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Templates - PDF

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									                                                                                       Proceedings of the International Conference on
                                                                                           Optimization using Exergy-Based Methods
                                                                                                  and Computational Fluid Dynamics
                                      50 mm                                                      Berlin, Germany, October 20-23, 2009

                                                    TITLE OF THE PAPER
                                                 (ARIAL 14, CAPITAL, BOLD)

 32 mm                          First Author 1*, Second Author 2, …(Arial 12, Bold)                                                    27 mm
                                            Affiliation of the First Author, Country, e-mail (Arial 9)
                                               Affiliation of the Second, Country, e-mail (Arial 9)

              Abstract (Times New Roman 10, Bold)

             The abstract must not exceed 150 words. Times New Roman 10 typeface should be used.

             Keywords (Times New Roman 10, Bold, Italic): 3-5 keywords (Times New Roman 10, Italic).

         1. General instructions (Times New Roman 11,                     acknowledgments, nomenclature, references, and
         Bold)                                                            appendixes.
                                                                               The text should be single-spaced. It should be in
              Templates are provided with these instructions for          two columns, each of them being 80mm wide and with
         measuring and formatting the paper.                              5 mm spacing between the columns.
              The paper must not exceed 10 pages, including all                Paragraphs should be indented.
         tables and illustrations.                                             The option “Mirror margins” (“Page Setup”) should
              The paper should be submitted in English.                   be used with the following margins: Top, bottom and
              A two-column format should be used.                         inside 2.5 cm; outside - 2 cm. Headers and footers
25 mm                                                                     should be different for: Odd and even pages; for first
              SI units should be used.
              Times New Roman 10 typeface should be used.                 page.

         2. Text (Times New Roman 11, Bold)                               2.3.1. Figures (Times New Roman 10, Italic)
         2.1. Title (Times New Roman 10, Bold)                                Figures and tables should be integrated as much as         mm
                                                                          possible into the paper.
              The title should be in capital letters, Arial 14 and
         boldface, centered on the page.                                  2.3.2 Nomenclature
              Two lines of space should separate the title from
         the first author.                                                     Nomenclature should follow the customary usage.
                                                                          The nomenclature list should be in alphabetical order
         2.2. Authors (Times New Roman 10, Bold)                          (capital letters first, followed by lowercase letters,
                                                                          followed by any Greek symbols, with subscripts and
              Please include first name, middle initial, and last         superscripts last, identified with headings).
         name in 12pt., Arial, boldface, upper- and lowercase
         letters. Also include affiliation, company (with division        2.3.3. Equations
         name) or university (with department name), country,
         and e-mail. Professional titles should NOT be included.              Equations should be aligned left in each column
         In the case of a paper with more than one author, please         and should be numbered consecutively. The number
         indicate the corresponding author with an asterisk.              should be enclosed in parentheses and should be used
                                                                          when referring to equations in the text.
         2.3. Text (Times New Roman 10, Bold)
                                                                          &       &        &
                                                                          EF ,k = E P ,k + ED ,k                                 (1)
             The paper should include the following: abstract
         (150   words    maximum),      body     of   paper,              2.3.4. Figures and photographs

           Corresponding author                                                        25 mm
                                                    25 mm

          Photographs, charts and diagrams are all considered     brackets. (Example: as mentioned by John Author [1]).
     to be figures. They are to be referred to as Fig.1, Fig.2,   In the case of two citations, the numbers should be
     etc. and should be numbered consecutively in the order       separated by a comma [1,2], and in the case of more
     to which they are referred. All figures should be            than two, the first and last numbers should be given
     designed for reproduction in black and white.                connected with a dash [1-4]. The full references should
                                                                  be given in a numbered list at the end of the paper in
                                                                  numerical order according to their order of appearance
                                                                  within the text. They should be given in the following

                                                                  2.4.1. Books

                                                                  [1] Bejan A., Tsatsaronis G., Moran, M.J., Thermal
                                                                  Design and Optimization, John Wiley and Sons, New
                                                                  York, 1996.

                 Figure 1: Schematic of a simple                  2.4.2. Articles in Journals
                    gas-turbine power system.
                                                                  [2] Sparrow E. M., Fluid-to-Fluid Conjugate Heat
     2.3.5. Tables                                                Transfer for a Vertical Pipe—Internal Forced
                                                                  Convection and External Natural Convection, ASME
         All tables should be numbered consecutively and          Journal of Heat Transfer, Vol. 102, 1980, pp. 402-407.
     have a caption including the table number and a title.
     Footnotes to tables should be typed below the table and      2.4.3. Reports
     should be referred to by superscript lowercase letters.
                                                                  [3] Tribus M., Evans R.B., A contribution to the Theory
                     Table 1: Thermodynamic data.                 of Thermoeconomics, Report no. 62-36. Los Angeles,
                                                                  CA: UCLA Engineering Department, 1962.
      State             T         p       ePH         eCH
                       [K]      [bar]   [MJ/kg]     [MJ/kg]       2.4.3. Articles in Conference Proceedings
      2                                                           [4] Lee Y., Korpela S.A., Horne R.N., Structure of
                                                                  Multi-Cellular Natural Convection in a Tall Vertical
                                                                  Annulus, Proceedings, 7th International Heat Transfer
     2.4. References (Times New Roman 10, Bold)
                                                                  Conference, U. Grigul et al., eds., Hemisphere            25
                                                                  Publishing Corp., Washington, D.C., Vol. 2, 1982, pp.     mm
20        References should be cited in numerical order in the
     text in the order they appear, using a number in square

                                                                    5 mm

                             80 mm                                                     80 mm

                                                    25 mm

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