Drawing Shapes with Shading

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					Drawing Shapes with Shading

Follow steps 1-6
1. Draw a rectangle.

2. Draw two rectangular axes in the middle of top and
bottom line.
Be sure that you make them shorter than top and
bottom line.

3. Draw ellipses around these axes.

4. Erase axes and upper arc of ellipse at the bottom.

5. Just apply shading!
Either you start with the dark value at the edges and
go to white in the middle of the cylinder, or you start
with black in the middle and blend it out into white
the more you go do the side.

6. You can even turn the square 3D right away without
adding any ellipses.

Just shade it.
The Cone
1. Draw the bottom line and a vertical middle line.
2. Connect top of middle line with edges of bottom line to get

3. Insert axis in the middle of bottom line.

4. Draw ellipse around axes.

5. Erase axes and upper arc of ellipse to get cone.

6. This picture indicates how you have to move the pencil.
Let the zigzag movements always point to the cones top.

7. The area for each shading value gets narrow at the top and
broader at the bottom.

8. And you can turn a simple triangle into a cone too, of course.
Just through shading it like a cone.
No ellipse necessary!

9. To draw a cone from a top view, start with a circle.

10. Then shade the circle while pointing the pencil movements
towards the cones top.
In this case it is the circle’s center.

11.Let the darkest and lightest values oppose each other in the
circle and blend them smoothly into another in the areas
1. Draw a circle
2. Move your pencil still in a zigzag line as always, but
now you make it curved around the sphere’s highlight.

3. Draw these zigzag lines so narrow that they blend into
another and fill the circle with them.
Press harder at the left underside and leave a white spot
on the right upper part of the circle.
Make a smooth transition from black to white and you
get a sphere.

4. If you want to strengthen the 3D effect even more you
can add a shadow below the sphere.
Also let a small white rim at the underside.
This is due to light that is reflected from the surface the
sphere lies on.

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