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									Arkansas Symbols
Each of the states in the United States has symbols that
represent that state.

                  (Suitable for grades K thru 4)
Arkansas has its own set of symbols
•   First, let’s look at the following:
•   state flag
•   tree
•   insect
•   beverage

• Can you guess any of them?
Framework H.6.K.2: Identify state symbols of Arkansas
This is our state flag!
• The Arkansas flag is
  red, white and blue
  with a diamond in the
Our state tree!
• The pine tree is our
  state tree.
• Do you have a pine
  tree in your
State insect!
                              • There is a buzz that
                                the honey bee is our
                                state insect!

I am an Arkansas honey bee!
Yummy, milk is our state beverage!

                            and in
• Our state flag looks like

• The state tree is a

• Our state insect is the

• The Arkansas beverage is
Begin grade 1
Framework: H.6.l.2 Identify state symbols of Arkansas
The apple blossom is our state flower.

                            They bloom in the spring
Our state bird: the Mockingbird
• Listen to the
  mockingbird sing!!
Pink tomato
              • It is our state
              • You can find them in
                our state in the
The square dance is our state folk
• Have you watched anyone square dance? It is good
State Instrument: the fiddle!
• It can also be called a violin.
• The state flower is the

• The bird of the state is the

• What is the official fruit/vegetable?
• The state dance is the…

• What is the state instrument?
Grade 2
Framework H.6.2.2: Identify state symbols of Arkansas
The gem of Arkansas is the….
                • Diamond!! You
                  cannot find these in a
                  box of Cracker Jacks!
The state mineral is quartz.
• Have you come
  across quartz on a
  walk before?
The Rock of Arkansas…
• is bauxite. It is used to make aluminum.

                                     What do you think it looks like?
A white tailed deer is our state
• They can been seenss in green belts or forests in the
Arkansas is our state anthem
• Arkansas
  by Mrs. Eva Ware Barnett
• Arkansas was published by the Central
  Music Company in Little Rock, Arkansas, in
  1916 by Eva Ware Barnett and Will M.
  Ramsey. It became the first song designated
  as the Official State Song of Arkansas when
  the Arkansas General Assembly adopted it
  by Senate Concurrent Resolution No. 6 on
  January 12, 1917.
• The gem of Arkansas is the

• What is the state mineral?

• The state rock is ….
• Our state mammal is the

• The Arkansas anthem is (????????)
Third grade
• Framework: H.6.3.1: Research the history of the
  Arkansas state flag
Arkansas state flag
Colors of the flag
• The Arkansas flag is red, white and blue just like the USA
  flag. It represents that we are part of the union of states
  called the United States of America!
The diamond
• The diamond in the center of the flag represents that we
  are the only diamond producing state in the USA.

• Diamonds can be found at Murfreesboro in southern
Stars in the diamond
• The twenty five stars in the blue portion of the diamond
  represent that Arkansas was the 25th state to join the
  United States.
• The three stars
  underneath the name,
  Arkansas, represent
  the state has been
  part of three
  countries: Spain,
  France and the USA.
  Also Arkansas was
  the third state created
  from the Louisiana
Another star!

                • The Star above the
                  name, Arkansas,
                  represents that the
                  state was once part of
                  the Confederate
                  States of America.

                • The present flag was adopted
                  in 1913.
• What color(s) is the flag of Arkansas
  • Why?
• Why is there a diamond in the center of the Arkansas
• Why are there 25 stars in the blue portion of the
• Why are there three stars below the word, Arkansas?
• Why is there one star above , “Arkansas”?
• When was our present flag adopted?
4th Grade
Arkansas state motto
Framework: 6.4.1: Discuss the meaning of the state motto of
What is a motto?
• According to the Merriam Webster online dictionary, it is
  “a short expression of a guiding principle”
• State mottoes may be said to reflect the character and
  beliefs of the citizens of the state, or more accurately, the
  citizens of the state when they were adopted. State
  mottoes can help us gain insight into the history of a
Motto: Regnat Populus
• The People rule! Is the translation of this Latin phrase

• The motto was first adopted as a part of the official seal
  in 1864 and then updated in 1907.

• What does it mean that the people rule?
4th Grade
Arkansas state seal
• Framework: H.6.4.2: Examine the history of the State
  Seal of Arkansas and its components.
The Arkansas State Seal
Why do we have a Seal?
• Placing the official Seal of Arkansas on documents
  signifies or shows that the document is

• Originally the seal was embossed in sealing wax but at
  present the seal is usually embossed on the document or
  a “foil” replica of the seal is placed on the document.
History of the Arkansas State
• The history of the seal began in territorial Arkansas
  • Samuel Calhoun Roane designed and drew it
   in 1820

   The seal was adopted in 1836 when
   Arkansas became a state. Only the
   wording changed.
     -some changes occurred in 1856
History of the state seal
• In 1864 the legislature adopted a new design that is still
  in use today
  • A change was made in 1907 to modify the motto somewhat
     • The motto changed from Regnat Populi (peoples rule) to
       Regnat Populus (people rule)
Law states that the seal must
include certain symbols
• An eagle at the bottom holding a scroll with the motto
  printed on it
  •   A bundle of arrows in one claw
  •   An olive branch in the other claw
  •   A shield covering the eagle’s breast
  •   The shield is engraved with a steamboat, a beehive, a plow
      and a sheaf of wheat
Symbols of the state seal
• At the top of the seal is the Goddess of Liberty
  • She holds a wreath in her right hand
  • She holds a pole in her left hand with the liberty cap on top
  • She is surrounded by a circle of stars
     • The stars are surrounded by a circle of rays
Symbols of the State Seal
• On the left of the seal is a figure of an angel which
  represents “mercy”.
• On the right of the seal is a sword that is labeled as
• Around the outside circle of the seal the words, “Great
  Seal of the State of Arkansas” is enscribed.
The Great Seal of Arkansas
• Why do we have a “Great Seal of Arkansas”?
• How is the “Great Seal” placed on state documents?
• What is the motto that is placed on the seal? Translated,
  what does it mean?
• What type of bird appears on the seal?
• What goddess is at the top of the seal?
More Review!
• The angel on the seal represents what?
• Justice is symbolized by what object?
•   • http://www.sos.arkansas.
  eb/arregions/1_lp/Arkans      gov/education.html is a
  as%20State%20Symbol           site from the Secretary of
  s%20Lesson.pdf This           State’s office which
  site has lesson plans         has educational
  and additional power          resources on state
  points. Listed under 2nd      symbols.
  grade, there is a section
  on teacher notes for        • http://www.EnchantedLe
  state symbols.       has great
                                info on each of the 50
• is an excellent source
  for the symbols, motto and seal.

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