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									PO Box 180                            PRINCIPAL’S REPORT                           If a student leaves school to go to full-
Field Avenue                          M McConville                                 time work, then they lose their job, they
Toronto 2283                                                                       must still comply with the above –
                                      School Certificate                           which means they may be forced back
Phone: 4959 1788                      On Thursday 4th August the NSW               to school.
Fax: 4950 4459                        Minister for Education announced that
Email:                                the School Certificate tests would not       Year 7 2012       continue beyond 2011. This means that        Expressions of Interest have been taken
                                      the current Yr 10 cohort will be the final   for Year 7 2012. It is great to report for
                                      group to participate in external exams       2012 we have just about all the students
                                      for their School Certificate.                in our partner primary schools coming
                                                                                   to Toronto High School next year. In
                       August 2011
                       Issue 4        We will be informed at a later stage as      fact we have a large number of students
                                      to what the new credentialing for the        from out of our zone who also wish to
Inside this Issue                     School Certificate will entail.              attend Toronto High.

1        Principal’s Report           The 2011 School Certificate exams will       We have established a waiting list and
                                      take place as scheduled from 7th – 11th      unfortunately due to the increased
2        Deputy Principals’ Reports   November 2011.                               applications for the school, we will not
                                                                                   be able to accept all applications.
3        CAPA, PDHPE, Careers         Student Support Officer
                                      Toronto High School has appointed a          If you know anyone who is intending to
                                      Student Support Officer. The successful      apply to Toronto High School for
4        Administration, P & C
                                      applicant is Alyssa Elsley. A Student        enrolment into Year 7 2012, please tell
         TAS                          Support Officer has the role of a Social     them to contact the school immediately
                                      Worker / Youth Worker in a school            so they can be placed on the waiting list.
                                      setting. We are looking forward to
                                      Alyssa commencing in the near future.        Parent Teacher Nights
                                                                                   Thank you to all those parents that
                                      New School Leaving Age                       attended our parent teacher nights.
                                      Students must complete Yr 10 and             These nights are very important as they
                                      receive a School Certificate.                allow parents and teachers to discuss
Next P & C Meeting                                                                 student progress and to highlight the
                                      After Year 10 and until the age of 17        achievements and any areas of concern.
                                      students must be:
23rd August 2011                      a. in school, or registered for home         If you were unable to attend the parent
                                      schooling OR                                 teacher evening and would like to meet
6pm                                   b. in approved education or training OR      with your child’s teachers, please
                             full-time,paid employment (average      contact the school to arrange an
School Library                        25 hours/week) OR                            appointment time.
                                      d. in a combination of these

Uniform & Shoes                                    Encouraging students to be at          – “The student must take full
We have been inspecting uniform at the              school. Research shows that one        responsibility for any loss, theft or
entry points to the school. It is great to          school hour missed may take up to      damage, to any of these devices.”
see the vast majority of students                   8 hours of private revision to
wearing the correct school uniform.                 restore lost or missed knowledge.      Uniform.
                                                    This     message    is   regularly     I would like to inform students and
We will be conducting further gate                  communicated at daily assemblies.      parents that items of jewellery that may
inspections over the course of the year.                                                   pose a threat to the wearer or any other
                                                   Attendance awards presented at         person, will be asked to be removed by
When you enter a school and see                     formal assemblies for perfect          the student and left at home. Failure to
students in the correct uniform it creates          and/or improved attendance.            comply with this request will lead to
a very positive impression of the school.                                                  these items being confiscated and
                                                   Detentions at lunch-time or after      returned at the end of the day. In
The school uniform is just like a                   school for truants or the chronic      particular, I refer here to oversized
uniform worn in the workplace. If you               late arrivers.                         jewellery items such as rings, spacers,
are working at McDonalds and you                                                           earrings, spiked earrings, bars, wrist and
arrive for a shift in ‘almost the right            Attendance Monitoring cards for        facial jewellery. This request is
uniform’ – you will be sent home. It is             fractional truants.                    consistent with our published policy.
an important habit to develop.                                                             We sincerely thank all parents for their
                                                   Interviews with students, involving    support of uniform in the past and we
DEPUTY PRINCIPAL’S REPORT                           the relevant Year Adviser and          will strive to work with you to maintain
YRS 8, 10 & 12                                      HSLO.                                  our good appearance into the future.
L Hudson
                                                   Interviews with student, parent /      DEPUTY PRINCIPAL’S REPORT
Term 3 is upon us and is a time of great            carer, Attendance Committee and        YRS 7, 9 & 11
anxiety for Year 12 who will not only               HSLO.                                  G Morgan
be completing Trial HSC Examinations
at school, but also ensuring that they                                                     We are now well into Semester 2 with
                                                   Referral to HSLO for intervention.
submit, on time, major works for                                                           year 11 in their final term of the
itinerant marking of their projects.                                                       Preliminary Course. They will have
                                                   Attendance improvement
Individual or group performances,                                                          final exams in weeks 8 and 9 so they
completion of oral/aural tests and final                                                   need to start their study now to ensure
coaching by staff, in preparation of all                                                   they cover all their courses. It is vital to
                                                   Referral to Legal branch for a
students for the Higher School                                                             keep Year 11 working steadily while
                                                    Compulsory Schooling Order to be
Certificate, will guarantee that all                                                       reinforcing that this is the last term of
                                                    sought from the courts.
students will realise the demands of                                                       their Preliminary and that they start year
these last few months of life as a senior                                                  12 HSC fourth term.
                                               In addition, it is a legal obligation of
student, preparing for his/her HSC. The
                                               parents/carers to provide an explanation
HSC Examination period begins on                                                           This is a good time to remind all
                                               for all absences, within 7 days of the
Monday 17th October 2011 and will                                                          students about the School Uniform
finish no later than Friday 18th                                                           Policy which is full school uniform. The
November, 2011.                                                                            school is more than willing to aid any
                                               A reminder about the use of mobile
                                                                                           student who has uniform problems and
                                               phones and Ipods during class time.
Attendance matters!                                                                        we operate a “swap and go” system to
                                               School policy outlines that phones
Of course it matters. It is a critical piece                                               ensure students wear school jackets and
                                               should not be brought to school and
of information that potential employers                                                    shirts. All staff have commented on the
                                               parents should attempt contact with
will want to know about prospective                                                        much improved appearance of our
                                               their students through the usual
employees. At Toronto High, we have                                                        students and this has spilled over to
                                               protocols – call the Front Office and a
an active Attendance Committee, that                                                       improved behaviours in the classroom.
meets every week, mostly with our              message will be delivered to the            Uniform gives students a sense of pride
                                               student. If students wish to contact
HSLO, to discuss attendance patterns of                                                    in the school as well as being a valuable
                                               parents, then this can be achieved
students. As a result of this constant                                                     safety system allowing staff to readily
vigilance, Toronto High’s attendance           through either Deputy or the Front          identify intruders by their attire.
                                               Office. Students should not be using
patterns across all years has improved to
                                               phones/Ipods inappropriately during
such an extent that we are placed at the                                                   Years 7 and 9 have settled in well to this
                                               lesson time. The issue of responsibility,
top of high schools in West Lake                                                           last semester. Class changes have been
                                               when these devices are brought to
Macquarie, with regard to attendance                                                       finalised and parents have now seen
                                               school, is addressed in our school policy
data. We use many initiatives:                                                             reports for all years. This is a good time

to ring staff about any concerns you          All students have homework every             increase the       efficiency    of    our
may have and I remind you that Mr             week - 30 minutes of practical work eg       operations.
Muxlow and Mr Moore are the Year              running, walking, swimming, gym
Advisers for Year 7 and 9 respectively.       work, dance etc. Whatever the activity,      CAREERS
                                              the heart rate should be increased to the    T Connell
CAPA FACULTY                                  extent that puffing occurs. This will
E Allanson                                    help the student maintain a good level       Try A Trade is on the 19 of August this
                                              of general fitness. In theory, classes are   year at Morisset Show Ground. I have
Term 3 is here, and that means in CAPA        given regular homework activities,           sent out invitations to students in Year
HSC performances and practical tasks          assessment tasks and research tasks.         10 that are interested in a career in a
are due. By the time this bulletin is         Reading in the area of study will also       trade. This day allows students to try
printed the HSC Dance Practical               increase student understanding of            many different areas of employment.
Examinations will have taken place.           topics.                                      This year we are able to take 50
That was Wednesday August 17th. Our                                                        students. The bus is paid for by the
best wishes went with those students.         There are still some students who have       school and the local Rotary Clubs
Drama and Visual Arts are next. The           not yet paid for their Theory work           supply a BBQ sausage on a roll with a
hand in day for the HSC Artworks is the       booklets. The annual fee of $10 covers       can of drink so it is set to be a good day.
same day as the Drama HSC                     these for the year. Each student is issued   We will have most areas of trade
Examinations at our school. That day is       with their completed booklets to take        represented and it is a great day for
Monday 29th August. Again, our best           home. Parents are encouraged to take an      students keen to leave school for an
wishes to those students.                     active interest in their child’s progress    apprenticeship or traineeship after
                                              and read through the books, discussing       completion of the School Certificate.
Music examinations will follow in             topics with them.
Week 9, just before Year 12 officially                                                     There is also an Open Day for Year 12
leave school. This dedicated group of         As the weather warms, a reminder to all      students interested in enrolling in Uni
students will show the examiners              students that PDHPE practical uniform        next year. Newcastle Uni will be open
exactly how talented they are.                is red Tshirt, blue shorts and joggers,      on Saturday the 27th August.
                                              and of course hat and sunscreen to
Term 4 will then be here, and to us in        protect against the harmful rays of the      Year 10 students who are interested in
CAPA that means MADD NIGHT. This              sun. Remember the sun also provides us       enrolling in TVET for Years 11 and 12
year MADD night will be Wednesday             with the necessary Vitamin D.                will need to come and see me to obtain
16th November. Tickets will be on sale                                                     an application form. You will also need
next term from the front office. The          Breakfast Club                               to discuss with me the requirements for
show will be all pre sold tickets. That       A huge thanks to our many sponsors           attending a TVET course at TAFE.
means you must purchase your ticket           and supporters!                              TVET applications close in early
for the event at the front office, as there                                                September.
will be no door sales.                        We have Andrew McKeown from the              There are lots of Scholarships available
                                              Baptist Church volunteer his valuable        and it is worthwhile applying.
Auditions for MADD night will be held         time every Tuesday morning to help           Scholarships are available from private
very soon, so see your teacher if you         with the cooking and serving. He has         companies, universities and various
want to participate. Mrs. Milwright will      been joined by members of the                other organisations.
be drawing up the program. It can be          Anglican Church recently – this list is
viewed on the CAPA window.                    still being added to as more community       Every week I email out to students in
                                              members join the ranks, but names will       Years 9 – 12 via the DET Portal
Best wishes to all HSC students, and          be advertised next bulletin.                 information such as jobs, training
potential MADD night participants.                                                         programs etc. All students should be
                                              Our staff and practicum teachers are         able to access these emails. If your child
PDHPE FACULTY                                 ever supportive in the collection of         has difficulty, instruct them to organise
A Gromek                                      food, and manning the Club daily. A          access through the library. There is a lot
                                              huge thank you to all!!                      of information delivered to students via
Term 3 is flying by! Students have                                                         the Portal site which include assessment
enjoyed units of work in Dance,               Toronto RSL has recently sponsored us        tasks, so it is vital they check emails on
Circuits, Invasion Games and Tabloid          by a monetary donation of $1,000 for         a regular basis.
Activities and will move onto Round           the purchase of new toasters to replace
Ball, Gymnastics, Minor Games and             the aging resources currently used.          Below is a list of employers that
Dance.                                                                                     accepted our students for work
                                              THANK YOU on behalf of the                   placement. If these employers did not
                                              THS Breakfast Club. This will greatly        take our students we could not send

them out on work placement. This is         Contact Details
very important as it is a requirement for   It is of the utmost importance that the     Upcoming Events
most VET courses that a mandatory           student & parent/caregivers details are
work placement be completed in both         up to date. If circumstances have           23 Aug
Year 11 and 12.                             recently changed e.g. change of address;    P & C Meeting 6pm
                                            telephone numbers (home & mobile);
U.G.M. Engineers PTY LTD                    Emergency Contact details, please           24 & 25 Aug
Toronto Private Hospital Hospitality        complete the enclosed Change of             Westlakes Performing Arts Festival
Toronto Chamber of Commerce and             Details form and return to the school as
Industry                                    soon as possible.
Toronto Bay Bistro                          (Please complete the form only if           8, 9 & 10 Sep
Todd Burton Building Services               there have been changes).                   NSW CHS Athletics
RSL Carem, Ollie's @ Toronto Diggers        Account Statements                          19 – 21 Sep
Newcastle Machine Shop                      These will be mailed home to parents.       School Certificate Trials
Lake Macquarie Landcare                     Office hours are 7.30am to 3.30pm.
L E Computers Toronto                       Payments can be made between 7.45am         22 Sep
KMart Glendale, Kent Rowe Digital           and 2.15pm. We accept cash, cheques,        Yr 11 Crossroads
Print                                       credit cards with Eftpos facilities
                                                                                        Yr 12 Graduation
Innovative Computer Solutions               available. Credit card payments can
Hughzies Lakeside Brasserie                 also be made over the phone.
Harvey Norman- Bennetts Green
Gray's Mechanical Repairs                   P & C NEWS
Elron Engineering P/L                       Kenn Whatson
Dak-Wal Constructions                       President
Boatshed Restaurant, Bay Hotel Motel
Belpray Pty Ltd, Bella Beans                Welcome to all members of the Toronto        Assessment Tasks due
Austedan Fabrications Pty Ltd               High School Community.                       16 Aug
CALM                                                                                     Yr 11 - Visual Arts – Task 3
Hunter Valley Buses                         I would like to inform you of an
Myuna Bay Sports and Recreation             exciting development that is being
                                                                                         17 Aug
Toronto Public School                       introduced by the P&C to enable more
                                                                                         HSC Dance Performance
Anglican Care                               active participation from the school
Anacapri Café Toronto                       community. The P&C is commencing
Allcom Networks Pty Ltd                     an e.P&C! What is an e.P&C? It is a
Able Constructions                          ‘virtual P&C’ that enables all members       19 Aug
A A Brothers Pty Ltd                        of the school community to have their        Yr 11 - Photography - Task 3
Figtree Point Aged Care                     say on a variety of issues affecting
Hilly’s Automotive Rathmines                Toronto High School, via email. We           2 Sep
Toronto Vet Surgery                         are also planning special social events      Yr 11 – Dance
Rathmines Vet Surgery                       for members of the e.P&C and P&C to
                                            attend. Information about how to join        8 Sep
A big thank you to all of the above and     the e.P&C will be available soon.            Yrr 11 – Visual Arts – Task 4
it is good to see so many local
companies involved.                         The members of the Toronto High              9 Sep
                                            School P&C Association also welcome          Yr 11 – Photography – Task 4
ADMINISTRATION MATTERS                      anyone from the school community who
K Hennessy                                  would like to become formal members          12 – 21 Sep
School Admin Manager                        of the P&C for the cost of $2 per year.      Yr 11 Prelim Exams
                                            Membership enables you to run for
Reminder to Parents                         election as an office holder each year or    19 Sep
Keep all receipts – take advantage of the   to vote for your choice of candidates.       Yr 11 Photography Task 3 Due
Education Tax Refund which gives
eligible parents/ caregivers a 50% rebate   The P&C meets at 6.00pm on the fourth
on a range of secondary school              Tuesday of the month in the High
                                                                                         21 Sep
education expenses. See our website or      School library for 1 hour – everyone is
                                                                                         Yr 10 Trial Computer Skills Test        for   welcome.
further information.
                                                                                         22 Sep
                                                                                         Yr 11 Crossroads
        4                                                                                Yr 12 Graduation
                                                   TAS REPORT
The first few weeks of term three have been busy with Year 12 students having just completed their trial HSC exams in all of our
subjects. Major Projects in Industrial Technology and Design and Technology have just been completed ready for HSC marking.
Year 9-12 Hospitality classes have catered for numerous school functions including the Principal’s Luncheon, Biggest Morning
Tea, Parent Information Seminar and recent Parent/teacher evenings.

Congratulations to Yr 11 students Davina Wood and Brogan Pringle were awarded Work Placement Awards for outstanding
application during their recent Hospitality Work Placements.

Yr 10 Hospitality students are reminded that their Work Placement dates are coming up in Term 4 during Weeks 7 and 9. Students
will have the opportunity to gain work experience and skills that are also transferable beyond the Hospitality industry, such as
working with customers and colleagues, communication with customers and colleagues and so on. Work placement is also
mandatory for all VET students in completing their course requirements.

An interesting and exciting excursion is coming up in Term 4 for Year 10 Food Technology and Hospitality students. This will be
to Sydney Tower on Friday 28 th October, including a tour of the Sydney Tower Restaurants and kitchens and full buffet lunch.
This excursion is particularly suited to those students who are interested in taking or continuing in Hospitality or interested in
working in the Hospitality industry in the future.

                                     A big THANK YOU to these
                                        who support our work
                                     placement students! Please
                                           support them !!

    Andrew Jenkins of the THS
  Support Unit having his photo          Pleasse support them
 taken with the Knights players        Alkira Respite Services Inc
who visited the "School Leavers        Argenton Public School
     Expo for Students with a
Disability" at Mayfield Diggers        Coal Point Public School
        Club on July 27th.             Craney Family Solicitors
                                       Hunter Life Education
                                       L E Computers Toronto
                                       Lake Macquarie Landcare
                                       OTR Training
                                       Sheddon Real Estate
                                       Toronto Chamber of
                                       Commerce and Industry
                                       Toronto Public School

                                  If you are interested in
                                  becoming a Work placement
                                  Employer please contact
                                  Career Links!
                                  Phone: 4956 8468

                       Toronto High School

                Library News

2011 is going very fast and we look forward to the Library continuing to support the
needs of the school. With this in mind we are proud to announce two new initiatives
                         being implemented in the Library.
                  One of which is our ‘Library Monitors Program’.
Students who have a special interest in the workings of a Library have been asked to
                                join our small group.
 The Library Monitors learn about how a Library functions and practice many of the
               organisational skills to help keep our Library in order.
We are very excited about this new initiative as they are a valued part of our Library
                         Library Monitors - Term 3
                              Lachlan Smith
                              Gordon Burnes
                              Jaxon Williams
                              Tara Becvarovski

 We would also like to thank the library student volunteers who unselfishly give up their
          time during lunchtimes and recess breaks to help us in the Library.
      Another initiative we have introduced this term is the ‘Faculty Visit Program’
  The Toronto High School Faculties have a special invitation to come to the Library to be
     updated on the new resources available such as: - Books, Reference resources,
                   Newspaper Articles, Websites and Media resources.
    These visits are made by appointment as to give us advanced notice to enable us to
                               source specific topics needed.

                The ‘Bookl                    k’ Newsletter
              The BOOKLOOK newsletter is emailed to all Toronto High School
                           students throughout the year.

                       The latest August edition has now been emailed.

                               So, have a ‘BOOKLOOK’ now!

                 Book Donations are welcome at Toronto High School

                  Have you finished reading, researching or studying?

                      Don’t throw these books away! Donate them!

 Our students are always looking for more study guides, novels and reference material.
Donations increase our resource material for not only our students of today but for many
                                    years to come.

                                    A BIG THANKYOU

                    To the following parents for their kind donations

                    Thankyou to Mr Greg Dickenson and Mrs Tickle.

                           Mrs Frost/Mrs Figures (Librarians)


  Are you a local sporting
                                                               Dora Creek Cricket Club
                                                                   Registration Day
Greg Combet MP invites young athletes,                                 2011-2012 Season
coaches or officials participating in State or
National competitions to apply for the Local     When:         Sat. 20th & Sun 21st August
Sporting Champions Grants program, which                       Sat. 27th & Sun 28th August
provides grants of $500 per individual and
$3,000 per team.                                 Time:        12:00pm to 4:00pm (all 4 days)

APPLY NOW: Applications for round 1 close        Where:        Dora Creek Workers Club auditorium
on the 31 October, 2011.
                                                                   all players are welcome.
For further information, including application
forms and eligibility criteria, call Greg
Combet’s office on 49 542 611 or go to

                                                 World Education Program (WEP) Australia is now accepting
                                                 applications from students wishing to live and study overseas for a
                                                 summer, semester or year. Students can choose from 26 destinations to
                                                 study and experience life with a welcoming, volunteer host family.
  MACQUARIE SHORES SWIMMING                      Plan Ahead and Save $500!
              CLUB INC.                          For applications received before 30 November 2011, WEP is offering
  Toronto Indoor Swim Centre- Summer             students in years 9 to 12 a $500 discount off the 2011/12 program fee
             Season 2011/12                      towards a semester or year program to any of the following countries
                                                 departing in August - September 2012:
                                                 Brazil, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, The Netherlands,
Come and enjoy friendly competition for          Poland, Spain, Norway, Turkey, Thailand or the USA.
all ages and levels on each Friday night of      Become a W EP Host Family!
school term at 6:00pm. Three races per           Extend your family with a motivated international exchange student and
night starting from 25 m. The first 2            make new friends from around the world. Students are arriving in
weeks are free entry and trial for all new       January for a term, semester and year.
swimmers. A free BBQ is provided each            Request a FREE Information Pack!
Friday night. Also a club t-shirt is             Contact WEP to find out more about this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
provided with all new registrations.             Phone: 1300 884 733 (for the cost of a local call)
Phone Tania for further information on           Email:
0419 705565.                                     Online:

              It is the policy of the School and the Community that all students wear a uniform.

Boys (Years 7 – 12)
        Grey trousers (not cargo) and white school socks or grey shorts with white socks.
        Light blue regulation shirt (Yrs 7 – 10), white button up shirt – No Polo (Yrs 11-12)
        Navy jumper or sloppy joe (Yrs 7–10) – NO HOODIES
        Year Jersey/Black top (Yrs 11– 12) – NO HOODIES
        Black fully closed Leather shoes (no holes or mesh tongues)
        All navy track suit (includes the wearing of plain navy trackpants)

PE & Sport uniform
        Navy shorts
        Navy tracksuit
        Red THS collared polo sport shirt
        White socks
        Sport shoes – not slipper style, no flouro shoes

Girls Uniform (Years 7 – 12)
        Regulation pleated skirt in Cleo Crestaline Fabric No 7093 (Yrs 7 – 10) or grey pleated skirt (Yrs 11-12)
        Navy shorts (Yrs 7-10), grey shorts (Yr 11-12), length must be midway between thigh & knee
        Pale sky blue blouse with Peter Pan collar (Yrs 7 – 10)
        White blouse with a Peter Pan collar (Yrs 11 – 12)
        White socks, or natural or navy pantihose
        Black fully closed Leather shoes (no holes or mesh tongues)
        Navy Regulation cardigan / Navy jumper / Navy sloppy joe (Yrs 7 – 10) – NO HOODIES
        Year Jersey or Black jumper (Yrs 11 – 12) – NO HOODIES
        Navy Slacks (Yrs 7 – 10), Grey Slacks (Yrs 11-12) – Not cargo
        Navy tracksuit

PE & Sport uniform
        Navy shorts – length must be midway between thigh & knee
        Red THS collared polo sport shirt
        Navy tracksuit
        White socks
        Sport shoes – not slipper style, no flouro shoes

Must be kept to a minimum and must present no risk to the owner or any other student. Unacceptable jewellery ( e.g
over-sized head bands, ‘spacer’ and ‘spiked’ earrings, ‘wrist’ and facial jewellery) will be asked to be removed and left
at home. Failure to comply may result in jewellery being confiscated.

                                         CHANGE of DETAILS
Privacy & Personal Information Protection Act 1998
The personal information provided on this form is being obtained for the purpose of processing the student’s details. It will be used
by the Department of Education and training for general student administration and communication and other matters relating to
the education and welfare of the student.
While the provision of this information is voluntary, if you do not provide all or any of this information it may delay or
prevent the processing of this application for enrolment.
This information will be stored securely. You may access or correct any personal information provided by contacting
the school. Any changes must be in writing.

Please list the NAMES AND YEARS of any family members attending Toronto High School.

                STUDENT NAME                                                                            YEAR

                                          NEW DETAILS
            Mailing Title:________________________________
            Address: ____________________________________________________________
            Home Phone: ________________________________
            Mothers Work: ___________________                               Fathers Work: _____________________
            Mothers Mobile: __________________ Fathers Mobile: ____________________
            Email Address: ____________________________________
                                                      EMERGENCY CONTACTS
                                                        (Other than parents/caregivers)
            1) Name: __________________________ 2) Name: ________________________
            Relationship: ______________________                             Relationship: ____________________
            Phone: ___________________________                               Phone: __________________________
            Mobile: ___________________________                               Mobile: _________________________

SIGNED :          .......................................................   DATE :        ........../........../ 20 ..........
   Bus Return                                         Library                         Computer/OASIS

             DRIVING SCHOOL
          Call Wendy PH: 0422 787 450

      Automatic Lessons in Toyota Camry Altise
     Pick up and drop off - Home, Work, or School
             $60.00 PER HOUR LESSON
       PRESENT This Advertisement and receive
               $10 OFF First Lesson
        Discounts for 5 or more lessons booked


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