Welcome to 5th grade Social Studies by cuiliqing


									                              EXPECTATIONS – GRADE 5

        SOCIAL STUDIES (A Young Nation, Adventures in Time and Place)

                                Mrs. Marsha Williams

This year students will explore American history starting with the Native
Americans that inhabited North America progressing through time learning about
many important events in history that have shaped the United States.


Please bring to class daily: Textbook, notebook, loose leaf, blue or black pen,
colored pencils.


Please review class material weekly. Written homework assignments and projects
will occur occasionally throughout the school year. Some project work will be
completed in class and some will be completed at home. All assignments must be
turned in on time or points will be deducted from the work.

                                 TESTS AND QUIZZES

Tests and quizzes will be given with each chapter throughout the school year. It is
my intent to give one week notice to allow for review and time to study. In most
cases, a study guide will be provided as well.

                               Field Trip to Mt. Vernon

The entire fifth grade will be going to Mt. Vernon, home of George Washington,
late in the school year. The date has not been yet been determined however it
will probably fall in early June as it did last year. It is considered part of the Social
Studies curriculum and all students should plan to attend. The cost last year was
about 90.00 for parent and child to attend. I hope knowing this ahead of time
helps families to plan for this expense at a very busy time of the year.

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