home run from the ClearCube C/Ports, the
                 vendor will assist in the re-config of these home runs for the new

                  NOTE: the Current ClearCube C/Port solution architecture uses all
                  four copper wire pairs for the cable connection between the blade and
                  each C/Port. If proposed installation currently splits out wire pairs for
                  multiple uses, vendor will need to ensure that a separate, full Category
                  5 connection is available for each new blade to I/Port connection. Also
                  note that C\Port home run cabling may consist of CAT5, CAT5e,
                  CAT6 or CAT6e cables but must have a skew rating of less than

        b. Physical and Logical Network Must Be Complete
               i. Switches / Routers installed and functional
              ii. Network IPs configured for Blade OS
            iii. Proper Domain Name System (DNS) and DHCP services or Static IPs
             iv. Cabling from blade chassis to switches must be complete and
              v. Cabling from I/Port to switches must be complete and functional
             vi. Logical Network would include any and all services needed for TCP
                  network to be functional

        c. All Devices (Blade OS and R4300 Cage module devices) should have IP
           addresses assigned via DHCP or Static and the IP scheme needs to be known
           before CCT SE is onsite. (total of approximately 260 IP addresses)
              i. Software Management Platform (Central management Server) must
                 provide a static IP.
                ii. R4300 or equivalent device modules must have static IP addresses.
               iii. Blade Workstation OS must have either static IP or DHCP addresses.
          d. A computer must be identified for the Central Management server
                 i. Vendor must include R3040 blade or equivalent to act as Central
                    Management server.
                ii. Server must be able to access the PC over IP (PCoIP) network subnet
                    as well as the Windows OS network.
   3. Government will make appropriate resources available to deploy Win7 or XP image
      onto R3080 blades (i.e. Ghost).

(f) Vendor Infrastructure Management Platform

Requirements for Deployment of the Vendor’s Brand name or equal “Sentral Server
Software” (central management software)
   1) Government will provided a dedicated virtual server with a minimum disk configuration
      of RAID1 for the Central Management server platform. This will allow for safe guarding
      against any hard disk failures and will allow flexibility of recovery without lengthy
      downtime windows.

            I. Local Administrator access to the by central management server and Database
               system. SA account access to the database used for by central management
               server, the server requires the following ports to be open for full functionality
               with vendor’s thin client and PC over IP (PCoIP) solutions.

              TCP/UDP              (inbound          Functional Description
                                                     Wake on LAN – enable IP Directed
              UDP         9        Blade Client
                                                     Broadcasts on routers
              TCP         21       FTP Server        FTP Server
              TCP         22       RMM               SSH
              TCP         23       RMM / RMC         RMC configuration (telnet)
              TCP         25       Email Server      Email for Alerts
                                   Central MGMT
              TCP         69                    TFTP
              TCP         80       RMM / RMC    RMC communication
                                                SNMP – blade to Central MGMT
              UDP         162      Mgmt. System
              TCP         1433     SQL Server   To SQL Database
              TCP         3306     MySQL        DB Server MySQL Database
              TCP          3389     Blade              (RDP) Console
              UDP          6502     Blade and I/Port   Discovery
              TCP          8004     Blade Client       Central Management Blade Client
                                    Central MGMT
              TCP          8080                        Server Web-Based Access
                                    Central MGMT
              TCP          8443                        To Console via SSL

            II. Access to a Database Administrator during the by central management server

           III. Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) service or Simple Network Management
                Protocol (SNMP) trap available for the Central Management server Alerts.

           IV. The Vendor must provide a list of necessary following component applications
               as required by central management server, and must include the All-in-One

   2) The Government will provide access to a Database Administrator during the Central
      Management server Installation

   3) Access to the physical locations where the Vendor equipment resides.

   4) On call Network Engineer

  (g) Milestone Signoff and Project Completion Reports
Vendor must provide a Milestone Signoff form after each milestone objective is complete; if an
accommodating workaround solution to a technical issue arises, the item(s) will be included in
the details of the Milestone Signoff form to certify that the Virtual Desktop solution component
is working in an acceptable state by design.

Delivery Method: A soft copy of a word and/or excel spreadsheet will be delivered to the
integrator’s appointed project manager, as well as the final end customer.

Content: The reports will encompass each phase and/or milestone objective defined by the
Project Plan:

      Statement of ready state for end user use and functionality
      Results of connectivity testing from end point device to device
      Authorization to release component systems for use into production use
      Any major change to project that may or may not affect timeline schedule must be
       submitted via Change Authorization
 (h) Asset Management and Inventory
The Vendor will provide the assigned Government point of contact with the list of Vendor based
serial numbers.


       4.1 Provide general Level 1 and Level 2 formal certified Hardware & Software training
           onsite for 12 students. This is a hands-on class and each student will need to be
           provisioned one R3080 Blades, one I/Port Zero Client and one c7130 C/Port for
           training class. Training class to be provided using production equipment at US
           Marine Corps-Quantico.

              a)     Signature is required by all students participating in Vendor Training to
                     insure that upon completion they understand the required technical support
              b)     Vendor will provide a certificate of completion upon completion of the
                     project and training sessions.


   MCNSOC S6 will inspect the Virtual Desktop Solution for proper installation, functionality
   and operation of the system prior to acceptance. The final end product will be owned and
   managed by the MCNOSC S6.

    Installation of the Virtual Desktop Solution will take place at Marine Corps Network
    Operations and Security Center, MCNOSC S6, MCNOSC S6 Server Farm, Bldg 27410
    Room 145 Quantico Virginia. 22134


   The work the contractor will perform is unclassified, however will be conducted in a
   controlled access facility. The government will provide oversight of all contractor personnel;
   background check may be required of contractors performing work at the government site,
   ref DOD Directive 5200.28 and SECNAVM-5510.30.

   The information provided to the contractor will be unclassified and sensitive unclassified
   information. All contractor personnel requiring access to Information Systems and
   Infrastructure Information/Data and assigned to these positions shall possess a completed
   background investigation for this Public Trust Position. The prime contractor and all sub-
   contractors (though the prime contractor) shall certify in writing to the Government that
   personnel supporting this contract are "Qualified U.S. contractors" per DoD Directive
   5230.25 Para 3.2. Qualified U.S. contractors are restricted to U.S. citizens, persons admitted
   lawfully into the United States for permanent residence, and are located in the United States.
   All personnel identified on the certification and/or supporting this contract shall be in
   compliance with Department of Defense, Department of the Navy, and Marine Corps
   Information and Personnel Security Policy to include completed background investigations
   (as required) prior to start. The Government shall assist the contractor in gaining access to
   Government agencies and installations related to the systems in question.

   In accordance with Marine Corps Regulations, listed below, MCNOSC will take complete
   ownership of all hard drives contained within the Virtual Desktop Solution. If the hard drive
   needs to be replaced the contractor will provide a replacement but will not receive the broken
   hard drive.

   United States Marine Corps GENADMIN Subject: “Processing of magnetic drive storage
   media for disposal”, mandates that upon disposal, replacement or turn in, Non-Government
   owned hard drives shall become the property of the U. S. Government and retained for

    The log management appliance will be installed and configured into the Server Farm
    environment within sixty (60) days after the award of the contract. Virtual Desktop Solution
    training courses shall be conducted 30 days upon completion of the Virtual Desktop Solution

    Mrs. Anne Tolbert
    MCNOSC, S6, Operations Officer
    Phone: 703-784-3307

   Mr. Abraham M Castro
   MCNOSC, S6 Chief
   Phone: 703-432-6834

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