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									50 year anniversary: A Memorable Day

50 year anniversary write a letter and tell your spouse that how you have feel when you first time laid
your eyes on your partner. Explain and tell the spouse each and every thing you fell when you loved him.
Be sure telling him that how much you loved him and how much you are thankful for becoming a part of
your life.

Print your own invitations of your 50 year anniversary

The value of invitation does not depend completely on its extra decoration for which one needs to pay
some extra amount which is approximate £1 per card. With the advancement of technology, one can
use software for designing the cards through the site like similar software
packages, offers a free trial before your commit. The software is having many wonderful features like
graphics, different styles for writing text message and the most important factor is its easy working.
Save money, too, by omitting reply cards. If your friends and family are worth inviting to the wedding
they will not mind writing their own replies.

Celebrate your 50 year anniversary in a golden way by inviting all your family members and friends. One
can organize get-together at home or at the restaurant also.

Arrangement of musical talent

Music is a necessary factor for celebrating any happy moment and anniversary is also not untouched
from this concept but sometimes lack of financial resources does not allow the person to hire any
famous musical group. The option of hiring music students will be best in order to enjoy music in the
party for which one needs to contact any college of music from where some talented students can be
selected. One should take a trial of these music students before actually hiring them for avoiding any

Focus your flowers
The flowers that will forever be in your photographs are those in the bride’s bouquet and those worn by
her mother, father, children and friends, as well as the flowers on your top table, so investment in these
flowers should be done very wisely. For the other tables, replace flowers with something different for
showing your creativity like one can put candles in glass bowls and it can be surrounded by pebbles of
glass or float tea lights in water (but check the safety clauses in your venue contract and insurance

The event of cake cutting

One can organize the event of cake cutting in the starting of the party so that professional who are hired
for capturing photograph will leave early which will ultimately reduce the overall cost of this work.
Generally pictures are taken by guests also by their personal camera so you can also ask for the best
pictures after you return from your second honeymoon.

One can also purchase jewelry items for their partners such as necklace, bracelet or a ring in order to
provide a precious and memorable gift to your partners.

50 year anniversary is the day which one must celebrates because nature does not grant every one this
unique opportunity to celebrate with their life partner. So one must forget all the worries on his 50 year
anniversary and celebrates in a relaxed way.

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