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									                                          White Refined Sugar ICUMSA 45
                                100 To 2,500 MT Contracts – Validity September 2011

We, in representation of the End Seller, hereby declares and confirms that is ready, willing and able to
sell / assign the commodity described below, upon receiving the documents required for an immediate
transaction, and signing a mutually agreeable Sales & Purchase Agreement between the parties

Commodity: Containerized White Refined Sugar ICUMSA 45

Product Specifications
Icumsa:                           45 RBU Attenuation Index Units Method 4-1978
Origin:                           Brazil
Color:                            Sparkling Crystal White
Polarization:                     99.8° Minimum – At 20° C
Moisture:                         0.04% Maximum
Sulphated Ash Content:            0.04% Maximum
Reducing Sugar:                   0.05% Maximum By Weight
Substance:                        Solid Crystal
Solubility:                       100% Dry And Free Flowing
Sediments:                        None
Smell:                            Free Of Any Smell
Radiation:                        Normal W/O Presence Of Cesium Or Iodine
Granulation:                      Fine To Medium
Crop:                             Latest

Loading Port:                     Ex Durban, South Africa
Incoterms:                        FOB, CFR or CIF
Minimum Order:                    250 MT SPOT – 100 MT Monthly Contract
Payment:                          Irrevocable, Transferable** , Documentary Fully Funded Letter of Credit,
                                  100% At Sight From a Prime Bank, Or T/T 100% Or Via Escrow Account.
First Shipment:                   Within 30-45 Days After Payment Is Operative
Performance Bond:                 Included In Every Contract
Inspection:                       By S.G.S. At Loading Port At Seller's Cost
Packing:                          Product Will Be Packed In 50 Kg. (Fifty Kilos) New Poplypropylene Bags
                                  With Polyethylene Lining.
                                  Please consult for 25 Kg Bags.
Labeling:                         Available, Please Consult

** Transactions Involving a Non-Transferable letter of Credit Or Other Financial Instrument will uncur an additional charge of USD 10.00
per MT.

                                   11 Tahon St. – Netanya Israel 42445 Tel (972) 547 704 863

Web site:                                                     E-mail:
                           1. The Buyer Issues ICPO And Letter Of Capability And Commitment From
Procedures:                   Their Bank To The Seller (The ICPO Must Reference Buyer's Purchase
                              Order Number).

                           2. The Seller Will Issue Draft Contract With Contract Number And Proforma
                              Invoice For The Contract Amount.

                           3. The Contract Is Discussed And Signed/Sealed By The Buyer.

                           4. The Seller Present POP To The Buyer As Issued By An Attorney/Custodian
                              Of The Master Supply Agreement.

                           5. Payment Instrument Is Issued By Buyer's Bank

                           6. Shipment Shall Commence Within 45 (Forty Five Days Of Receipt Of The
                              Operative Payment And The Seller Will Confirm Shipping Details.

                           7. All Contract Will Be Notarized By A Notary Public In The Republic Of
                              South Africa.

Sale Rates:

Monthly                           Origin                    Fob Price Per Ton                 Shipping Cost Per Ton
Quantity                                                   (Indicative London & NY)
100 MT                            Brazil                      USD $ 660.00                      USD $ 48.00 / 90.00
250 MT                            Brazil                      USD $ 650.00                      USD $ 48.00 / 90.00
500 MT                            Brazil                      USD $ 645.00                      USD $ 48.00 / 90.00
1,000 MT                          Brazil                      USD $ 640.00                      USD $ 48.00 / 90.00
1,500 MT                          Brazil                      USD $ 635.00                      USD $ 48.00 / 90.00
2,500 MT                          Brazil                      USD $ 630.00                      USD $ 48.00 / 90.00

                                  11 Tahon St. – Netanya Israel 42445 Tel (972) 547 704 863

Web site:                                             E-mail:

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