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									Michelle is ok with they
Going over relationship satisfaction scale

Wife was already arguing
about husb's answers

Discussed court hearing.
Celebrated their
Nothing happened at

Judge postponed it to
another time. Amber
daughter is in Alaska. Mo
is losing custody.
He is talking to ex
boyfriends of wife to

Joshua Sanchez-33                                                   Better understanding of each other

Alicia Rupershet-34                                                 Misundertood

                                                                    both dv on each other
                                                                    Explained process with them

                                                                    Day before they came in. She hit him.
                                                                    She touch him, joking, aroused him.

                                                                    She wanted to leave, he wouldn't let
                                                                    her leave, pushed a dresser in front of
                                                                    She was doing more hitting then he does
                                                                    He is afraid she won't come back.

Marwan Touma-29                                                       Reconnected, they are both in therapy
                            Reduce anxiety, still living with dad, mom passed. Dad noticed an improvement
                            Older brother. Lives in Colorada
                            2 sisters, hx and comes here for depression
                            Progressive chart, levels of anxiety

                            Thought tracking

                                                                    Left early and left her husband, said
                                                                    the sessions together weren't working,
Kristen-26                                                          husband was lying.
                     sponsor is out of town.                   Now communicating with sponsor 8/29/11

                                                               Marriage, lost 2 yrs of sobriety with 1
                     Did she call anyone else? No              glass of wine.

                     Low self esteem. Focusing on
                     marriage. He controls her, she doesn’t'
                     get to go anywhere.
                     Has not hit.
                     Threatening to change locks on door if
                     she leaves. Will leave with her $$
                     from student loans
                     Last week she moved in and stayed married. Very indecisive. Poor choices.
Piotr Sidoruk-29     child molesting not reported
                                                                Made attempt to contact his dad. He
                                                                runs away when situations get tense to
                     Sessions: 8.                               avoid being abandoned
                     Presenting problem.                        Molested in Poland at 5 yrs.
                     Wrote her a letter, sees her as a sister.
                     Restablished a rel with mom. Issue of
                     molested by boyfriend.
                     Lied to his mom about why he got
                     fired from job. Talked to mom about
                     how critical she is of him.
                     She is in denial, thinks rel. is just fine

                     Used to have dad as a friend on facebook.
                     Now dad isn't on there. One time at 14.
                     Dad wanted to take him to Disneyland, he
                     was too mad at the abandonment, and       Re-established friendship with Javid
                     had a whats the use attitude.             and Derrik. Hasn't found a job.

                     Has been reading the file. It is a lot.
                     Talked to mom on phone. Have an
The Johnson girls    appt. tomorrow with the girls.
                     Grandma will bring girls. Dad is
Joshua Johnson       supposed to pay.
Rosa Aisa Murillo                                              Janissa, Janzanna
Craig, Martha, Pam   Monday night Parenting                    Martha graduated
10 week Parenting    Able to give extra information            Craig still coming
                     Self estem                                Steve- gave the toy, fireman
                                                               Sean Bradley, Scott Praska
Diep Ngyeun-34       dad chinese raised in vietnam             from family of 5. 20 weeks. Hit son with a toy truck. Incarcerat
Jason Ching          philapino                                 Keith and Tony

                     2 years ago, behavioral issues started.
Keith 5              Father has renal failure.                 Crying a lot, playing video games-
Tony 15              Sees dad on weekends
                     No relationship
                       He doesn't feel he deserve
                       He works at USC. She
                       doesn't work

                       Stop hitting says the

hitting then he does

                                                       Sent resumes to 2 places; no response
                       Friends                         yet

                       It's time to doing something for himself.

                       Made a mood chart. He talks about where he is at.

                       Done with the marriage.         Still very angry. Obsessed about
                       Tired of going back. She will   relationship. Before relationship.
                       go to police to go get her      Indecisive. Something wrong with her
                       clothes.                        thinking.                               Her parents split
with sponsor 8/29/11                                                                      Now is with new stepdad=DV

                   Filed for divorce. Was living with a
                   friend. Found a place to live.
                   Started school last wek.

                                                                                          Only child- gets mad at her paren

                   Sees Monika a college
                   student he sees when she
                   comes with her mother to
                   see him.

weeks. Hit son with a toy truck. Incarcerated 2 months. Jason also went to ch
                                                   Mo and younger sister were murdered.

                   Jason's parents are divorced.
                   J doesn't talk to his mom
                   because of the divorce.
First                    Last

Eva                      Gonzalez     DV Cousin hitting kids
Ismael                   Gutierez     NCP Debriefing

1x month                 Monitoring        Found wife, female cousin in bed

                                           13, 11, 9

                                           2 hours + 15 min

Estrella                 Regalado          16,13,9,5

                                           Drew picture doing activity with each
                                           other- Team building activity, then
Planning indiv session                     bring in activity with Mom

                                           Family quilt

                                           Went to Chicago with ex and baby
Meshelle                 Devries        40 Hx

                                           BF lives with, both sets of kids
                                           taken away

                                           He is fighting for custody
                                           Neglect. Live in apt.
                                                     She was accused of child abuse 9
                                                     mon ago, kids in foster care, has
                                                     unmonitored visits every sat. Kids left
                                                     with her friend, 15 yr old attacked
                                                     Meshelle. Gone to AM, parenting,
                                                     now off of street drugs, sober 1 year,
                                                     no urge, takes vicodin and soma for
                                                     back. Bipolar, adhd. Trimadol for
                                                     sleep. Valium, Zanax and Benedril.
                                                     Vicodin, Soma

                                                     Newlyweds, known for 8.5 years, She
                                                     is working on MA degree, He is
                                                     working but business isn't doing well.
                                                     Amy says Tim goes out and drinks
Amy                                               25 too much.

Tim/Amy                 Plouffe                   35 Couples
                                                     See him today.
                                                     Feedback on book.

                                                     His ex wife is alienting from kids.
                                                     He went to see kids in Ariz. Going
Micky                   Griffith                  42 to Ariz more oftne, every week.

self employed=writer,   730 evaluation,
technical writer        alienation.

Eva                     Eva Denter                43 Lost kids, dad has the
Megan                                        10      step mother is PI, out to get mom
Tristen                                       7      Trying to do monitored visits. Couldn't give a copy of the minute o
Dtr (24)                                             Lives with 24 yr old daughter
                                                     Mother stop inspecting,
Granddaughter                8 yr Daughter           videotaping genitals.
                                                     Cutting hair
                                                     Supervise children
                                                     Parenting decisions in compliance with law, ie. Car seats
                                                     ? Developmentally delayed.
                                                     Katie said she appeared to be on drugs
                                                     Drugs may be underlying issues
                                   Court ordered to come in for
                                   Was weird. Mini skirts, hispanic, illegal, jacket on.
                                   Went into bathroom, stayed in for a long time.
                                   Was on internet with kids around, skype.
                                   Kids unsupervised while she was online.

BF Frank is 43    Chelsy-19        Ex best friend living with dad.

                                   Bullied through elementary,
                                   trauma at 14. Clepto, vindictive.
Amy/Tim Plouffe   25/35            Together 10 yrs. Came in to get divorced, chnaged things up
                                   He parties, he likes a lot of
                                   people. Compromise their
since April                        socialization
No children                        Saw Amy individually. Tim today.
                                   When he goes to the party, he goes as a single man
                                   In her mind, they come together,
                                   leave together
                                   He can stay there. She doesn't drink smoke
                                   He drinks, smokes
                                   He likes that she has brought him down.
                                   Tim has 19 yr. Tim's stepfather's
                                   daughter is mother of Tim's
                                   Were going on a camping trip.

Spencer                       34   Used to do meth, got into trouble with men and women. Was with

                                   Catching up with his hx.
                                   Assignment: not to worry about
                                   clients, money. Does web sites,
                                   designs, no contact with girl. Has
                                   been talking to her.
                                   Where is money going? Do a budget.
Patricia Orozco               41   18 yr old has mood swings. Thinks he is doing drugs. Admitted he h
Martin                        18   but he can handle it. Dad of fist three same dad. With youngest boy
Jonathan                      16   Nobody talks about death. All boys started crying in session about d
Christian                     14
Youngest boy                  10
                                           Monitored visit, make sure they         Three kids all seen. Dad
Will see April 11 -1 x month               are on for 5:45 to 7:45.                brings food
He was telling all story                                                           Played taboo
                                                                                   He brought monopoly -
                                           In debriefing, stuck to                 good-coached not
                                                                                   to put movie on during
nice kids- 5 pages of notes                He kept wanting to go into hx           dinner. Played games.

                                                                                   Involved in 730 eval. Lost
                                                                                   temper -female cousin.

                                                                                   Saw Dad with Jacob. Jacob is
                                                                                   being pulled between the
                                                                                   parents. Dad feeds Jacob
                                                                                   scarey things that the 16 yr
                                                                                   old could do.

                                           See them Wed. Activity. Going to keep
Jacob and Antonio are fighting             having the two boys do an activity.

                                                                                   Was going to see 2 boys,
A choked J, J doesn't remember it                                                  saw Jacob's dad, blaming the
                                                                                   problem on older bro. Son is
                                           9 year old visits dad                   being picked on

                                                                                   Activity played 21, With all
                                                                                   family members, What if?

Hasn't been coming in. 4/5/11
                                                                                   Coming in for 2 o3 more sessions

Upset about report. She said Amy said she
has been sober for 1 yr. The county is drug
testing her. Has has clean drug tests. When
Amy called her back, Twice she mention it vicodan, zanaz, altrim, soma-trz
has been 8 or 9 yrs since she had street
drugs. Kids were taken away six months
            Came back, got assignment to go over
            values and morals. Want to continue the
            session. Suggested that they take an hour.
            Went over that, each had five things. What
            they wanted in life from their relationship.
            Phone for 5 min. See them Thurs.
                                                      Doing well-several assignments,
                                                      spend time with each other. Back
                                                      to back. They wait for each other
            Gave an assignment. Tim agrees to pay the to finish.

            Going to have kids- Paris, Jordan, Sydney      Moving it slower, haven't seen     See him every other
            and another city.. last week of April          him, maybe had the kids last week. week.

            Write a letter to each daughters telling
            them about his life. Jordan likes and
            dislikes. Not talking to them on the phone.                                      Writing Journal

            Hasn't seen them for months- Dad's cell phone                                    Don't know who to believe, don't know how

 visits. Couldn't give a copy of the minute order. Gave Katie a copy
             Goals: paperwork. No goal. Get kids back.
             Has monitored visits with F.A.C.E.S.- 1x
             week, every sat. with Allison

ompliance with law, ie. Car seats

d to be on drugs
 hispanic, illegal, jacket on.
tayed in for a long time.
 ds around, skype.
e she was online.

              Been together 2 yrs, he has 12 and 19 yr old daughter, used to be her friend.

in to get divorced, chnaged things up                      Making progress, then don't see them

                                                           Issues: drinking partying.His

arty, he goes as a single man

 doesn't drink smoke

ought him down.

nto trouble with men and women. Was with a toxic woman, went up North.

? Do a budget.
 ngs. Thinks he is doing drugs. Admitted he has tried drugs
ad of fist three same dad. With youngest boy, dad died 2 yrs ago.
ath. All boys started crying in session about dad.
          Going to court this week
          Activity hand cast

          M                                        Sees the kids once a month

          Mom and kids in evening. Jacob told
          Amy he wants to live with Dad. Crying.
          Torn. Own room, own tv, no one he
          has to share with. What happens after
          school. Dinner together. Old brother
          doesn't eat with family. At least once
          play together 30 minutes. Walk, etc.
          Had Jacob and mom sit together and

                                                   Antonio is now doing things with family. Is
          Salvador coming in Monday night.         growing up, looking into getting a job. Still
          Wants Amy to make a report about         motivated to graduate with class next year. Now
          Jacob.                                   Jacob is picking on other family members.

o3 more sessions
o to believe, don't know how to help
Lives in 1 bedroom with her ex girlfriend

Tim is coming in this week

Next week on vacation.
? Verge of a divorce?
Monthly visits with kids, 1,3 5th
weekend. Working on boundaries.
Salina            714.788.3229
Shalom            Dad hasn't paid

Nick Wood         son talks back and calls Gm
Andrea Woods      949.375.1557
Janie Du          714.437.2335       Trying to get boyfriend in, called Andre yesterday       Stepdad sexually abused her a
Oliver Pastrana   714.925.9096       Having a difficult time with managers at work.. Disneyland…being managed. McDonalds
Haley Rooney      949.226.4741

Norma Martinez depressed            She was with him 8 months.          just two sessions, started missing. Follow up
54 Philipino    second marriage, somewhat arranged to get legal. Husband is ill polio. His family takes care of him.
                She had been a caregiver. They wouldn't let him sign papers. Kicked her out last Novembr
                Has immigration attorney, unemployed, staying with friends.
                Has 3 adult children 20, and others with kids.
Ray Poltak      November saw Nicholas-13
                Julie saw in January
Bethany         Why is Nicholas not seeing his dad. Interpretation of minutes
                Child was hit by Ray. Nicholas' teacher made the report
Goldstein       5 yr old. His behavior is all about their relationship.
David           Problems at work, probably going to go to jail
                Conjoint with both parents
Simon Engarfall
Michaela-13     Conjoint with the father/daughter
                Good planning until a year ago, Niece came to visit, told daugther that Simon's gf was having multiple affai
                "Not coming over to your house
                Mom was gettting $2600 a month child support and alimony. Simon told mom "can't do this anymore." Go
Court ordered   Mom talks about Simon so kids can hear. "Your dad isn't paying me enough money to do that. New gf takin
                Simon still w/ gf even after evidence that gf has been cheating. Cecilia and Ana went to concert. Ana met a
                Ana comes back to house, Ana tells the kids Cecilia met a guy.
Stepdad sexually abused her at 17,        Leaving her boyfriend. Friday preparing with contact with Fa
d…being managed. McDonalds..happy to have a job. Suck it up for the team.

ted missing. Follow up
 mily takes care of him.
 last Novembr

n's gf was having multiple affairs

om "can't do this anymore." Got an attorney
money to do that. New gf taking all money away from us
Ana went to concert. Ana met a guy, C says, "lets go"
                                                                          Ashley's Clients

Octavia Jackson                                           child abuse, has monitored visit

                                                          O'S father wasn't in the picture
Luis Lopez
Marcos Zaragoza
Jimmy Houllis        good                                 sports, downer this week
Ashley and Jeremy Schiro
George Dunda Family

                     Angel 7 child, Anabel 27, Raul 27,
Anabel, Angel & Raul
                     HS sweethearts, got married, pg
                     with Angel, rel didn’t go well. Raul Wants Angel to tell the Therapist
                     left 6 mo, divorce took 2 yrs        where he wants to live

                                                          obsessed with her, told her my
                                                          aunts raped me. Wanted her
                      Raul cancelled 2nd session          attention.

                      Raul comes in next session.
                      Anabel wanted Raul to tell her the R. called ssa 2x on Anabelle, re:
                      story of what happened at 18.      "My uncle got mad at me. Scared
                      Wanted him to get it out in open him and called second time.
Parenting 10 week

                      doesn't remember mom's funeral.
                      Flat affect. Birthday. Awkward
                      moment. Visualized mom riding
David                 on horse hair blowing. All family
Galindo/Agustin       members coming over. Juan was
Quintana              downstairs
Jasmine Miller        not sure if she if she is pg, hasn't had a period in 3 months, feels something moving around
                      Last week she went to clinic and they ttold her she wasn't pg.
                      Her mother told her she was pg, and the clinic told her no baby
                      Her school teacher sent her to tx. In an abusive rel for 2 yrs. Works at K mart, met co-worker, treated h
                      DK why I treated him badly, taking my anger out on him from my former relationship. Got BF moved in
                      Now he is out of the picture. Her friends keep telling her she is preg
                      Going to school. Laughing about not being pg. Clinic told her she wasn't pg
                      Never been pg before. Didn't know if she wanted the kid, decided to go ahead with pg
                      Bio dad is abusive, hit her mother
                      She also was abused, dad left, mom has a bf. Also sees mom and bf fighting.
                      Dejhene George 7 is her brother
                       Dad was support in the pg thing
                       Mom drinks and smokes weed
Parenting Class        Go in and check in about the pluses and minuses of the week.
                       Have 3-4 people in the classes
Jeff Burns             Only has daughter one night a week on the weekend. Every session he is
                       Struggles with : Other centered rather than
                       Interests: Garden
                       Daughter got in trouble. Father gave her no consequences.
                       Letter that she wasn't kind to a girl. "She lied, I blew up." Her mother lied to me. I won't take that.
Joey Martinez-30       Says he was refrred by PO, not sure, may call back. Stressful in and out of jail since 12, In jail 90 days ro
                       Says he used to be a meth addict. Very paranoid. No directe answers. Doesn't understand why he gets
                       Came late, didn't do client hx.
                       End of session, laughed inapropriate. Had paid $10 extra. Got a weird feeling.
                       Youngest of 5, only son. Closer to mom. Dad did the best he could
Truck, tank, big       Apples for smoking,
                       THC - mj strip under tongue
                       Hashi hish- smoke
                       LSD - Exstacy
                       Came with mom, Do you smoke?
                       Mom asked her Mom talks to her
Michaela -13           like a friend?

                       Had Michaela in prison. "I am a
                       criminal". Sister -everything - not
                       liking school. Took ibuprophen.
                       Threw up in middle of night.        Genogram from Michaela.

                                                              Switches moods frequently. Sister
Husband Jerry, fa of                                          (by a different dad) in jail for
Melissa                Found out whole bottle aspirin. Cried  robbery.
                       Daughters mood all over the place. Stealing. Goes with friend.
                       Works off commission
                       Michaela shut down when mom is talking.
                       Found dad on top of her at 3 yrs, got taken away, went ot live with Fa's sister.
                       Difficult to talk to mom about things.
Alexis Surgeon -29     Schizophrenic Dad.                     Takes care of Monique…left for college, went the farthest away. Lo
                       Dad always took care of the $$$.
                       He was an attentive father. Sat in a chair watching them go to sleep.
                       Alexis tried to get her dad to listen to her. Wanted to do onsite movie designs. Tried to talk to her dad
                                                              Doing good, having issues
                       Good to be updated on Dad's health. Mom dumps on Alexis. boy friend, no sexual chemistry. He lost
                                                         He got defensive with her. He took
                                                         it as rejection. Didn't call for a week.

                    She has said her son has
                    separation anxiety. Shwoing
                    aggression with grandma. Mom
                    and dad split 9/2010. dad was
                    threatening to hurt her. Dealing
                    with mental and emothinanl
Julian Thronburg    eabuese
Candace Lehman      Her son comes home with a dirty diaper.

                    She has moved into her mother's
                    house. GM says "I'm ignoring her.
                    Get out of here, leave me alone.
                    Candace's father is always at work
                    (nice guy)- disengaged?
                    Receiving bloody valentines from ex. He calls her and emails her.. Who are you seeing? I hear you are d
                    Lasttime Julian saw dad was May 1st. Threaten CPS with him.
Carol Drowl-35      New client, seen once by Debbie. In group home 12- taken away from parents in Vegas. I am fat they o
                    In and out of psychiatiric, zoloft, respirito a plate at her 4 yr old nephew
                    Self abusive behaviros, bits, scratches, hits herself
                    ? Psychiatrist/ Western Medical for her meds

Briget Trustee-14
                                                         I am smart, why can't people see
                    Great coping skills. "I want to be   me as smart. Daughter is trying to
                    invisible: Was kicked out; lives     talk to her and open up. Mom
                    with her aunt and uncle              starts crying. Doesn't give her room
                                                         to cry.
                    Very smart, cute, on the dance
                    team. Wants to talk to boys. Tried

                    Older bro is smart, dad is a coke
                    addict, lives in a trailer in Brea.
                    Successful businessman
                    Family tells her she is a slut. Don't see her. I don't trust anyone.
                    Tries to get negative attention from her mom. She got in trouble in jr high. Mom took her out of schoo
Chris               Using new girls to get over his obsession with his Lauren. She writes him back.
                    4 yr old developmentally
                    Did have rel 1994. Gave up Jewl for adoption
                    Thnks about Jewel everyday- boy has God in his life
                    Everyone told her it was a good idea to give up her child
                    Overweight, clothes ripped, disheveled
                    Stories cut short
18 yrs              Anger Issues. Lived with parents in Vegas. Dad grumpy.
                    Mom? Overfed me
                    Would like to stick with work
                    Developmentally delayed?
                    Want to overcome emotions to find stable work
                    Where does self forgiveness or grace play a role?

Olga Medina         Daughter is wanting to cut herself
Desire-13           Dad's name- roomate Jr is in session
                    Been a roomate for 4-5 yrs.
                    Samantha - Treats Jamantha as his daughter.
                    2004 - 7 years old. Thinks of Jr as a father
                    I usually calms person in the family. Desire comes to me for
                    everything. Mom doesn't follow through with punishment, found
                    text messages of her wanting to cut herself.
                    Texting that guys were calling her names
                    Didn't stick up for herself and didn't stick up for herself
Chris Dahl          Met nice girl at the Kern river        Lauren came, he got mad at her.
                                                            "She to know your
                    Thinking about leaving her husband."Wantis so perfect" feedback"
                    Outside kissing, and thinking about Lauren Ashley to tell him she was coming back.
                                                           "you listen to
                    Broken up with Lauren, she won't speak to him. me"
                    DV, Europe together, "hit me" Grabbed her,
                    I hate you.
                    Talking to girl all week,
                    Using new girl as a rebound.

Shantell Tores-24   5,2,newborn
                    Crying about how unhappy in
                    marriage. Sees herself as wanting
                    to be more than a mom. Works at
                    night. Married
                    Wants to feel desired, attractive,
                    He comes home, wants to hang out with kids.
                    Not interested in awhile. Birth control.
Luis Tores          Wants more kids.
no                  He rarely wants to go out, doesn't give her compliments
                    Comparing how she was before
                    the marriage. Now doesn't feel
                       The only person she talks to is her
                       sister. BF is a guy. He is in love
                       with me, want to respect my
                       husband. He is her age.
Shanon Scott-26        Tension with mo in law                Married at 22 to hs sweetheart. Condo Bought E
Aaron Scott            Dad left w/substance abuse problem
                       GM deceased, Shannon moved in with everyone.
                       Mo in law like a teenager
                       Borrows her creamer in refrigerator
                       Aaron travels, needed to move back in to help mom out.
                       Shy, timid, doesn't like to start confrontation.
                       Works at night as a waitress
Eftihia- goes by Koula Married a long time, 3x, husband broke up and told the girls
He                     Using meth during rocky x's. " I want to be with you.
                       Borrows her creamer in refrigerator
                       Before kids were taken away, high all the time, playing cell phone in shower
                       He smacked her for taking away his
                       She claimed it was an accident
                       Cops were called, he left. He felt bad and left
                       Has a pipe in one hand. Cops took pictures. Husb stayed away
                       Husb comes back. Andrew was in the car, burned his thumb. It was healing. Called cps. Found drugs in
                       Anaheim foster care. Both went to a sober living in Riverside
                       He had sex with 19 yr old. She is at Collettes house. SW is terminating with mom and thinking about gi
                       Cried half the session. Loves her husband.
                       When he left her the first time, he husband is very good looking. She likes to fight for her hsuband. She
                       Grew up in a home where dad left and had other gf.
             Living with Husb 6 yrs,
             hs sweethearts,
             moved out at 18, call
             from police, bf had hit
             4 yr old kissed 5 yr    Bruises all over her
             old's neck, fa went     body, according to
             beserk. Mo dk why fa mom.

             "my dad gets mad every time

             Took a knife to his
             wrist, when Angel was No threats, emotional
             a baby.               blackmail.

                                     and you are scard
                                     because dad may
             You are scared of uncle shake Angel

 els something moving around

Works at K mart, met co-worker, treated him badly
 my former relationship. Got BF moved into her mom's house

she wasn't pg
 ided to go ahead with pg

 and bf fighting.
ession he is

 mother lied to me. I won't take that.
n and out of jail since 12, In jail 90 days robbery wine, pushed security guard.
answers. Doesn't understand why he gets so angry in his outbursts. Has had arrest from Sal Army

 a weird feeling.

                                    Memories -Bio dad            Had forgotten, left
               Mom says fa was a    was in her life. Dad         message, she's
               one night stand. Mom was taking care of           disrespectful. Anger
               = grand theft auto.  Michaela.                    is coming out.

                                                                 masking, keeping
               GM -2 kids by the same dad,                       a happy face.

e with Fa's sister.                   Getting better with school work

eft for college, went the farthest away. Lots of triangulation

te movie designs. Tried to talk to her dad about her dreams. Dad didn't listen, was stuck in his head.
s boy friend, no sexual chemistry. He lost his erection. Trying to say its okay
             Deep down there was
             something missing.
             Felt she was morphine.
             He is a DJ. Goes to
             Vegas together. Felt
             need to be a "DJ

                                                                                        Mom says-okay May 1st. Threaten CPS with
                                                                   6/13/2011 Lasttime Julian saw dad wasto feel mad, and sad, you are

                                                                            9 God

                                                           in and out of      Open and curious about your beliefs and values
her.. Who are you seeing? I hear you are dating someone.   Orangewood         Kitten
                                                                              2 older sisters, GM and GP took care of them
way from parents in Vegas. I am fat they over fed me
old nephew

uble in jr high. Mom took her out of school.
 writes him back.
m she was coming back.

theart. Condo Bought E

hone in shower

It was healing. Called cps. Found drugs in house.

minating with mom and thinking about giving custody to Dad.

ng. She likes to fight for her hsuband. She takes him back.
okay to feel mad, and sad, you are mad at daddy right now

ut your beliefs and values

d GP took care of them
James Aungst

Laura              (Amy's sister)

Elizabeth Grosso                       No upper teeth, never been into drugs, not big fan of alcohol
                                       So lost, no identity without him. Has other kids. Always in .
                                       Adopted like me, liked everything. No one to play with. Chat and send emails every day
                                       Don't remember anything of childhood.
                                       Two older 25, 17
                                       young one still living with her
Taking care of aunt, living in aunts home. Very spirtual. Believes in eternity, being reborn. Wants to learn how to
                                       Mastered detachment in previous rx's Crying every day.

Desantos                                 Arrived 5:30 and didn't see them. Rescheduled for next week. OK for my mommy to see
Jaime                                    Divorced father, with 2 children, 9, and 7, trying to strengthen bonds with kids
GF- Maria       (talk about her)         Has 50/50 custody. Stpends 3-4 hours a week with the kids.
"Don't touch my stuff."                  Calls them after 7 pm at night.
                                         Prior to this, girls didn't want to come to dad's house.
                                         Girls were with daddy, happy to be with him because of dad's girlfriends
                                         Maria's daughter "burps".
court -suggested                         One of the parents should seek therapy.

Debbie Neighbors                         Suffering from insecurities
            48                           Family relationships. Teen years. Permiscuous.
                                         Mom was okay about her having so many relationships
                                         Lost virginity at 20, got pregnant
                                         He is 29, Phillip, living with her.
                                         Wants to know why she i
                                         Last rx, caring too much for the guy, can I bring you soup, bring
                                         Has hpv, tx for that. No job, money or insurance
                                         Write about her serious relationships, characteristics, liked, didn't liked
                                         She has a group of friends, everyone is coupled. Doesn't want to complain
                                         Went to the beach
                                         Grandma to her son's kids-doesn't like the her grandchildren. Mo of children, dislikes
                                         Didn't talk about son. Good kid 29 yrs old
                                   Wants to build self good
                                   relationships. Write down positive and
                                   Came up with 5 pages.

                                   She is a placater, trying to meet needs.
                                   Start saying I don't want to go out.
                                   Tried to go into background. Can't
                                   remember any put downs.
                                   Blaming tx, not going after a job afraid of
                                   Tried a couple of times, didn't get an
                                   Willing to take any job.

                                   Seeing a new guy. Wants to be with
                                   someone. Not sexually attracted to him
                                   In rel for two years, then guy started
                                   withdrawing. Broke up for 2-3 weeks, both
Jaqueline Lucio 27                 working on personal problems
                                   Goal to get married. J has been in strict
                                   Christian family, Fa left was 19, two
keeping rel away from              younger sisters.
                                   Brian is not as religious. His parents also
mother                             divorced. His parents love J.
                                   Brian has a daughter, 6 yrs old. Caught cheating with kids' mom, J is not trusting him ag

Pramod           Multani           Indian
Wife is lawyer                     9 years ago caught in an affair.. Wife
                                   Recently after Arnold thing came out, she is triggered by this. Triangulation. Mom and c
                                   25, 18 yr old, against mom.
arranged marriage                  Emotional problem..
Both are coming after their trip

Terry Nickson    Mother            Tx Monitored
                                   Mother is scared of dad. Mo mentioned
                                   that when she spoke to Katie, Live close,
Michael                            wants to make sure dad doesn't know
Edwards- Fa                        where mom lives
McDonald- 14                       Mom and son don't know him.

                                   Mo in 50's killed bf and chopped up and sent to boys mother.
Chanelle                           Says it was her mother. Has appt on Monday.
                                     Not even asked anything.
                                     Happened a month ago.

                                     Diagnosed depression, anxiety,
                                     medication. Was told she has a chemical
Amanda Daniels-16                    imbalance. Went to Gary center, stopped

                                     Seeing Amanda today.

                                     Mom " I want my child to be normal again"
                                     Smoking pot, mom got her to stop hanging
                                     out with kids
                                     Mom and dad are divorced. Staying with
                                     mom and stepfather
                                     He was not willing to keep in contact with her.

                                     Father is out of picture for 2 years. DV
Angelina-11     Saw today            between mom and father. Had to move
                                     Married to a new guy. Father is
mom/dad                              fighting to get visitation.

                                     Court order doesn't say reunification.
                                     Just says Angelina needs

                                     Has negative attitude toward dad. "I don't
                                     want to see him" He hit my mom
                                     Always pinched her in arm, hit older
                                     brother in end. Tried
                                     Mom moved in with a guy. Stepfather has
                                     wants to call Dad, Greg
                                     Seeing Angelina alone next week. Watch
                                     chef master?
twins, over phone                    Suggested her bring games she likes

Jim             Grief group         Feeling guilty he's not doing anything.
                                    So sorry I am being resistent, I went for a
                                    walk today
                                    Doing better.
Robert & PamelaMidst of getting divorced
Nonstop bickering
Top 3 things they are mad about
1 kid
Argue over everything.
Two new clients last week.
                                                                                                 Was a son of KKK
                                                                                                 Grew up in Texas
                                                                                                 Probably bi, has rx women
                                                                                                 Talked a lot about Chris, neutral co
                                                                                                 Anger with neighbor, but didn't rem
                                                                                                 Goal: to camp when he was younge
                                                                                                 Used get rid of negative thoughts,
             Thought Amy was favorite, mother verbally abusive
             Mom still close to                          Mo is coming out of prison
             Has 4 yr old daughter, Fa has custody
             Will find out why. Went to tx once before with mother
             Lady from church is bringing Laura and paying for it and is God mother
             Custody is issue, hearing
             Baby's daddy was deported,
             She did drugs, she admitted.
 drugs, not big fan of alcohol                                                                   Came up with 6 items -goals
 Has other kids. Always in .                                                          car accident- afraid to go to far by car
 g. No one to play with. Chat and send emails every day.
                                                                                                 Parents are sick and disabled
             Are out of the home, not in touch with dad's of boys.                               Aunt

rnity, being reborn. Wants to learn how to
us rx's Crying every day.

m. Rescheduled for next week. OK for my mommy to see you?
  9, and 7, trying to strengthen bonds with kids
 hours a week with the kids.

 come to dad's house.
 be with him because of dad's girlfriends

. Permiscuous.
g so many relationships

guy, can I bring you soup, bring
ney or insurance
 ships, characteristics, liked, didn't liked
yone is coupled. Doesn't want to complain

n't like the her grandchildren. Mo of children, dislikes
Caught cheating with kids' mom, J is not trusting him again.

             Married 33 yrs. Wants to self
             improve…wife says never
             happy with you

e out, she is triggered by this. Triangulation. Mom and children against him.


 up and sent to boys mother.
t on Monday.
            Got a haircut like her mom's
            hair at that age. Very close to
            her mom.

            Mixed things: Mom is sort of
            overweight. Going to have the
            bypass surgery. Always sad,
            not happy with her body. Was
            on tv, when she came home,
            got upset about how she
            looks. Always complains and
            cries about it.

ntact with her.
                                               Mentioned friends

i, has rx women
t about Chris, neutral compared to last week
 neighbor, but didn't remember much of it
 d of negative thoughts, diabetic, doesn't care about himself
mp when he was younger. Homework: He faxed it over.

ith 6 items -goals
go to far by car

e sick and disabled
Robles- Nicki, Dad is Mr. Robles                                       Didn't show up or call.
Evelyn                 Rivera    Dad has custody
Birhihilda             mo        Wants dad to try not ot have custody
                                 Wants another school, preschool teacher and a model
                                 Wants to be with her brother
                                 She has a boyfriend

                                                                         She cried, and said I
                                What do you want?                        just want them to stop
                                I am happy with Dad, he cooks for me, she bought me clothes
                                "They can arrest me for what whatever they want.
Mr Rivera is a upset, mom was supposed to pay 1/2 of the cost of session
Evelyn                          Still building relationship and          Haven't come in. During summer, Evelyn went to m
                                During the week, I want her to put the
                                phone away at 8:30.
                                Only coming once a month

Maria/Jose Leon                  Can I talk to the attorney. Want recommendations. Specifics
                                 Mom comes in yesterday. Paper work. Meeting again the 3rd week in May

                                 Wants summary of sessions, recommendations
Attorney for Mom                 Fax
                                 Maria came in, was tired, 8 yr, just
                     Fa's        want to sleep, Mr. got her water.
                     Robles      Caught using someone else's information.
                                 Child by herself for 4 months while dad was in jail. Mom kicked ou tat 14.
                                 19 year, going to CS Fullerton, Dad found out they were having sex.
Nicki,                           said she knew he
Caseras              Mom/Son

                                 Seen improvement, communicating,
                                 asking how to do more family things,
Maribel Allegria                 doesn't need to drink.
                                 Got in a fight. Maribel tried to slap -
                                 went to school, told what had
Sergio Gonzales                  happened. SW couple counseling
                                 Maribel, upset- Sergio is alcoholic, he
                                 denies. I can stop here and there.
                                 Friday, Sat, Sun
                                 Gave them info to go to AA, that's for
                                 people that don't work.
                                     Caught tagging with friends. Has to do
Jesus Meta                           community services and
                 13                  pre-probations                                                    60 hrs community service
Met mom, dad signed permission
                                     Cried his second session.
Ampelio                 4 kids       Reunification
                                                                              Cannot afford the
                                                                              sessions. Court
                                                                              ordered doesn't say
                                     Mom left 13, 5 year old. Gerardi has     who is responsible for
40's                    Illiterate   gained a lot of weight since Mar         payment.
                                     Mom took to other boy 6-7 year old
                                     Sent for reunification with mom (no showed on Sat. - phone is disconnected)
Angelica                             Gerardi -13
girl 13, boy 5                       Daughter                               "you were the worst mother" B would stop him an
Gerardi-13, 10 mo old                Angry that she cut off relationship
Mr. Leon
                                     My mom doesn't want games back at
                                     my house. Hamster, doesn't want
                                     Maria to bring clothes, hamster back
Maria                                and forth.                               Has a SW
summer, Evelyn went to mom's. are coming in

                            Bruises on her left arm,
          Maria-            finger inprints
                            Playing tag, I fell
                            Right arm, child changed
                            the subject.

          Maria shares with 3 yr old bro, Chiva, 2 babies.
                           ? Mom's boyfriend
 60 hrs community service, curfew. Pre-probation.

                                             7/9/2011               7/16/2011 8/6/211
                                                                              Mom called and
                              Had great conversation;                         cancelled her
                              plans for the summer.   Gave each other a hug, reunification
                              Wants to call once a    started crying. Started meeting. Didn't
                              week                    in the last 5 minues.   explain. Will see


other" B would stop him and then he would do it again.
                                 55, Persian divorced, second youngest of      22 yr old son with cerebral palsy who
Nick Saberian                    6, was married to Rose since Jan 2010,        wants to be seen as a woman. Also

Amy Brown                        714.366.0703
Vanessa Citron/Robert- in                                                      Challenging: two baby daddies, two
custody battle with George and   626.435.5788                                  kids, third rel. One twin died, had to

Aaron Brandvig                   949.533.6115                                  Went to court given visitation of Mika,

Alicia Brandvig                  949.528.7587                                  Having a session with Alicia on Friday.

Cara Dolim                       562.805.548                                   Comes every week

John Cox                         714.915.1614                                  co-parenting sessions
Maria Jonasson has a new bf in                                                 Maria had been au paire.. John likes
Sweden.                          714.261.3986                                  to be in control. Has a 24 yr old dtr,
                                                                               Recommendation: Marie continue
                                                                               with indiv. Counseling. John comes
                                                                               to indiv. Family tx with him iand
                                                                               eldest daughter.
                                                                               Splitting up. She wants to talk about
Nguyen; Diane Victor             714.306.7356                                  it being over. She wanted to

Tony Saberian                    949.616.8665                                  56/ Individual
                                                                               Doing well-comes every week, also
Amy Strawn                       949.813.0986                                  sister, 23 single mom, mom is in
                                                                               Granddaughter-adopted as baby-
Susan Medart                     ref by court-indiv                            Son's child- he was in prison- many
                                                                               parents are meth addicts.
                                                                               Granddaughter in Orangewood.
                                 Middle of divorce, depressed, upset Her
Rebecca Arevelo                  husband and her have 2 different styles,      Saw her 4 x . Stopped coming in.

Erick Ishii-27                   referred by PO, history, Japanese and Finnish.

                                 Parents first generation. Stealing lottery scratches

                                 Gamblers anonymous, has a sponsor. Reduced anxiety, anger management

                                 thousands of scratchers. Holds on to them

                                 Orangewood at age ten beating by fa.

                                 Mother travels the world, took him with her when he was small

                                 Sometimes slept in streets. Wanderlust

                                 Stays in missions, tents,

                                 Mom and dad are together in LA

Only child                       No girlfriend, no partners

                                 Bookkeeping at Groc store

Graham Krutch- 27                single, liv es at home using drugs and alcohol since 13

                                 Able to stop from 14 to 30 days, when he gets angry it starts up again
                          Believes he is bipolar, toxic rel with mother. Arrested for dv against step father

                          Bio father lefta t 2 years old, man of house, conflict when 13 step fath arrived on scene

                          Step fatehr brought in 3 kids, had bad relationships

                          Did well in school until 13, thinks a lot.

                          Zanax, smoked meth, wants to go to rehab. Wants to escape his mom. Has been to Aa

Monday morning AM         2 in the group

                          Process what was presenting

Eric Morgan-24            Anxiety - super nerd, staying at home, no job, smokes pot
                          video interested
                          modifies programs, trades virtual modifications
                          Dad sees him staying home and
                          Has friends, doesn't like people
                          Worked in printing field. Went to multiple schools. Dad is on his case; sweep streets, get work
                          Friends from elementary school
                          Blizzard. One of his target places. Needs BS.
                          Suggested student loans. ITT, Devry
                          Customer service help desk.
                          ? About living at home

Week 2                    Is doing well, applying for jobs              Wanted to go on Zanax

Monique Brown             Work violence.. Lawsuit, being seen by doc and psychiatrist. She gets retriggered everytime she

                          has to talk about the incident

                          Cable company, co-worker, hx of outbursts, racial slurs, african american,

                          He handled the keys at different

                          Did her job, and two days later, she was feeling emotional about everything.
                          Has been on disability. She is isolating, not Had worked for 8 yrs. Changed her
                          eating. What was her life like. Has victim    phone number. He rel still good.

                          M asked for her key, he pulled a box cutter on her. She moved a piece of paper on his desk,

Amy Strong-24             Daughter is 3, Bethany                        Had scolios, in bed for 1 yr.

Devon is fa not in pic    Korean, adopted by White family. Sibling.

Sister- Laura 26          They were abandoned in Korea, adopted at 6 mo, sister was 2,

                          Parents were in 40s when

Dad has 1 daughter from   No substance abuse problems.

previous rel. (30's)      Fa, Devon, 30's not in picture

                                                                    Pastor and
                          Involved in chruch, Mom embezzled from a trust. CPA wife are in couples counseling. Small

                          Bought a fancy doll with money
                                    Creepy pastor. Pastor gets in the middle of problems. Hired Amy as au paire for his 3 children, wife doe

                                    Amy has love feelings. Amy is getting irrated. Talking negatively about the wife. Wife is complaining abo

                                    So many boundaries and triangles

Devon sees Bethany intermitently.

                                    "I don't think couples counseling is going to work"

Liam                                                                                In conjoint- beacon of light or…..

Yvette Russell                      Reunification                                   Liam- broke down

Trevor                              16 using the separation in his best interest.

Delgadillo/Reyes                    Dad incarcerated 6 years since son was 5        Couldn't come to OC for several yer. Son is 11 yr.
                                    Dad was remorseful, realistic. Mom is very
Carlos- gracious, humble            organized. Doesn't want her son with            Mom realizes that son is seeing dad, demystifying the dad.
                                    Mom cried too. Was okay about the               Tears, talked about why have we
                                    reunification.                                  been separated for 7 years. In a

                                    Have seen 9 tx, Hadn't seen dad in 7 years,
                                    have come every week. Mom has been in
                                    session. Mom is not happy about visitation

                                    Dad has been in jail. He is not paying any
Mom doesn't want visitation         child support. She doesn't want any.
                                    Dad wants unmonitored visits.
                Empty, accountant, hopeless, not
                being able to help them. Sees        Showed video                         Finished

                Been in counseling since teen.       Daugther Haley 10- now has         5/9/11 Came in with
                Counselor moved to another           Robert , had tubal ligation at 23, Robert baby daddy

                Cloe? Did
                                                     Feels like running away. Doesn't     Wants to divide up
ia on Friday.                                        want Mica to go.                     the kids..Now wants

                                                     called this weekend, emma told       Have been in 7 x,
                56 years -                           him she didn't want to come          they are in court
                Gone for 5 days without kids,        Kids are tight with mom, wanting     Youngest told dad
                telling details of a story but not   to have a 730 eval to see if girls   she didn't want to

                You are still parents.
                                                                                          accountant, tax
                Last session                         7 sessions                           season
                Drives, has her own apt. works as    Getting ready to leave. Mom
                a youth minister and aupaire,        getting out of prison, wants to

                Eddie was unfaithful. Plays on       Larry gave gift cards. Larry         Larry's wife finds out
                softball league, not sleeping,       brought her gifts, cell phone.       that $15,000 is

                Talking about kids interested in. What he is doing with his time. One of the kids texted him.

                Stole scratchers from work. Kids are going to grow up.
 arrived on scene

. Has been to Aa

             "It is helping"
             Got a job, car, apartment
             Gets overwhelmed,

sweep streets, get work

retriggered everytime she

 of paper on his desk,

uples counseling. Small
u paire for his 3 children, wife doesn't work. Give her a ring.

 the wife. Wife is complaining about Amy. Takes wife to talk

              Mom isn't paying. She says he should pay.

everal yer. Son is 11 yr.                           Met with Gabriel 11, smiled

seeing dad, demystifying the dad.                   Told about jail. Gabriel was okay. Brought mom and son
calling him

She is on him all the time. Both     Both care about the     brought in Robert,     "you don't listen to
afraid is going away. He says F it   same things. He works   deceased twins' baby   me" (Drill Sargeant)

Back in session. Split, started as   he had mom committed Marie was 21 when         She is suggesting
co-parenting. Gets afraid that       as a child. Second   married him, divorced     kids come back for 2
Flight attendant Sweden, So
Africia Took him to court about


                                                             Focus on children,
Re-engaged                           Marry the right woman   monitored visits       Iranian family

Now is sleeping with another
mom and son
He's all out there with his    V has a godfather        Mo invalid, Bro Mike living with   Andrew 8    Futurizes,
emotions.                      named Mike, since a      them, only has to do chores, world and Haley   rememmbers

His mom is wealthy and
helping pay for the divorce.   1-10 scale Narcissitic
Feeling, .
He wants

Vanessa learning how to not use time.
Maribel Diaz   Guilt over abortion
Christian      Perez                                           Couples counseling
               She had one alone session, 3 abortions, two

               Decided to stay in marriage, broke up with bf
Adrian         met alone with husband
               Confessed to him, he's really upset
               Call me and tell me who is coming
               Good dad, provider, hairstylist. Who likes to
               party, rebellious girl. Dad was cop.
               13 yrs ago hit a guy on a bike, 6 mo in jail
               resents sex with her
               Father has no emotion, but has an attachment
               to the kids
               Three abortions, has 7 & 8 yr old
               What does she want? Going to break up with
               bf, doesn't
               She does tell her husband, and wanted to have
               session with husband

               He showed up and devastated. He would tell
               Adrian told him about one of the affairs
               Children are the problem, Marrisa 9 and
Lizette        Melissa 8, separated 8 years
Saturnino      he has children with new partners
               9 year old wants to kills herself
               Wanted him to call mom, Did 1/2 session with
               girls. Brought his two girls
               Parents sat next to each other.
               Met with mom and dad separately

               symptoms: sad, angry, fight with each other
               Problem: this happens, no it doesn't
               matched symptom to problem
               opposite of problem is the solution
               insght oriented isn't as great
               pinpointed symptom, problem and solution,
               commitment. Their parents are telling them
               how to parnet the kids

               Grandma said mom is a fat whale. Grandma
               says you are fired from your work
Monique        Has new BF                                      Got into a fight with bf
Nereida Guitterierz
Juliette Vasquez      Haven't seen

                      and Fannie is wife 4th attempt. Had one dv, He     Came because of problems with
                      chases her, checks her cell phone. Mean to         14 year old daughter. Gets loud,
                      each other. He seems abused. Ex: everyone has      slams doors. Kids hit him.
Ignacio Tapia         had dinner. We don't serve dog.                    Mother
Phillipe Sanchez
Patty Hernandez

                      Wheelchair saw video, husband alchoholic,
                      died when her daughter was 3 yr. Twin died         Dtr 33, lives at home, fears for
                      when they were 3. Two older sisters died.          welfare and safety of baby.
Vicki Samoa-63        Mother depressed.                                  More solutions

                      Regional center, seizures, 15 brain surgery to     Complaint: All family members
                      remove tumors. Working with job support            are abusive. Works at Vons.
                      social worker. Family bipolar, overweight, tight   Makes $531 a month. Gives to
                      clothes, heavy makeup. Innatentive                 her mother. No freedoms.
Maria Corona          insght oriented isn't as great
Alma Olivaria
Terry S
Maricella Gonzales
Luisa Morelli
Jorge Diaz            teen
Elia Sotella          post partem
Jose Duran
Natalia Alvarez

                      dad had an affair. Mom kicked him out for 2        Processing grief of both mom &
Paola                 months. New school                                 dad
                                                                         Parents agreed that they
Oscar                                                                    needed to focus on child

                                                                         Busy fighting for a year. They
                      12 Parents brought her in and wanted to "fix       focus on the child's problems
Dania-12              her. Wearing makeup                                instead of their problems
                                                                         Wants facebook access.
                      Behavioral contract. Experiment: They wanted:
                      No makeup, no boys, negotiated, rewards,
                                                                         Dad had had physical custody.
                                                                         Mo alleged Dad's wife was
                    going through re-arranging custody. Co-              abusing the girls. Sexual abuse
Lesette-Saturnino   parenting maybe                                      by dad's cousin?
                    stressing, one wants to kill herself. Dad's family
Melissa-10          talks about mom/mom about dad.

Marissa 9           parents separated. Ongoing parents fighting
                    Mom has had 6 oscs. Hx mom in prison for
                    theft, deported 2x.
                    Mom did dv to dad.
                    Girls witnessed the abuse when they were
                    Mom has bf
                    2 babies in regional center. 3-4
                    Girls are conditioned to tattletale, snitches get
                    Girls did a video presentation
                    Instead of beating up
                    Mom is impulsive
                    Dad is a baker.
                    Minors counsel appted in 2009
                    physical custody shared
                    Co-parenting family counseling
                    Mom owes dad 41,000 in child support

                    Mom has filed for welfare and foodstamps
                    Dad is being investigated for not giving mom
                    Horrible rx between mom and girls
                    Sent to prison for fraud. He found the different
                    checkbooks in diapers
Met in Mexico       He has 5 rules,
                    No crying
                    step out of the room
                    talk it out
                    respect each other
                    love each other- hug, kiss, sorry
                    Liked her wild streak

                    Mom has always had interaction with mom.

                    She has bf with her two kids (in regional center)
Augustine (David's dad)

                          High functioning Rehab. Not getting money
Erika Ventura             from state
27 yrs                    Works at Ralphs 8.30 an hour
                          Family only let her come twice a week, as they
                          need her money
                          Dad holds down
                          4 grandkids, 2 kids special needs
                          Developmentally, 10 yrs
                          Completely unaware. Talks to boys
                          Wears a lot of makeup and fake jewelry
                          Gave my phone number, he called me
                          No boyfriend
                          Had seizures, tumor, CHOC removed at 14
Conchita-38               Made file cannot find it
Ufamio                    Divorced 6 years
Andrea                    Mother works at bar- very beautiful                16 yr old no showed.
Ulyses                    Fa is surfer looking..surfer
                          Together 17 yrs. Had passionate, sexual rx
                          He-jealous, possessive
                          She-spoiled brat, loved men's attention, took
                          gifts from them
                          PG with Andrea on honeymoon
                          Physical fight on their honeymoon
                          Took her shoe and pounded her belly
                          Next day, at the beach, having sex
                          Tumultous rx. He used drugs
                          She was a flirt.
                          Still fighting with each other
                          He is with Robin in rx
                          She has both kids, he has one weekend a
                          month, recently went to court to get son.

                          U. has cavities. Dad takes pictures of boy's
Example of problems       mouth, Andrea gets rid of the picture.

                          Dad yells at her,and wants to kick daughter out.

                          "Your gf called me a bitch in front of my son"

                    Fa died when he wa s2, remarried at 12, I felt
                    invisible                                            Arguing, about exes. Dad is in co-parenting, marri
                    "When my son was born, I ceased to exist for
                    Stephanie.                                           in her first session, he doesn't defend us
                    Daughte is at a rehab camp                           She had abortion before the marriage.

                                                                         Not progressing, when they are
                                                                         ready to fight for your love and
Eric Ventrella-11   Bedwetting, mom and dad come in.                     marriage.

                                                                         Still sad about the abortion. He
                    Before they got married, still in pain from          had a pillow, went over to her
Chris               abortion                                             and squeezed her tight.
Joanne              Went into disability, has melanoma
                    Ear surgery. Paralegal, taking time off
                    Anxiety is high. Plays a lot with her hair, skirts
                    around questions
                    No insight, no intro spection

                    Obsessed with husband's problems with ex
                    Can go on about Heide
                    Physically falling apart. Chaos.
Sochi Souza         Mom is in PEP, batterers
                    Married 8 years, victim for 8 years, husband,
                    alcohoolic, last incident, he came home drunk,
                    beat her, she wailed on him videotaped her
has 4 yr old        wailing on him

                    Has visitation rights withher 4 year old. Has
                    visitation with her child 2 weekends a month.

Herardo- Carillo    13, to newborn. Best friend and husband in bed
                    Met man at church, now pg with kid

                    My kids don't know baby's story. Have told 13
                    yr old boy. Went and got artifical insemination
                    Eventually baby's daddy will want custody
                    Mom = super Christian. Is ashamed with
                    herself. Hoping to see how the MV
Has gone to court getting child support. All kids
are on assistance. After
Kids dad has disappeared.
Dad took off a year ago. Shame is around
breaking the beliefs of church.
Didn't trust her instinct.   Called and said, "we are going out dancing". Cassie, ex gf wet hair and in t shirt
                                              If she files for
                                              divorce, I will
Call each other names. Crying, begging for    never see the      Brothers are her      He came in after 3rd
help. Cycle of violence.                      kids               safety plan           no show. Depressed.

                                                                Vicki hasn't been
                                                                honest. Mother
                                                                takes baby on bus,
                                                                doesn't come back
                                                                until 9 pm at night.
RYA Networker                                 Failure to launch 6 days.
                                              Thinks she is a
                                              burden. My
                                              mom is
Dad ignores her, sisters ignore her or call   happier after     Fears of missing
her names.                                    they hit me.      parents love.
                                     Girls doing a lot better. Parents still talking about the court case in front of the k

Says Dad, mom, dad's wife are mean
Dad is in co-parenting, married in Aug, paralegal for family law. Chris is done with her. Before they married

 doesn't defend us
ore the marriage.

                                                                            Plays with the
                                                            4 weeks a year baby. When we are
                                                            dad. He and his in the room
                                                            sister go, but  together there is
             Bed wetting is deminished. When dad is         he doesn't      nothing going on.
             brought up, session is over.                   want to         Shut down.

                                                                                                  Talked to mom about his problem
e, ex gf wet hair and in t shirt
Doesn't allow her
to work. Collects
meth pipes as a
hobby. Sleeps 2-
3 hrs a night.
Goes to LA
the court case in front of the kids. Mom -
mom about his problem
                  Started 1st grade, acting out, not
                  getting spec attention, throws himself
Anthony Farragan on floor.
                5 At school he is sitting in a chair at a table
                  After recess, he has to stand by the teacher.
                  If he is good and behaves he can go
                  back to the group
                  Played Candyland
                  Asked him when he landed on
                  When people point at me and make fun in me.
                  My brother broke my DS

Leilani -27       Background: Born in Tawain, Prt German, English, Scottish
                  Late, lost
                  Medical asst Very pretty. Black leather
                  studded bracelet.
                  Gross next to hard drugs
                  Coming in because of guy who cheats
                  on her all the time
                  Been with guy for a year.
                  Hx. Dad choked her out to almost killed
                  Arrested her, not dad. For assault
                  against her dad.
                  Mom and sister asked her to take back her story.

                  Talks about what a hard chick she is
                  Goes to church every Sunday
                  7 yr old son
                  Rx with baby's dad: Left her baby's daddy for this guy.
                  Used to work out and love herself.
                  BF's father is a drug addict. Had his dad's drugs in the car.
                  She is on top of him,
Benjamin          No showed this week.
               38 PO suggested it
Meth 22 yrs       Stays clean when he has support
                  When he can get a ride
                  White 5 brothers and sisters
                  Drug induced suicide. Mom
                  Dad is an old pothead
                  Just got out of jail.
Ann Marie Leigh & Jimmy Khuc Still waiting on the baby. Due on 24th.
Kasey Martinez
Joah 3 yrs                   appreciates comments and explanations

Leslie-29                     Showed up when didn't have an appt.

                              Each have indiv therapist and
                              referred for low cost couples
Astrid campso                 counseling

Jose Teposte                  Couple

                              Started an emotional affair
                              with classmate

Christina Rodriguez                                           9
Hector Rodriguez                                              7
Fa Hector Rodriguez

                              3 guys. All is same boat,
Saturday - AM                 struggling with exes.
Couples                       Mo is complaining
2 groups
couples                       Did drawing thing, back to back,


Group- Workshop
Jennie Kim -19                Fullerton college student
                              Spacy -Etheral "and um, searching for self
                              Dancer, ballet,

                              Defined herself as "Spoiled,
                              bitch, got attitude in HS
                              Had money, now none. Elite, arrogant
Goals: Compassionate
                              Smokes pot drinks oxycotin
Colleen -24                     Can't hold down a job. Fa was homicide victim when she was 13, one of people in hospital. G
11 years ago- Dad had been      Focus -fiance, now her fiance's parents are mad at her.
very involved in her life.      Had been daddy's girl. Not that close to mom
                                Fall wedding.
                                Hit by brothers. All close in age.
                                Mom seems okay. Mom is not important.
James Lee                       Therapeutic monitored visit

Twin boys                       Didn't need a lot of interaction from tx
                                Reunification with father after
                                7 months- Dad says mom had
girl                            this happen.
Neutral exchange

Leslie Bennet                  Recovering, ESL student
Couple - dad was murder victim Moving into new apt.
                               Got to invite dad to see new place
AM Sat 2 participants          Invite him, then out for lunch.
                               Planned it all out.
audio tape

                                Couple-Kristen walked out
                                sobbing. Had been sober 2 yrs,
Kristen Irish                   drank.
                                So many issues. Just got
                                married 2 mo ago, have finally
Chris Cannis                    moved in together.
                                She has no good things to say
                                about relationship. Very
                                paranoid partner

                                ? Bipolar. He comes across as
                                calm. Kristen has a
                                psychiatrist. Thinking straight.
                                  Stormed out the back door.
                                 Asked her what can we do for
                                No one is able to help her.
                                Husband is paranoid about
                                what she is doing who she is
                                talking to.
                                He sees himself as voice of
                                reason. Questions her 1/2 hr
                                lead time to a meeting that is
                                only 5 minutes away.
                       When did things go bad? "IT
                       has always been this way."
                       He left and followed her.
                       Neither work.
Michelle Curiali       $40 left in bank acct

                       Raped long time ago. Has a job,
                       works a lot, no real support
                       system. Needed a hug. Mom is
                       a drifter. Gets petiions signed.
                       One sister somewhat close to.
                       Siblings in and out of jail. Got
                       the job through a friend. Clean
Rochelle Kandaner-22   for 2 weeks. MJ.
            No baby yet. See them tonight>
            5:30-7:30- He was always complaining about $$$            Have 7 oclock couple
ts and explanations

               High anxiety. Anticipates, over thinks                 Tutoring

                                                                      After work, she is wanting a
                                                                      decompression time

               He is not in practicum yet. He has rekindled his       After work, he wants her to be more
               connection with a gal at school.                       involved.

               Had been in the same elementary school and it
               closed. Now in new school. House went into
               foreclosure. Parents have trouble communication.
               School janitor 3-12 pm, She works 7 to 5:30.

               C drew inside of the room they are in. She sleeps on
               the floor.
               Drew their house on outside                            Mom won't won't sign waiver
               Lives with his mom.

ack to back,

               self depreciating.
               Sits very upright, ocd, doesn't reach out -shy

ne. Elite, arrogant
b. Fa was homicide victim when she was 13, one of people in hospital. Guy killed 3 people.
er fiance's parents are mad at her.
l. Not that close to mom

om is not important.
            Dad came in last Thurs.
            Custodial parent heroine addict. Trying to get fa in a
            stable place. Has gotten another job. Engineering-

            Not as happy.

           moving into a place, renting a room.                      Every other week. Doing well.
           letting go of fortune telling and catastrophizing         Not sure if I need to come here.
ee new place                                                         Working her steps
He is cutting down on his drinking. His pool business is busy now. Liquor stored on the way home
Brings bag of things to son                MV. Fa had court date Monday

                                                                    Dating from
Sober 1 yr 3 months                      Talks to her sponsor

                                       is it here, there, compare
Did drawing. When they started drawing its from the front of the
the others. Drawing something          buidling. Her vision       Specific

He wants more closeness                                             Manipulative
n the way home

          Just had a fight.

          Assignment: Write down 3 things
          they appreciate about the other
          Content: Is she able to forgive him
          for the emotional affair with
          classmate. Keep beating it until it is
          dead. Jose feels neglected. Had a
          separate session. Disect how they
          are fighting. Present the
          When you pick, I feel ….and I
          would like you to….And if you do
          that I will feel safer.
Elba                                                                               Emotion dice
                              Carlos                        Becerra    11- IEP

Raphael                                                  11 Stepdad is presumed dad

                               Mom is late every time.
                               Had the session just with
Clara used to live with        dad. Got a lot about
Bertolo's sister               relationship before.
Reunification                  Sees that her son is getting along with dad. "missed you yesterday." I forgot. Brought three gatorade
Bertolo-has his stepdad's last name collects welfare, and DA's office tracked Dad down
                               Has two kids with husband                             Good session, mom cancelled next session
Dad has 2 daughters and one on the way, excited to meet his son                      Called dad, cell phone wasn't working

Mom badmouthing biological father, Why do I have to meet him now?


Jose Durran-17                tried to not get arrested again.                     Feels- she goes to college, I am nothing to her
22 yr old sister              Contacted wraparound.                                Gang member
                              ? Is in the system.                                  Mom died when he was 11, two older sisters
                                                                                   Doesn't talk to older sister, f that b
                                                                                   Compassion skills training
Work program, has missed 8 appointments.
Has been violating terms of probation. Why doesn’t' go to work program. Do you need to pop at house?

Noemi Vidal
                       put emotions on dice

                                                                        Clara got married. She
                                                                        called him to see the
                                                       Clara refused to Raphael when R was 1.5 Mom was
                                                       take paternity years. He wanted to get getting      Reunificati
                                                       test.            back together.            welfare. on
 u yesterday." I forgot. Brought three gatorade. He demanded a paternity test after she got preg.

 ood session, mom cancelled next session
 alled dad, cell phone wasn't working

 eels- she goes to college, I am nothing to her       Messes everything up. Doesn't talk. Could care less about her.
                                                      She's family. Won't let her die. Isaac is 19, trying
Mom died when he was 11, two older sisters            Always harrass me, want to ask me question.
 oesn't talk to older sister, f that b
 ompassion skills training

 ed to pop at house?
             29 Fa dealt drugs                              Were looking at rings, before they split up.
                                                            continue tx, work on rel with
                Racing thoughts, gf broke up with him,      mother, hasn't talked to mom
Richard         needed clsure.                              in 10 yrs
in recovry      Write an angry letter                       Mom argued, hit him w/ golf club,
Kim-29          My friend who is daing ex gf                Stop talking to her, went to dad's
                Went to pick up his stuff last weekend,
                everything is fine                          Talking to ex gf

                I wished her the mom in ten years hit
                Hasn't talked to best                       flat affect. Got upbeat when talking about ex.
                him with a golf club, ended up moving
                out into his dad's house.                   Jealous is being afraid that someone will get mine
                His nephew.

                Does he want to repair rel with mom
                parents divorced when he was 6. Dad
                Moved in with grandparents
                                                     Doesn't talk to richard
                "Always the last to know when things anymore. On his BD sent
Phillip         happened in family.                  Richard a text.
             30 Told by people to go to therapy      Found another Hostage. Josh used to date Amber
                                                     Broke up, Josh and Phillip
                                                     hanging out. Josh says "I love
                Women who had excess estrogen "wash" you"

                Got a job, started last Friday, working for
recovery        a lawyer in Newport                         Dresses more flamboyant.
             31 Telling more people he is gay               Still in AA, going to different meetings.
                                                            Found a new guy, Josh, hanging
                                                            out. Going to meetings
             20                                             together.
                Coming out to friends that are girls, non
                judgmental                                  Gay AA meetings ?

                                                         Working on rel with mom/
                Philllip had been "hanging out together" Wrote good and bad about
Angel-24        watches gay porn-curious                 mom. Wrote it out.
                Took Phillip out on dates, had a gf, now
recovery        borken up                                Bringing mom into session?
                 Thought he should also go into therapy.    Not ready to bring mom into
Sophia           GF wanted him to go.                       session
                 Not a good relationship with mom, who
                 is a recovering alcoholic                  Family conflict inventory
                 Burned himself making dinner, mom was
                 passed out. Cancelled last week-
Angel -24- wants genogram-mom doesn't talk to her mom
mom in session either                                  Same conflictual rel with mom

                 Going to do reunification counseling       Ready to bring mom in. He is
Tracy-Mom        with ex-bf                                 going to do role plays
                 client in co-parenting class. Court
                 ordered to do reunifcation session with
Diane Bravard    ex boyfriend. Daughter is

                 Judge said to be done with co-parenting.

                 Mom's having a baby. Going to big          Rel with bf- listens more to
Brandon          brother. Very excited.                     Peter, bf.

                                                            Peter is holding back.
                 Peter says "That hurts your mom when
                 you talk like that."                       Mom's boyfriend. Missed session. No showed.
                 Been talking to Brandon about
                 disrepectful. Has a friend at school who
                 is not kind
                 "I haven't been rude to her".
Daniel &-31      Working on relationship                 Fighting - she has 17 and 14 year old
                                                         Daniel says 14 yr old is rude and
                                                         dispectful. Doesn't say hi when
                 Living together, mom lives with them. D he walks in the room..doing bad
Annalise-30      owns the house in Irvine.               in school
                 South County

Fernando &       Relationship counseling                    No show. Calling tomorrow to confirm

Michelle -Breen 36May be family tx                          First husband cheated on her. Played with Kadin. I just want to l
                  Tommy soon to be ex husband
                                                            Threatened to kill her, drag her
                                                            out by her hair. Called police,
                   Pastor was involved. Incident: Tommy = explained everything. Tommy
                   silent treatment- she grabbed his face,  had no remorse. Betrayed that
                   he hit her. He said he wanted a divorce. she called the cops, moved in
Kadin-8            He refused to have her sleep in bedroom with her mom.
(from previous marriage)
remarried to Tommy
Newborn Cameron
Niece helping out.

Kenny Kelsler     Noah-4
                  Dad announced that he was dad
                  Mom is trying to get it terminated.
                  Jody is there. Ari has tx visitation      Monday night she will terminate if he gets too loud.
                                                                                     Huge arguement at 1 yr
            Still not interested in forgiveness.                                     anniversary.
                                                                                     Kim says "Ryan is my
                                                   Now seeing each other again.      friend, I can do whatever
             Hanging outwith ex gf                 Goal of tx                        I want"
w/ golf club,                                      Honesty in relationship
ent to dad's                                       Intimacy

                                                   Hang out, talk all the time
                                                   Before breaking up, shopping for
t when talking about ex.                           wedding rings                    "Jealous asshole"

d that someone will get mine

                                                                                     Mom has cancer, had
            Work-going on job interviews          Take this Josh thing day by day    breast, lungs, now brain.
            Relationships-Never had a serious one.during the prayer held hands

            Showed a pic of Josh                   Josh leaning on Phillip

                                                   "I love you"
fferent meetings.                                  Only person I can be my true self around

                                                   Gets mad when people are in debt

                                                   She used to abuse pills & alcohol. Sober 10 years. Works at groc store
                                                  Sees her own therapist. Ready to     Went over up to the
                                                  move rel forward. A told his         hour. Example: Hang out,
            Sophia says I don't give her enough   mom she left to go to rehab.         talk have a good time, no
            attention.                            Mom didn't say anything at first.    arguing.

            Reunification case. Original
                                                  Sam got a lawyer. Tracy was          When he was 13, left to
                                                  crying, making allegations that      go to rehab, and didn't
            Finally Sam showed up and kids        Tracy is abusive. Never abused       say goodbye. Left him
            wouldn't come into the session.       kids. Clean for 3 years.             with his dad.
                                                  Didn't go to court; called Sam,
            Now Tracy has We and EOW, only        said he would call after the court
            Sophia on Thurs                       date.

                                                  Brianna. My ex didn't treat me
            Everything is ok with the baby.       very nicely.                         Chicken soup. Delicous

            Escape route for getting into trouble.
            Burnt waffles. Could have asked for Ride his bike for 2 minutes. I
            help, can you watch me?                road it for 4 minutes.

ssed session. No showed.

            3 weeks ago came back from Florida after visitng family. Sales

            Mom says Hannah has had a bad life
            expeirence.                        Owns our own company

orrow to confirm

d on her. Played with Kadin. I just want to live with my mom.
             My dad keeps telling me I have to live with him. 1 week/1 week.
            Ex husband is asking for custody
            because Kadin. Moved three xs. Is in Ex lives in Morena Valley. Has a
            Corona now                           part time time with her attorney.

l terminate if he gets too loud.
           Is okay with her                                                   Sexual
           dying. Drama        Josh came to hospital      Still not telling   comments
           queen.              with Phillip.              his sponsor         with Josh
           9th step amends                                                    Havent had sex yet
           No unfinished
           business with
           mom.                                                               Josh has his house to himself

                                                                              Phil is starting
           Goes after                                                         to sabatoge
           stratight guys                                                     relationship.
           with girl friends   self confident, charming                       Only 21,

                               Triggers-Plenty of Fish,
           Recovering          How are you going to
           alcoholic- sober    handle it, if one girl
           over a year.        doesn't like me.           Second date started talking about her ex. If she doesn't like him. Star

Works at groc store
Criticizing in my
head. Didn't
compliment him
on his house.
Critical comment,

                                               He and Sophia
I lied to my mom                               have an on         Emailed Sophia
in session, just  Not really back with gf.     again, off again   about the sick
trying to be nice She broke up with him.       relationship.      dog.

Pete, feels guilty Problems with lying. Lies
playing with him, to protect his
instead of da.     grandparents.
e doesn't like him. Star
First Name
Andy                    Lost weight
couple didn't show this week
Portia Bradley 28,
                                                                           4 year old boy, left house.
                                                                           Woke up, missing her son.
                        Picks up kids at 4 pm. When she gets home, she     Door was open, called the
                        rests with kids.                                   police.

                                                                           3 kids, 6, 4, 2 years old.
                                                                           Good job, brings to daycare.
                        Son was 4 blocks away. He was on way to
                        grandma's house.
                        Social services.
                        Has taken parenting classes.
                        Thought everyone was asleep. Has to put higher locks on the door.
                        One dad, no marriage. Separated.
                        Ordered PEP.
                        Two years single
                                                                         Daughter was on the verge
                                                                         of continuation school.
                                                                         Always on the phone. No
Luis Castillo-46        Child abuse                                      chores.

                       16 yr old was beaten black and blue, she ran to        Separated from wife when F
                       the neighbor. She is now in a group home               was 8 months
                       Mom has 4 other children in other families. Mo
Faviola                in halfway house, just got out of jail.
                       1/2 sibliings 4 others. F is close to aunt and younger siblings
                       Dad lives in home with two cousins, aunt/uncle, cousins.
                       He shares room with daughter, queen bed.
                       Works, good job, and has a no life except daughter.
                       Two years ago, noticed her behavior changing, only 10 sessions, charged $50
                       He had been ordered to Anger Management, Parenting at Straight talk
                       Now at the end, he has a better understanding of what he needs to do.
Luis Molina-28         6 yr old taken away because husb and wife
Wife pepper sprayed himPolice called ssa, Fabiola was taken away, child is with mom's stepmom
                       Other kids Joseline, Eric, Natalie, all four with 50 yr old stepmom
                       Luis has 2/ week for 2 hour

                        was a minor mo to daughter. Oldest daughter
                        refuses to see dad. Since Mariella was 16 when
                        Pg. Stepmom took them in. Wanted to have child
                        as her child. Living on their own, struggling. Luis He pulled Mariella out of the
Marila                  has worked a lot.                                   door.
                       Joselyn, 5, has been telling him, they tell her not
                       to come. For almost 2 months, he hasn't seen

                       Mother/son. Romero's friends are coming to the
Romero Ramirez-14      house, not being respectful.
                       Older sisters are reacting. Mom said tomorrow,
                       going to have a family meeting. All adopted    Has a cleaning job, comes
Barbara                children, nieces and nephews                   home to cook, clean
                       Setting rules, time, who does what. 14 doesn't
                       have a chore. Dad is on dialysis.
                       9 Destiny
                       7 Trevor
                       3 Christian
                       2 older sisters who work

Janet Garcia-10        Stitches on her finger, neglect                       Family has 13 kids, six out of the house
Teen friend, 15
helping to carry the
youngest one           7 yr old hit her with something                       All children were taken away for 2.5 months
Mom is 36              Mom has 13 kids. Oldest is 16                         Now she is acting out.

                       Mom brought 10,7,6, 5, 3, 2 and baby with her
                       Janet says 3 yr old can't talk
                       16,15, twins 13,12, 11 in Orangewood                  Dad can't work anymore, went back to Mexico
                       Garcia for first 10 kids. Hasn't been around 3
2 dads                 years
                       Martinez for last 3
                       She was into it. Picked up the juice and was
                       Homework: wakes up really early and does
No show this
week. Called her
3x. DK whats
going on. Is it at
the end of her

More effimate that

2nd incident,
when Mariella
pepper sprayed
 six out of the house

aken away for 2.5 months

ymore, went back to Mexico

Tommy Nguyen       Sudent      Cancelled last week
                               Going between houses, said she had
Sophia                       7 a good time with her dad
Norma Jean                  37 Says she is bipolar, ptsd
                               Married 4 times, tells lots of stories,
                               used to drink sober
                               Her husband truck driver

                               Has 3 yr old autistic son, just broke
Heather                     26 up

                               with guy. Past dv. Issues with ex.
                               Lives at home, 1 yr old son anger
Cham- aka Susie             25 issues.
                               What triggers her, when she gets

                               How she should have reacted. She
                               can talk . Have to interupt her. She
                               goes on and on.

                               Came back. Thinking about getting a
                               divorce. Than brought him in, told
                               him she wanted a divorce. Husband
                               got mad at Julie. Called Julie a
Karen                       35 divorce therapist.

                               6 yr old and 3 yrs old, finished
                               parenting class, worked out
                               relationship issues. Good schedule
Amanda                      22 going. Communicate logistics
Raul                        24 Can't do family functions
He is talkative,
He's back. It wasn't so bad, she barely
talked to him. He had family in town.
Looked up four jobs he might be
interested in. Cousin's bf works with
computers. Suggested you ask him               Wrote his assignment -call cousins
questions                                      bf computer programming.                         5/3/2011

Mom wanted J to write bad things
back surgery

Takes pain pills

                                                                                     He made her feel
                                                                                     bad about herself.
"I feel great after I have been here           Is doing better. Broke up again       Taking time for me.
                                               Aggressive, Sick of people who walk
Healing the trauma of domestic violence        all over me
Abused by housekeeper; parents knew
about it. Never felt safe.                Last week didn't want to be in session.
Only permiscuious for a year. Unprotected

Going to start doing custody stuff.            Does her homework

Parents are doctors. Educational goal.
Living at home with her parents. Took
away her car. Brought a guy into the house. File for custody soon. Dad has kid

Continue to process the divorce with two
daughters.                                     Strengths- Here and now.

Met in HS, weren't good together
3 yr old is fine with it. Six ye old doesn't
Solo Parenting book
Children Rights
Left tx because the therapist wanted him in.

Wed AM                                Ysina 25- 3 kids, doing better. Kevvin needs a lot of attention.
Thur 10 week parenting

Sharon Johnstone                      Moved
                                      Brother was out on the streets in his
                                      underwear. 27 living at home, in jail,
                                      released in Dec. Stays with dad and
                                      grandfather. Brother does medication.
                                      Self medicating with pot. Think he is
                                      back with his dad now. Mom was
                                      hospitalized, 15 zanax. Woe is me. Susan
                                      is always referring her to counseling.
Susan Hays                            Doesn't want to deal with her mother
Amy Butler

                                      Fa is in service. Didn't have a rel.
                                      Demanded paternity test. Didn't
Jessica Mills                         have contact with twins until 10.

                                      Exercising or Wi Just got a new
                                      phone. GRE program.

Anthony Leyva                10yr

Laurence Milowski

Lawrence Milosky             "in denial about his drinking, hiding behind his religion, hanging out with people

Adjustment to the family life after being in Iraq.

ter. Kevvin needs a lot of attention.

            Feelings about how she felt in the past. Told her to
            write a letter to herself. She felt bad to write to    She wants to address
            herself. She was putting herself down. Wrote a         the issue. Wants to
            forgiveness letter.                                    work on that.

g behind his religion, hanging out with people

            In tx because Leasa is having nightmares, originally
            called in by gm, Leasa had bruises on body. Erica
            wanted counseling for the kids because of feuding
Coloring, painting
Dad is military guy in Navy; recently deployed. Kids can visit paternal gp's 3 x a month
In past, girls were going over and he wasn't even there. She is getting harrassed by sexual spam.
Client                                      8/4/2011           8/11/2011
Issaac Castro
                          No showed. Phone rings
Sunshine Johnson, Tyler and rings. Nobody
Johnson                   answers.
                          No showed. Out of town.
                          Only need tx when in a
Marc & Elizabeth Corbello fight.
Group- Parenting
                          Worked for Intuit. Let her
                          go, husband filed for
Iulia-35                  divorce.

                          He had been having an
wants to do skype         affair. Living with mom
                          Looking for 3 prospects. Lead at Oakly
                          Go getter, take charge.
                          Can't take birth control
                          More calm without birth control pills.
                          Dad is in prison. Killed
                          someone. Saw that dad
                          had a dark side. Had seen
                          dad as

                          Last night told about how
                          she gets in a battle and
                          she is "right"
                          Ways to work on this to
                          have it be a win/win

                                                                                       Responsibilities of
                          Threw baby up, hit the       What did he learn Asked for     the boys; jobs in
Brian Hubbard+A3          ceiling. Talked to ceiling   in parenting class an update    house

                          Baby threw up in the                                        Bought the x box,
                          morning. Both decided     Hasn't seen his     He was        have it at mom's
                          during the night          child in Fl 1 x     seen Sat      house
                                                    Trying to get custody as a financial struggle. Doing 2 Parents Anonymous.
                          Court date delayed to August                  H

                                                       He is with                        Feelings about own
                                                       mom,no                            dad not being there
                                                       restraining order   He is African for him.

                          Called 911, didn't come
                         Did a cat scan found old blood
                         Very serious charges
                         What he did,
                         Lives in Long Beach. Had been a previous injury
                         Mom has baby. Filed a restraining order against dad
                         African american. Soft heart. His own dad wasn't there for him
                         Mom remarried
                         Has 8 yr in No Carolina
                         Construction as work. Can't even talk to his wife
                         Dad had done drug deals with him in car
                         Mother told him he was a bum.

Brian Hubbard            Threw child up in the air. Did a genogram of his own childhood.
                         Child from Florida coming next week. Lacked bonding with his own dad.
                         Coming in evey two weeks.
Bailey                   Told dad you don't
Christian                xbox- lost phone for 3 weeks. Privileges taken away
                         going on vacation. Michaela wants C not to go on vacation
Alex                     name calling
                         Anger management-
                         He was name calling
                         She asked him to hold the baby; he called her lazy
                         Baby still getting up 3x at night
                         Dental assistant; needs to take the boards
                         Her mother is intruding on their relationship
                         He works at Oakley- good company

David Rangel             C doesn't want to take things home.
Cloe-6                   Mat grandma sometimes picks
Courtney                 Cloe calls the shots, cheating now.
                         Up until now, she was
                         losing games, if she is
                         going to lose, she wants
Dr. Galindo-Tx for MV    to cheat.

                         Has a gf, quit taking birth
                         control. Very excited
                         about having a boy.

                         can't live with Alex, she is
Stephanie Sanchez        sponsoring her parents
Alex Belman              He mumbles "she's lying
                         GM is taking care of the child. Stephanie
                         Texts her friends things about Alex
                         He told some friends at work (mom too)
Parenting Class-Amithy   Chelsy Booker arguing about her MV
                          Came back because they
                          are threatening divorce.
                          Stories. Lost their         Elizabeth's father
                          connection: He' job, she;   is saying this is
Elizabeth & Mark Carbello family problems.            you: and kicks him.

                                                                     Have a 3 yr
                                                                     old. Child
                                                                     hits her
                                                                     head on
                                                                     the wall.
                                                                     He was
                                                                     because of
Joe Lennart & Angelica Gomez                           jail          DV
                         Smoking MJ, DV he went toHaven't seen them. Involved in DV
                         She was going to Mexico for 2 weeks
                         He didn't fill out the form, asked him to   Suggest that that each have indiv counseling

                                                                            Has a
                          Now in Tracy, moved                               group.
                          back into the house                               Living with
                          where she had been                                her
                          married. Cried for a                              alcholic     Joe is sleeping on a
                          couple of days. Grieved                           husband. floor on 16th St.
                          the end of marriage, and                          Dog ate his Landlady won't let
                          some old feelings Fired                           corn on      them be in the
Iulia moved from No. CA   from job, uterine tumor                            to cob.     house.
                                                      Likes it there, wants thestay there.

Diana Carillo             Making
                          label removing
                          trauma based
                          Job at olivecrest
                          husband wants her to be on meds
Jennifer Trustee          She adores her son; daughter is bad
                   9/6//11                                      9/13/2011

                   Having issues with his wife. Living
                   back with wife and child. Avoidant
                   attachment. He is trying to get       Winston Marsalis.
                   away. He is complaining. He plays     In the moment.

                                                         Escape for him.
                                                         Gets up at 6,
                                                         feeds, changes
                                                         baby, then does
                                                         his music. Age
                                                         appropriate needs
                                                         of a 9 mo.)       Ana Testa atty
struggle. Doing 2 Parents Anonymous.
at each have indiv counseling
First         Last
Alifamoni     Ianu
Esther        Children

              Boys came with mom and are having overnight
              visits. Have grown 10 inches. Girls still have
              resentment. Willing to go against the grain. Doing
              overnights, having a great time. Don't like Alice.
              Mom is sticking to her guns.
Trevor                                                           9

Destiny                                                        12

Clarissa-30   previously married
Luis-33       He has 2 kids
              Have two kids, 2 and 7 months
              Reason taken away, meth in Luis the baby.
              Luis -first went to jail for heroine sales
              Clean 7 months since baby was taken away.

              Clarisa keeps finding gangsters. He is upset she was using when the baby was taken away
              She is paranoia that he cheats on her. She has a lot of jealousy
              He is out of gang. SW likes them, have weekends with kids. Working on communication

              Think about what they are willing to give each
              other. Talk about feelings. Dad is machisimo
              Works at Angel Stadium. Gets nails done, Marriot
              Automatic thoughts.
              talk about their kids. Love them so much. Want to make. How he acts towards Clarissa.
              He has stopped using drugs. Both going to NA, sponsor, step 2. He has a sponsor too.

              He is more

              Guilty? Yes, mom says
Kathleen               YL Blond girl.
Darnell                He doesn't hear himself. SW is also fed up. He tells the sW everything is great.
                       His mom -told her to come beat up the roommate.

Sarmiento              Tyler got placed
                       Trying to get Tyler
                       New SW on medical leave
                       House smells like bleach
                       I figured in your position you would think that
                       Stephanie cried in front of Tyler that it was his fault that Daniel was taken.
                       He hasn't been visiting.
                       I will talk to you when you don't feel this way….
                       Tyler helped Daniel on the computer
                       Had 155 days sober. Great looking guy. Guy says to him ..155 days - you know who I am. God is going
                       Guy walks on bus, told the sandwich size baggie of dope. "I will give a $1000 if you will use.
                       Shake your hand, nice meeting you.
                       All bad things I have ever done flashed in front of me.
                       Has see spirits and things flying across the room.
Summer-5               Daughter sees dead people. Medium. Bus ride with the devil
                       Both people she saw in the backyard committed.
                       Has aunts that are mediums - moms

Kathleen Martinez      Reached capacity to grow as a couple…Dad and mom have both a house and cars for the kids. Darne
Darnell                Orangewood, Roxanna's house, Orangewood, CRF, now in Foster home.
                       four and one on way, Richardo's second child- having a boy
Kathleen Jordan        grew up in Arizona,mom took off, dropped out of hs, pregnant, pregnant again, second dad died, thir
                       21 when her third daughter
                       He said, "look she is bleeding"
                       Took all the kids away, took 4th child away in hospital.
                       Got them all back, was in Collettes house,
                       Richardo threw a computer. Three oldest kids up
                       for adoption.
                       Two older and one younger brother. Oldest bro
                       molested him and his younger brother. Got taken
Richardo               away. Older brother came home.
                    23 Richardo never got to go home.
                       Cried when he started talking. He has same
                       mentality as mom. Why do I have to stop using?
done                   2 months clean of pot.
                       Therapist at UCI was answering her phone, mentioned it to her therapist.
Brian-6                Mom has Huntingtons disease.

Kim+ A22 Brown         Black eye to daughter

Amanda-15              getting kicked out of school.

                  I am not going to school.
GM undermines mom Doesn't have to leave the school.

                       Kate is single mom, gm undermines

                       Can't choose mom over grandma
                       Grandma is so annoying

                       Warming up a little more
                       Super pissed off, went on vacation,

                       Mom took plan over, Amanda threw phone
                       against the wall.
                       Tantrum about no phone. GM and Mom went
                       Did a lot of stuff to make things happen. This is
                       f'n assassine.

                        Daughter says mom causes drama whenever
                        GM has step kids-
                        Only biological kids,
Kate was a buyer for Office Depot, out of work since 2004, mom is
CAR, emergency case, closed, now
Kathleen and Richardo are doing good. May let
23 yrs                  PG again, doesn't know what is going to happen.

Jason & Deep           Class on Monday night and two cliets
                       2 kids 8 mo pg, told mem to pull over, had
Victoria Vega-20       emergency c section for
                       Bad relationship with mom
                       Endangered her child in the car

                       Five rescheduled session. Tests posisitve for meth
                       She was comforted in jail
                       In the family, they were nicer to her
Dad-34                  may get the child
                        Likes way older guys
                        Using meth now. Worried is she going to get
                        Is wanting to give up.
                        Baby is 9 months. She is close to foster mom
                        She is in a crile

Latasha Jordan-29       Kids, 9, 4, 2 taken away for the second time
                        Middle one bit older sister
                        Dad bit the kids
                        Doing visits, Dad, Hit girl with brush

                        Mom had unmonitored visits, two guys had braids
                        Kids went home and said they saw their dad
                        Keep threatening to adopt. She is at Collettes.
                        Been a foster kid herself
                        Taking life skills class.
                        2 kids, Clarrisa has 2 kids, plus 2 kids, meth, he
                        had been in prison. OG in gang in SA. His parents
                        are old. Younger than his siblings. He has a job,
Louie &Clarrisa         she has a job.
                        Have to get a place, 3 boys and a girl.
                        He mouths off when she complains about
                        wanting more affection.
                        He has finished his peri natal, but they are asking
                        him to do more

Called her grandma.
Doing better, hopeful. He got his hair buzzed.
                       Patch, heroine. Drug test if they have used.

                        Running around and has 2 jobs. Got a car, she
                        wants him to sell the car so she can have a van.
                        He walked out. She was crying.
                        DDC dependency drug court. The probation
                        didn't want them together.

                        Doing good. Called after 1st session. Staying at
                        his mom's house. Then separated again.
                        Had baby Friday night, took baby Monday night,
Ricardo Guevera         Jayden Victor first boy
           Were in court today. Because he was so early in
Kathleen   his am, should move out.
           SSA thinks Kathleen is a crutch.
           Baby was born 6th, had TDM on the 9th.
           There is a lean on her bank account for child
           Had her last baby at home, called 911,
           Didn't want Ricardo to deliver the baby
           They brought two cops to get the baby.

           Emergency foster mom let Kathleen breast feed
           All four are in same foster home. Should get all
           five soon.
                                                 34 Samoan. Had first kid at 15, sister had two kids from same man, mom had sex with th
           PG by force at 14                        brings mom and sister her. David Aljehia, peter james john, Becka, Jane
                                                    married guy who had sex with her mom and two kids with sister

                                                    Dad is in jail                                                  Called sw to tell her tha

                                                    SW has them both coming. Live with
                                                    mom's aunt. Mom is in and out.
                                                    Aunt thinks mom is on drugs
                                                    Trevor killed a dog. Aunt's older daughter saw him. Tried to strangle little brother. Sta
                                                    Strict boundaries. Play, earn time on computer. Second week, spinning in the chair, p

                                                    Ex is in for 32 yr. two sons, 9, 7

pset she was using when the baby was taken away
 he has a lot of jealousy
 weekends with kids. Working on communication

h. Want to make. How he acts towards Clarissa.
to NA, sponsor, step 2. He has a sponsor too.

                                                    Kathleen & mom -gang on her.
                                                    Kathleen will defend Darnell
                                                    D admitted he smoked mj
 up. He tells the sW everything is great.

                                                    Tyler doesn't want to be with the family again.
                                                    "Door may be closed." Kids at college,
                                                                                           Stephanie will have unconditional love.
                                                                                           Doesn't think Daniel cares.

was his fault that Daniel was taken.
                                                                                          Until you guys don't feel like I betrayed you,

 Guy says to him ..155 days - you know who I am. God is going to win
 e baggie of dope. "I will give a $1000 if you will use.

in front of me.

 us ride with the devil

 Dad and mom have both a house and cars for the kids. Darnell
ewood, CRF, now in Foster home.
d child- having a boy
 ped out of hs, pregnant, pregnant again, second dad died, third one molested Ysette 3- his own daughter
                                                                                            Kathleen's parents are the problem.
                                                                                            Dad won't come in. He has thrown $$ at probl
way in hospital.                                                                            Condo , go back to it?

                                                                                          Goals in short term?    Her mom is okay that

                                                                                          Explained Erickson's trust/mistrust
one, mentioned it to her therapist.

            Amanda has had no movement-
            deflected with her cell phone
            Kim's stepbrother has a baby and
            Amanda is jealous of the baby

            Kim is on disability, nerve damage
            since 2005, Amanda says mom needs
            to buy me a new phone.
            Had a pee in a cup, cussing mom out.

            Out of control, way talking to mom, "I
            hate everything about you"
            Almost got kicked out of school. Goes
            to school in Ana Hills.
            Oppositional defiant
            Runs to Gm when she doesn't like
            what GM says

            This week hates her mother. Calls
            pissed and hurt that GM had had a

            Case is closed.

            Had been in jail for 6months. Family

            Staying clean, going to meetings
            Re-connected with friends
Baby's daddy was married, may get
baby Emma's Dad is 35 is stable:
Married, job
Kids are in foster care, kids were given to fster care

Using again. Trying 60 day with son.
Almost a year. Taken away
Don't f

Housing. Just found a place. Two older
kids' dad in prison. Louie is working a
lot. Can't move in together.
Found 2 bedroom house. Bilingual
Works at Angels Stadium, works at
Sprouts in CM>
Snarky comments. Embarrassed he

Ed had congestive heart failure and
pneumonia on Halloween. Sara

Hx: sexually abused by his older
Encouraging him to get in touch with
his family, i.e. mother.
an, mom had sex with the guy too.                                      "You knew it was going to happened and you left me"
                                                                       She is a cert nurse

 Called sw to tell her that the aunt doesn't like the kids. Wants them gone. Done with parenting.

trangle little brother. Stabs kids, throwing rocks. Violent at home. Tries to choke himself.
, spinning in the chair, played nicely and ddoing better in school.

            Weekend visits. Having them plan their childcare.
            Sober activities                                           Clarrisa
            Bowling, Knotts,                                           is done with Luis
            Stress management                                          Jealousy issue
            Groupon, Have honda accord. Need housing                   wants him to be
            Live with his parents in SA, oldtimer in gangs.
                                                                       Fear of not having
                                                                       him do what she
                                                                       wants means he
                                                                       will leave her

            Both are working. Luis looked
            "off" last. He is in perinatal. 4
            Nas a week

            Drug tests 4x week. PO and SW.
            Now 2 NA classes a week.
            Looks healthier. Comes from a
            great family. Good family.
            Parents 70, 75, two older
            brothers. Good jobs

conditional love.

el like I betrayed you,

                                            Treated her well. GM and Kathleen. Lizzie is perfect.

the problem.
has thrown $$ at problems.

Her mom is okay that

ew it was going to happened and you left me"
                                               Strict into the church. Mom and sister turned Al. in.

ne with parenting.
een. Lizzie is perfect.
                                                     Anxiety-what she tells herself. Not
              Cancelled a lot, called panicking,     accepting that she got dumped; at        Walk during
Norma         couldn't find her keys                 her parents.                             session.
              Making appts, not showing, or
              coming.                                Skills: Good worker, responsible.

              BF broke up. It was falling apart,     Afraid that she will not be able to go
              but they were still living together.   to work.

              Took out loan, worked two jobs to
              set up business in Mexico.

John Davies
Neighbor has a little boy who
calls her Tia Norma. Guy invited
her to block barbecue. Had fun,    Tried suicide
played guitar.                     6 mos. Ago.

Noticed she is capable of socializing.

Guy is married, a brother type.

He was complimentary.
Introduced her to friends.
         Co-Parenting Group
         Georgiea Gallaher        Was told she wasn't a good mother, because she had
                                  Mediator told her I had to pray about this one
                                  Willing to make a decision to let him to put in hospice
         22 year old daughter cried about the divorce.
         Now have parents in the same room

         Fa treated her as no body.
Soche                          28
female                            Accused of dv.
                                  He hit her a couple of times, PD said she was the perpetrator.
                                  Grabbed a knife, she had a cut
                                  Daughter wasn't in the room when they had the argument. Daughter said don't hit mom
                                  She left withhout her daughter. Father has asked her to come back over. Then he slappe
                                  Still married. July 2nd went back, then she scratched him in the face. He started videota
                                  They put her in jail.
                                  When he was hitting her, daughter was hitting
                                  her too.

                                Beat you, affairs on the side, finally was told to
Martha                          leave 3 years ago. Moved to SB county, ex
Cortez                          wanted kids, she brought kids to visit him.
         Parenting,             Mom's issues
Geroge   What changes would you like to see. Daughter, what are the solutions
Ariana                          George was being mean to Ariana
                                He was supposed to be nice to Ariana, didn't curse and got Jugio cards from CVS
                                She was supposed to do well in school. She got a certificate
 ecause she had

 o put in hospice

           Has 5 yr old, Dad has custody. Lives with aunt. Left husb on Mar 30, left and went to court
he was the perpetrator.

 ey had the argument. Daughter said don't hit mommy
 r has asked her to come back over. Then he slapped her, he kept her from leaving, called her a slut.
n she scratched him in the face. He started videotaping her.

             George wants mom to not curse, less yelling.

, didn't curse and got Jugio cards from CVS
l. She got a certificate

Gonzalo Dominquez         He came in and signed permission

Valeria Rodriguez -7      He wants to see his daughter.
                          Amenable to coming in.

                          7 witnessed dad having sex with gf
Mom has bf Paraquin       No, in Chicago

Rosa Orosco               53, divorced

                          13 years. Can't sleep, thinks about her two adult daughters.
                          She feels like she is a burden to her daughter.
                          Daughter goes to school.
                          Rosa wants to be strong.
GM -Mennert-60-Susan      Granddaughter-Cassidy

Adam-36                   Parents deceased, meth addicts
                          Livingin a group home.
                          Family therapy.

Karen Vargas-31           Married 10 years

Jaime Vargas-35           J has had a few affairs. He admitted after getting caught
If you were never told
that, that's the way we
were.                     First session. Love seat. He was sitting on the edge
                          I'm here, let's get it over with. "Is all this necessary?"
                          Baby 2 months old
                          Our priest sent us here. Week was fine -says he doesn't have money
                          for this.
                          He has money for flowers to other women
                          Works construction. If they

                          "She is checking the phone. This is the second time you caught him?
                          I stay because I love him. She doesn't understand. I am there in the house.
                          Frustrating to you that she doesn't trust you.
                          Assignment: Talk to each other more.
Susan Medart family
                           Mentioned something. I am planning on goingto a foster home. GM
Cassidy                    started crying.

Diana told her that Susan
went to restroom, spelled Had a schedule for cleaning.
                          Cassidy said she had been researchilng it.

Edith Poss                 Husb confessed infidelity- 3 weeks
                           How are you? "Really really bad"
                           Can't get over him being with other women.
                           over 25 years of marriage. Her birthday on the weekend.
                           1 yr ago her daughter moved out. Still hurt by it, it was her birthday.
                           Took all her pictures off my walls. Went to her job to talk to her,
                           daughter won't talk to her. Her daughter is with her bf who is 10 yrs
                           older. Husb wants to join her in counseling.

                           Involved with a woman for many years. Has a 12 yr old girl. Has taken
                           her for weekends, spend time with family. All of a sudden, after a
David Orosco               break, mom said no. He probably wasn't paying $$.
                           Years ago, stays with my sister and husb and daugther, usually sleeps
                           with her. 1 with family together, six sessions. Mom and daughter
                           never showed up.

                           Likes to go to the Grove. Daughter went to summer camp. Daughter
                           got to pick. Had a good conversation. Was talking about female
                           friend, wanted title of gf. ? What about introducing friend to daughter.
                           Who is say when it is too soon? Work on

Randy Hall says TRO        Intake today, 200
                           Schedule date with mom
                           Came at 12 oclock, called and said she was going to be seeing them at
Sterling/Aguilara          1 pm on Sat.
                           Last week no show, no answer
                                              7/16/2011    5 pm Thurs next
                   Daddy has Ana-gf, going to have a
                   "Tomorrow go with my dad, mom
                   doesn't want to go" Mom doesn't         Each time she was V, how did
                   want me to go 'cause I have fun.        session with dad go?
                   Mom had agreed to 50/50 custody         Was there, gf is pg. Anna

                                                           Started talking about wanting
                                                           mom and dad to have a baby too.
                                                           "I am going to take care of them"

                                                           Headbands game. Hyper.
                                                           Choosing a lot of different things.
                   Didn't come this week.
                   I am not working right now, can't
                   afford to go

                   Very positive environment

                   Granddaughter, less makeup, wasn't
                   going to be asking to hang out with
                   former friends. When she comes
                   home she will have responsibilities.
                   Wants to come home

                   They had talked to each other. "I
                   want him to change"
                   Children called Jaime and told her to
                   stay away from Jaime, he is a married

                   Cusses and gets angry, lashes out.

am there in the house.
                                       Felt like someone died. Nobody
Her husband.                           to talk to.
He has had very many women.
She can see if they were flings, okay.
But he had relationships with women.

She is still with him because she is
Christian. He let her know about his
Maggie's Clients      Maggies clients
                                                                         Was in group homes
                                                                         since 16, has aides,
                                                                         independent. Ignore
                                                                         voices, hear positive
                                                                         things. 2 weeks ago,
                      Pam                                                angry, thought
                      Neighbors    Doing well,                           everyone wanted her
                                   Exploded, yelling, walked out of
                                   session, mostly mad at the aide.
                                   Wants earthquake readiness. Came
                                   back in, yelling.
                      Cynthia    Marriage counseling
                                 Traditional ideas. Met in HS, broke
                                 up 4 months, got back together. 2
                      28-28      kids.
                                 Fight all the time about everything

                      14 yr
Mary Torres           Riana        Not in a relationship now

                                   Visits with both children. Has had
2 Baby daddies        2 yr old boy visits with kids
                                   Now having reunification with both kids
                                   Meeting with
                                   Brings in paperwork every week.
                                   Gets herself caught up in the drama of court.

Garrett Hill-dad of                Met when Mary was 16. Jail on         When he got out of jail,
14 yr old                          murder charge for 12 yrs.             he got custody
                                                                         Today, meeting with
                                   Neglect.                              both parents.
                                   Child's bill of rights.

                                                                        Saw together again.
                                   Daughter took in neice and nephew. Started off quiet. Listed
Jessica-32/Diane                   Mom on drugs, dad killed self. Since all positves over the
Hoffman -59                        mom moved back from East.            last week.

Negative style of                                                        J is planning on moving
relating.                          Adult daughter is                     out. Timeline 9 mo
Broke up, seeing individually,
working with Jessice (32) teaching    Fearful about the
coping skills.                        deadline.
They do good, then a good blow up.
Mom faxes pages of what she is
doing wrong this week.                "Mom isn't supportive"
Talk to Diane about threatening not
to come in. This isn't working, you   Learning to be a
are not helping.                      stenographer.
Saw them together, to do the Parents Bill   Just saw her individually, made an
of Rights                                   appt for all three, fa, child, Riana

and prepare. Pick one thing they are doing Communication. Teach process
well and one thing they need to do better. and content.

Grandma has been taking care of Riana for
a long time, GM says Mary wasn't putting
child as a priority.
                                                                           He is still trying to get sober.
                                                                           Doesn't have a job. Used to live
                    Met with dad, third visit. Now willing to talk about   with Christine. He was touched
Derrick             being reunited with kids.                              about wanted to see the kids.

                                                                        C is telling stories about
                                                                        Derrick. When he was living in
                                                                        the mess, people were saying,
                    Tx with Choice                                      'you poor thing"
                    Dad thought they were married. She didn't turn in the paperwork.
Christine           wasn't feeding kids, no food
                    took kids to Orangewood
Jack-4              Are not seeing mom. Don't talk to her on the phone. Doing great, big improvements
JoAnne-choctaw                                                             GM is very strict. Kids are blossoming in environm
Derrik's mom                                                               I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO.
Mom isn't making appts with Michael.

Grace-14            living with great aunt.                               She wants to come in and great aunt has been re
                    Oppositional                                          Great aunt has attitude about having niece. "I tho
                    Now she has turned into the wicked witch of the west, per dad
Betty               having a hard time getting Grace until after July 11.
Christina's aunt.
Christina's aunt.   Mom of kids. Hasn't contacted kids or come to appts.

Great uncle         SAID "SHE CAN'T TALK NOW"

Derrik              has had a couple of Sat monitored visits with kids
                    Great Aunt is tired of bringing kids around
                                                                                 Wants to be a
            Took kids to school, when he                              5 years of drug/alcohol
            went to tx.                  ? Unemployment.              drinking. counselor.

            Goals to talk about
            Parenting. He talked about
            work at Choices. Working       Brain injured, and
            there as a house manager.      blind housemates.

            Didn't show. Terminated

s are blossoming in environment

                                            No one ever listens to
                                            me. Pushing for
n and great aunt has been resistant.        reunifications with dad
 de about having niece. "I thought this was a one time thing."
Febe Hanna                         Febe isn't educated. Going to Eastern rite. Coptic Christian. Eat at home. Arabic food
Yousef-5                           Live in Fullerton on Malvern                                  Yosef doesn't speak Eng
Miriam-9                           middle finger-learned from school
Fady (dad) Shnoda                  got upset told her go sit in her room
                                   slaps the boy across his face. Boy fell on counter and hit eye
Tx downloaded child abuse laws     Handprints left on face
Getting something out of therapy   Kids went downstairs and neigbhor called PD
                                   Parents got scared. Youself said fell on rocks
17 months in country.              Social Worker puts handprint on face
Religious asylum. Christians       fell on counter
                                   admits to slapping on face
                                   put ice on his face.
English is better than moms        Dad is studying nursing                                       coming to AM, learning
Kids are attached to him           Took to Orangewood
                                   Dad went to jail
                                   Judge tells fa he needs to move out of house
                                   Norwalk -staying with church
                                   Mom is freaking out.
                                   He gets 4 hours a week
                                   Was going to school working on nursing degree.
                                   DK anyone
                                   Parenting classes
                                   Michelle is seeing all four
                                   Dad is very religious
                                   Downloaded child abuse laws
                                   Learned time out by minutes
Also anger management
                                   Responsibility for slapping the child hard
                                   Spoke to SW, respectful and polite. See them for a few sessions
                                   Saw mom last week. Apologetic. Never do anything
                                   Met with kids, tease each other in Arabic.
                                   Sent her to PEP classes
Michael Watts -9                   SW sent him because Tyra, mom got in fight with Tyreese 17 yr
Jelani-16                          Mo and Bro get physical. Michael is scared to be in bed by himself
dad in jail                        Scared to sleep alone. Afraid of the movies he sees. Anyone can dress
                                   Sleeps with grandmother. Plays aggressive video
SW Mary Weinberg                   Not to use too many words
                                   Played candyland. Cheats
                                   3 bedroom house. Schoolwork
                                   Favorite subject is math
                                   Neighbors called

Desire Ombawa-4                    Parents separated                                            Missed/ surgery on her e
Patricia-mom                       Whenever she visited fa's place, little boy of gf pushed her down.
Camela                             Desire doesn’t' want to poop in toilet, only in pull ups
                                   Mom lives in Lake Elsinore. Recently filed for child support
                                   Mo-in-law helping with
                                           Dad lives in Corona with new gf. She has kids
                                           Dad is Philipino. Patricia doesn't have papers
                                           Child care in Costa Mesa
Angela Pierce -35                          Educ effects of drug abuse
                                           Proper supervision of child
Daniel Thorn-4kids                         She has 7 kids - cauc. Unemployed
recently got out of jail                   Dillon-10

while in jail, had Steve find a place to                                      Trying to get Chance.
stay. Went ot brea park, someone                                              Need to work on getting Trying to
heard a baby crying, called the police,                                       Chance. Sober going to       get into
searched car and found a meth pipe.                                           Fullerton Alano club.        New Leaf
Arrested her, took Chance.                 Lana-7                             Want to help people.         program.
Violated probation, meth 150 days.         Chance-1 yr                        Home birth. Working on that.
                                           Daniel-5                           born in jail 2009- transferred shackled her, broke he
Steve                                      Erin-17                            1st
                                           William                            Ist husb
Hx of meth                                 She has been recovering 3 yrs. Used to work as a medical biller- cal optima
                                           Used to live in BP at airport inn
                                           Parenting at Olive Crest
                                           Recently got out of jail for forging checks- gave birth to Chase in jail.
                                           Baby is with one of their friends they know.
Daniel Thorn-35                            all over the place                                            Likes to go to his job at t
abusive step father                        teeth
                                           Stand offish
                                           wall up
                                           Showed the reports, meth
                                           pipe on drivers side, or
                                           passengers side

Mario Aguilar-45                           12 yr old
                                           Mother is prostitute. GM at
                                           jewelry at seal world. Drives to
Daughter involved in sports in karate      SD every day
                                           Goes to school, lives with 2

                                           Back in Victoria was playing at
                                           the end of the street. Freaked
                                           out that she was pole dancing.
Slapped her, and told her she
was inappropriate. Go to his
house. Ask her about situation.
Sent him to counseling.
Mother out of her life since 7
Eat at home. Arabic food. Support unit is close friends through church.
Yosef doesn't speak English. Is in daycare. Mother has custody. Waiting
           Miriam speaks English, very attached to Mom, get nervous if they don't see mom.

coming to AM, learning from Olive Crests parenting.

                                   Play monopoly. Plays that way at home. Try to get him not to cheat.
                                   Started believing Micheal Myers isn't real. Very inciteful. Curious, chess. Taught her how to play chess

           Sleeping with grandma. Grandpa is in the other room.

Missed/ surgery on her ear. Potty training issue.
            Out of jail
            3 yrs.

ed shackled her, broke her pelvis, couldn't walk, wheelchair a couple of months. Took Danial away. Aunt in Lancaster.

iller- cal optima

Likes to go to his job at the El dorado Inn. "Nothing I can do about kids that have gone."
ess. Taught her how to play chess
t in Lancaster.
John McGaughey   In recovery, on probation, outpatient drug
                 Upset with daughter for turning him in.
                 By second session, made up by paying
                 her car.
                 Send verification
                 First two sessions, lots of insight, wanting
                 to get closer to Amy. Respecting her
Margo Strawn     daughter's distancing.
                 Stopped the collecting of dolls.
                 Boundaries with Laura, and her child.
                 Margo and husband had had custody of
                 Laura's daughter. Still providing childcare
                 for the young child.

                 Last Friday, asked if she had talkd to
                 Laura, weren’t ready for that. OK, Laura
                 is going to get childcare help, needed to
                 send in her paystubs.
                                                              Granddaughter-adopted as baby-
                                                                Son's child- he was in prison-
                                                                many years. GM is div. to GP
                                                              who has visit. Middle son shares
                                                               room with 16 yr old daughter.
                                                              Got diagnosed as bipolar. She a
Susan Medart         Wants family therapy                              strong woman.

                                                              Jewish- NY, Tough…has
David Galumbick-49                                            mother issues
Widower 4 sons       10 youngest                              wife died 8 yrs ago

                     Met woman on website, rel. awhile
                     now. She is not interested in marriage

                     Only wants
                     Live in two separate homes
                     Just got out of a divorce
                     Parents disapprove of rel

                     Wedding this weekend in LV. Her
                     parents have lakehouse in Lake Mead
                     BF is coming for wedding.
Susan-60             Wants to come in every other week now
                     How are things going with her
                     granddaughter? Lot of unresolved
                     Adam is living with her. He is unemployed
                     Girl is in group home because of drug
                     problems, mj, alcohol
                     Testing clean. Daughter called the
                     police 6 x in 8 days
                     Cass started asking why uncle hasn't
                     come to visit her now.
                     Son's ex gf- Doesn't live with her
                     Claims she doesn't drink a lot. Keeps it in her room
                     She struggles to keep people together.
                     x husband is only paying her 300 a month
                     She does work. Has been working for many years
                     Sexually abused by her father.
Ryan                  10 bites nails                                Deoesn't like kids to hang out. Afraid kids will say no

                                                                    Mom wasn't prepared for 1st
                                                                    visit. Hot air balloon ride,
                                                                    went to pool, beach, mom
wants a german shephard                                             wasn't really around much.
                         drew himself as cobra
                         small, lethal, long, black
                         drew dad as police dog
                         Star wars, darth vadar
                         disappointed, saness, yellow happiness, music, loud
                         Brought dad in last 10 minutes of last session
Tim Guthrie              one time no money, one time check
                         Need to schedule a make up session.
                         Goes to restroom at least 2x
Mornings, Ashley because of time

Justin Berry              Starting a new job on Monday.             Working during day next week
                                                                    Registered Kelly services
                                                                    Registration for classes at school
                          Relationships: ex girlfriend can't attend, ex is going to be there with her bf.
                          Girl at church. Friendship,
                          Ok cupid, reach out to three girls through website.
                          cup of coffee.

                          Recovering Meth, in sober living, on
                          probation, ends mid to late Oct, from Sees her again. Quitting meth
Fe Walker-30              Wash state                            handbook.

                          Parents divorced when parents were
                          young. Stepfather and mother got div Agitated last week, PO told
                          when Fe was 17, moved down to CA her she owed $1200 in
                          with her ex boyfriend                restitution.

                                                                    Looking forward to end of
                                                                    probation. Keeps her on
                          Mother died a few years, had been a       track. Going to a new church.
                          meth addict.                              Everyone is in recovery.
                          BF she moved down with was
                          unfaithful. Addiction got out of          Homework: Actual 12 step
                          control. Drug of choice: meth             meeting.
       Went to jail 20 months, out now for      Continue with her journaling.
       several months, relaspsed in May,        Mother had been a meth
       then came to counseling                  addict too.
       Church 12 step program, has PO
       Girl atve her a packet
       Concernedabout weight. Gained 60 lbs since she
       250 on month on food eating out. Ready made deli, rostiserry chicken, etc.
       Went to Trader Joes, going ot get a different salad every day. Homework: go out and exercies.
       Has friends at sober living, lady moved out 2 weeks ago. Haven't had time to socialize
       Takes work home. Works a lot
Susa   refused to come in.
                                       Father sexually abused her, and
                                       told sister in law and they didn’t
                                       believe her. Told her mom, older     He apologized but
Don't think it has anything to do      sister, said I also was abused by    didn't understand
with our relationship, it is that      dad. Told family doctor, who         why he was so
Brook is a bad influence.              talked to dad, another doctor
                                       S                                    upset.

                                                                   Just called about
                                       Seeing him tomorrow at 6 pm reduction
In a new relationship

She is on serequil, seeing a psychiatrist.
o hang out. Afraid kids will say no

             Older brother has a family of his
             Nice to see friends again.

             Was supposed to go on a date,
             needs to bounce ideas off. Had to    No longer coming in because
             pay back his mom.                    of finances.

sses at school
 ere with her bf.

             Getting close to end of probation.
             Worried about family, moving
             back to Washington. Prioritzing,     Went to an AA, didn't want to
             worry about futrue in the future.    get up and talk about

             Clearing up wreckage of her past.
             Wants to get record expunged.        Yes, but is her fear talking.
rry chicken, etc.
y. Homework: go out and exercies.
ven't had time to socialize
When Susan was 18, dad was cheating,
mother shot at father, grazed him. Mother
ordered to get tx. Susan saw herself as poor    Richard- SW wanted to
me.                                             have family counseling

                                                                           Lo her, attached to her,
                                                                           but tired of the roller
He broke up with Kate, other girl is platonic                              caster rides with her
                                                Match or eharmony
                                                                           He explained each
                                                                           sentence with mother.
                                                                           Resentments for so
                                                emotional affair           many years.

                                                Main gf was wanting him
                                                to give up online gf
                                                Doesn't want to marry him.
                                                Other woman is single raising kids alone
Family of orignin

Rosio Castro-33      15yr stephanie                                  Trying to let go of controlling

                                                                     Loves her, takes care of her, treats
Armando              Marisa                                          her well, opens door, cooks dinner

                                                                     Armando's fa cheated on his mom
                                                                     all the time, parents still together.
Also seeing a Christian Therapist.                                   Rosio just got laid off.
Dad beat mom/
cheated                Older 20s                                     Responsible dad -
                       Funny , charming

Laurie               Contract- 20 mintues                        Laurie's mom has dementia. Took mom to get tested.
Jack Pollock         smile 7 x a week                            Advanced. Didn't know day, date, time.
                     date night                                  Took her car away.
                                                                 Tried to talk to parents first. Can't
                     7 positive statements about each other/week get a sitter.
                     2 supportive actions
Caroline             11 yr old has fondled younger
                                                                     Social problems, no eye contact.
                                                                     Touching pillow whole time. Can't
Bryce-12             Autistic                                        keep his hands still.
                     Sweet, has a lisp, very articulate. Worries:
                     about his brother. Boy Scout Camp, only
                     likes certain food. He is worried that he is
                     going to have to take care of his brother the
Brent-8              rest of his life.

                                                                  Goesback into 90's children taken
                                                                  away. She says she reported her
Danielle Ramirez-41 Five children three of their own and tw stepchildren
                     Kids are doing well-bragged about what they Later on, sent to live with his
Have new apt.        are doing                                   father.
                                                                 She swears she has never taken a
                                                                 drug. She came in under the
                     Had kids taken away                         influence.
                                                                    Has every medical condition on
                    SSI                                             earth
                                                                    Daughter has seen you with a
                    Leaving in the morning.                         powdery white substance.
                    Said she had a Mercedes, but is taking the      Had all this money, grew up with
                    bus here                                        housekeepers.

                    Incongruent talk. Elaborate storay about
                    police finding meth on her. Borrowed            Husband on liver medication, it
                    clothes from her neighbors assistant.           made.
                                                                    Father was a great man, gf never
                    Police find 1/4 gram of meth                    yelled at her.
                    Landlord accused them of sqauting on the
                    property.                                       Previously lost another child
                                                                    You were my social worker when I
                    Landlord only took cash. No utlity bill         was a foster parent.
                    Started her story about living in another
                    place. Destroyed 565, ooo
                    Goal: address the issues of why social
                    services had to come into their home and
                    any other mental health issues
                    Lied that she is a meth addict, now in a drug
                    rehab program at Mariposa
                    She said she went online and said she
                    smokes it. Fribromyalia. Pain killer. Had
                    Been with husband 17 years.
                    Admitted most recent pain med= oxycotin.
                    Not taking on a regular basis. Seeing a pain

Jessica Turner-24   Has a son, Michael
                    Called sw, hasn't finally got her to come in.
                    single parenting and age appropriate
                    discipline. Neglectful
                    Had baby crying in background.
                    Needs to come in today.
Derval Steele       Client moving to HB, no showed
                    Kayla -4
                                 Sometimes he feels he can't open
                                 up to Patricia.

                                 Stephanie is home. Don't know
                                 how things are going.                            See them separately. Long time

ntia. Took mom to get tested.
day, date, time.

                       Says his
                       brother is Went away to a Boy Scout camp
            Hygeine    a pest.    over the weekend.

                                 This week Brent was not happy.
                                 Tears. His dad had ignored him;
                                 he didn't get attention

                                 Brice has friends over, they don't
                                 include him. No ever listens to
                                 me. Mom didn't support him.
                                                                      family is
                                 Mom was horrified that Brent -8      from
                                 was so upset.                        Hawaii.
                                 Problem solving over Brent's
                                 problem of not being included.
See them separately. Long time.
Dawn BerrySeen 4x        her 2 daughters taken away. Fa in jail until J or F
Kaytlin     Living with her parents. Takes bus from Diamond Bar
Emily 8     Came early, had a book with her.
            Reading a telephone book.
            Job search? Fast food?
            Worked at manufacturing place
            Start with agencies for temp work
            Don't where there are around my house.
            Brought in list last Thurs
            In a stuck situation, doesn't know what to do.
            Goes to the tester place.
            Brings in $$ for house.
Trevor Christianson
4 yrs       Living with Gus and Caroline foster parents.
            Caroline and Gus have 2 other children. Christoper 7, Faith (Gus daughter with Trevor's mom)
Trevor's mom on drugs
            Misbehaving in school. Assist with transition to new home.
            Don't have plans to adopt him. Called SW to
            Spider man faces painting. Vry talkative.
            They came early.
            When he goes to 99 cent store, they make me take it back.
            Scissors for Roxanna
Gus Foster dad 49
Caroline - strict        "Go to bed at 7
revor's mom)

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