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									                    Beaches near Hana Oceanfront Cottages

Hana offers some amazing beaches to explore. Right across the street from Hana
Oceanfront Cottages is the pristine Hamoa Beach and Hana also has a true black
sand beach. The most amazing of all the beaches is the Red Sand Beach just two
miles from Hana Oceanfront Cottages. Then there are other beaches with a
beautiful combination of all of these sands.

To really enjoy and explore it is best to spend some time in Hana and stay a few
nights at one of the few Hana accommodations, Hana vacation rentals, Hana B&
B’s, and Hana vacation homes and cottages available for rent. Being a sleepy
small town you will not even know these Hana vacation rentals or Hana vacation
homes even exist. You will drive right through this community and there is hardly
a sign saying Hana vacation rental, Hana B&B or Hana accommodation. There is
one Hana condo complex that does have a sign that says Hana vacation rentals and
will let you know if they have occupancy or not. There is also only one Hana
Hotel, a very small boutique type property and pricey for a Hana accommodation.

Hana Oceanfront Cottages offers two of the best Hana accommodations in the area
and closest to two of the best beaches. If you are dreaming of a romantic Hana
vacation cottage or a private Hana accommodation in a beautiful traditional
Plantation Vacation Home, then you have selected the perfect place for your Hana
vacation rental.

Less than two miles from Hana Oceanfront Cottages you will find the red sand
beach, only two in the world. The trail is dangerous but the end viewing of this
incredible beach is worth the walk. While you drive in town you will pass the one
Hana Hotel, the one Hana condo vacation rental complex, a couple of Hana
vacation homes, a Hana type hostel, and a few Hana B&B’s, and these will have
signs posted outside. There is something for everyone in every price category, but
you get what you pay for in the Hana area. There are numerous Hana vacation
rentals and Hana accommodations that are inexpensive, but there is a reason;
many are very weathered and not well maintained.

There is another beach in town called Hana Bay and you will find a number of
Hana vacation rentals and Hana accommodations overlooking this beach, which is
a combination of black and dark brown sand. It is one of the safer swimming
beaches in the Hana area and a short walk from the numerous vacation rentals in
the area.

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