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									                               Centre Communautaire Beaumont Community Centre (CCBCC)
                                9, 4901 – 55th Avenue        Beaumont, AB      T4X 1M9
                             (780) 929-8585

                                                   Charitable Registration #: 83000 0261 RR0001
                                                                                         For the benefit of the community


RE:                             Bricks & Mortar – Capital Campaign

As you well know, the history of this vision, one of a multi-lingual, multi-purpose community centre has
long held the passion of a dedicated group of individuals for the past couple of years.

CCBCC continues to explore more seriously the necessary resources within the community.
Recognizing the French history and architectural guidelines, CCBCC is ready to launch a capital
campaign to continue to share and support the mission/vision, strategies, successes and challenges
in the Town of Beaumont.


Centre Communautaire Beaumont Community Centre (CCBCC) boasts representation from a cross-
section of social groups, who now speak with one voice… and we are grateful for ongoing support.

Where community counts; True to the core of our heritage; and Be part of it… are all slogans that
speak to the blue print of this project.

What we are trying to build on:
The Knights have owned/operated Club Beaumont since 1971, and before that, the hall was managed by St.
Vital Parish (circa 1952). Amongst our ideas for activity and meeting room space, this facility will boast a
full service kitchen and bar, storage for end users, washrooms and shower facilities, computer lab,
gymnasium type flooring, a woodworking shop, arts & crafts room, performance stage and so much more.

CCBCC has already thanked the Honourable Ed Stelmach - Premier, and the Government of Alberta
(Culture and Community Spirit) for the support and financial commitment, of $456,597 (through the Major
Community Facilities Program (MCFP)); making this project more than a dream – but a reality in the
making. Recent budget deliberations have confirmed the Town of Beaumont’s financial support of
$2,164,000. Presentations and applications continue to be circulated in order to address the shortfall of this
anticipated six million dollar project.

Additional fund development initiatives such as the Night at the Races, an Evening with Elvis, and annual
golf tournament will complement the grant proposal writing efforts. With the launch of a capital
campaign, CCBCC will be able to build on their recent charitable status (allowing us to issue
donation tax receipts) among other positive outcomes (community engagement and stakeholder

Physical address:           5204 - 50th Avenue, Beaumont, AB T4X 1C9                                                  1
We are confident, with help and strong community leadership that this project will provide not only a
gathering place, but be a centre for information, strategies and support to residents in and around the area.

We look forward to having your continued support. More specifically, we would ask for your
consideration and financial contribution to our capital campaign. We would ask for your reply at your
earliest convenience.

Levels of Support

   Yesterday:           $5,000 - unlimited donation

This contribution speaks to the memory of Beaumont’s heritage in and around the community, although
donors need not have any attachment, except for their generosity, to memories of a yester-year. It is a
category that allows the bricks and mortar to have a strong foundation.

   Today:               $1,001 - $4,999

Start a tradition; give something now that can be remembered by future generations. Contribute to a
moment or period in time perceptible as intermediate between past and future.

   Tomorrow:            up to $1,000

Leave a legacy of philosophical thought where everyone hopes for a better tomorrow.

   Other:               priceless (let’s talk about how you can/want to contribute)

 All donors will be recognized in a manner befitting the donation and in design complement to the facility.
              Tax receipts will also be issued within the year that the donation was received.

For more information, please feel free to contact the undersigned at
(780) 929-8493/(780) 903-2879 or Adrien Bussiere, CCBCC President and Chair at
(780) 929-9885.


Greg Lamorie, Fundraising Chair
on behalf of the Board of Directors, Centre Communautaire Beaumont Community Centre (CCBCC)

Physical address:           5204 - 50th Avenue, Beaumont, AB T4X 1C9                                2
Fast Facts:

   Of those surveyed (based on stakeholder/consultation feedback - May 2010): Overall, 63% said ‘new
    or upgraded facilities should be developed’. Of the priorities listed for indoor facility component
    development 39% listed social/banquet facilities as their number one priority within the Town of
    Beaumont, community meeting rooms tying for third place, performing arts/show spaces received sixth
    place by 22% of the respondents, while 18% ranked dance/program/combatives' room in seventh priority
    place (overall)… CCBCC’s concept design for the new facility envisions encompassing all of these
   the Town of Beaumont boasts 20% of their population as French speaking, with 25% of the population
    under 15 years of age
   the Town of Beaumont and all community-oriented initiatives are supported by a forward thinking
    Council (elected officials)
   A disadvantage for some, but one that speaks to the increasing necessity for a new community centre is
    that the schools are at capacity – and some educational institutions have been forced to find alternate
   CCBCC’s target market in the vision of a new facility might include serving those business owners
    who have reached capacity, and do not have the resources to support independent offices (in our social
    enterprise model of shared office equipment; administrative staff; lunch area; boardroom; access to
    training resources, etc.) resulting in a credible and collaborative environment with great potential for all
   Possibilities (still) exist for an environmentally forward thinking model (eco-friendly)
   Needed is ongoing government, business and stakeholder support; awareness, and community spirit!

Physical address:            5204 - 50th Avenue, Beaumont, AB T4X 1C9                                  3

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