Are Video Games Good or Bad

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					  Are Video Games Good
         or Bad?
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      Time Magazine Articles
Read these two articles from the Intranet ‘Group
1) Are video games that bad?
2) Learning to love Zelda

(May 10, 1999 Volume 153 No.18)
           Discussion Topics
Go        to      the       Discussion       Forum
 ( to choose one
 of the following discussion topics and discuss
 classmates by uploading your ideas.
Discussion Topic 1

   Should we ban the sale of
violent video games to teenagers
      under 18 years old?
     Discussion Topic 2

Do      video  games
 influence your daily
 Discussion Topic 3

Discuss the pros of video games.
 Discussion Topic 4

Discuss the pros of video games.
    Discussion Topic 5

If you were parents, what limits should
 you set to stop your kids from being
 addicted to video games, especially the
 violent ones?
   Pros of Video Games

1. They are relaxing, almost meditative.

2. They work out the gamers’ twitchy
 3. Video Games Boost Economy

a) The electronic games industry posted sales of $5.5
   billion in the US in 1998.

b) Video games were the second-most popular home
  entertainment after TV.
4) Playing video games can make you
 a) You have to learn how to solve problems fast, testing
    hypotheses and decoding puzzles.

 b) Patricia Greenfield, a psychology professor at UCLA
   found that there was a positive correlation between
   video games and intelligence.

 c) Greenfield’s research attributes an increase in
    worldwide “non-verbal IQ”.
               Non-verbal IQ
• Spatial skills

• the use of icons for
  problem       solving

• the     ability      to
  understand      things
  from           multiple
5)        Moderately
  violent       video
  games might even
  be       beneficial,
  helping girls learn
  how to compete in
  an       aggressive
              Parents’ Views
6) Parents would rather
  have their children and
  their peers playing
  video games than be
  out roaming the streets.
   Cons of Video Games
1) Violent Content
   Nearly one third of the top 100 video-console
   games for the first quarter of 1999 had at least
   some sort of violent content.

2) Bloody Titles Most Popular
   Among video and computer games, bloody
   titles like Quake and Golden Eye 007 rank
   consistently among the most popular.
Most Popular Video Games



      Doom             Quake

Help break down the natural inhibitions
against killing
4. Violent video games prepare kids to kill
  and even teach them to enjoy the experience.
5. Video games are addictive
               Psychologists say some
                players of intense
                video games show
                symptoms similar to
                those induced by drug
                taking     or      other
                pleasurable activities.
6. They gobble up time better spent on
homework, sports and other outdoor activities.
7. Video games jeopardize our
         social skills.
  Limits parents should set:

   Rule One                 Rule Two
Know what your kid is   Allow          generous
 playing.                playtime when the
                         game      is      new,
                         preferably during a
                         school vacation.
   Rule Three

Set strict time limits
                 Rule Four

If you can stand it, play the game with your child.
     Your Writing Task

Whether video games are good or bad has always aroused
controversies. They mesmerize children, yet they frighten
parents. Write an article in your school magazine to
discuss your own views on video games. Give your article
a title.

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