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					Wade Bowmer
        The latest version of this document can be downloaded from http://yceran.org/cv/
        Email            wwb@yceran.org
        Telephone        04 1152 8640

Career Direction
        To assist in and develop efficient, effective and high-quality ways for technology to perform whilst
        working in a task-structured, technically responsible environment.
        I have 5 years experience in database programming and administration in a web-application
        environment with MySQL and PHP.
        I have 12 years experience in administering Linux and other Unixes, including such things as Internet
        security and system programming.

Specific Knowledge
           MySQL installation, configuration, maintainance and tuning
           Scalability design and implementation of database-backed applications
           Web-application programming and design in PHP, HTML and JavaScript (including AJAX)
           Linux installation, configuration and administration
           Internet firewall theory and application
           PC hardware, including desktop Linux
           TCP/IP networking
           Unix shell scripting (bash)
        Additional detail (including full skill list) available on request.

Career Achievements

MobileActive – Database Administrator
April 2008 – August 2008
        MobileActive is a leading producer and broker of mobile phone entertainment.
        Technologies include
           MySQL v4, v5
           Red Hat Enterprise Linux
           Apache
           Bash and Perl
        Responsible for
           Database maintenance and performance tuning.
           Replication management.
           Linux systems management and support

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Mobile Messenger – Database Administrator
March 2008 – April 2008
        Mobile Messenger is a leading vendor of connectivity for SMS-based mobile service providers.
        Technologies include
           MySQL v4, v5
           Solaris
           Linux, Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Debian.
        Responsible for
           Database maintenance and performance tuning.
           MySQL Replication management.
           Liaison between system administration and developers regarding database matters.

PC Tools Research – Database Administrator
December 2004 – March 2008
        PC Tools Research is a leading developer and vendor of malware detection and removal solutions.
        Technologies involved
           MySQL v4, v5
           Linux, RedHat Enterprise Linux, Debian
           PHP v4, including HTML, CSS and JavaScript (and some AJAX)
           Apache
           XML and SOAP
           Windows 2003 server
        Major Achievements
           Developed an object-based scalability architecture allowing near-seamless expansion of additional
           Designed and implemented a migration of the entire customer license base to a re-normalized
            database structure. This greatly improved the versatility of accessing the licensing information.
        Responsible for
           In-house customer support system written in PHP and integrated with the website.
           MySQL v5 database uptime and performance for the above customer support system and all product

Ayers Management – Second Level Support for OPSM Group System Support
(contract) June 2004 – September 2004
        Technologies involved
           RedHat Enterprise Linux
           Windows NT and 2000
           Novell Netware
        Major Achievements
           Identified several procedural practices in the CRM system that were causing problems and made
            recommendations about remedying them, noticeably improving the quality of support to our users.

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        Responsible for
           RedHat Linux-based store hardware for OPSM retail stores
           Windows NT4 and 2000 desktop support for OPSM Group Head Office
           Novell Netware server support for OPSM Group Head Office

Excido Pty. Ltd. - Senior Developer and Systems Adminstrator
December 2001 – May 2004
        Excido developed the Edumate Learning and Management System, a server-based application for
        managing the academic life of students in a learning environment, such as a school.
        Technologies involved
           PHP v4
           HTML, CSS and JavaScript
           MySQL v3, v4
           Apache
           Linux (RedHat and Debian), FreeBSD
           SMTP and IMAP
           LaTeX
        Major Achievements
           Re-implemented a class of heavily-used API calls to intelligently cache database information,
            reducing by an average of five times the number of database hits made by a page, and thus
            considerably improving the usability of the product as a whole.
           Designed and implemented a versatile and powerful mark calculation engine for academic reporting
            purposes, eliminating the need to customize a highly complex page of code for each client school.
        Responsible for
           Development and support of an Intranet web application built with PHP, HTML and JavaScript.
           Design and management of the corresponding backend database in MySQL.
           FreeBSD v4, RedHat v7/8 Linux and Debian v3 Linux system administration and maintainance.
           Change management and software release methods and procedures.

Department of Fair Trading, Licensing and Registration Systems - Linux Firewall Consultant
(casual contract) September 2001 – October 2001
        Technologies involved
           Linux, RedHat 7
           IP Tables firewalling
        Major Achievements
           Upgraded a Linux Firewall connecting to a private internet to more modern Linux firewall technology.
            Considerable user-training and a backup system was provided.

GlobalHost Limited, Sydney - IT Consultant
(contract) April 2001 – June 2001
        GlobalHost are primarily a web-hosting and services company. The company specialises in web sites
        and email services for small companies in traditional businesses, such as mail-order.

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        Major Achievements
           Automated a DNS registration system removing the need to manually add clients' domains.
        Responsible for
           RedHat v7 Linux and Windows 2000 system administration.
           Firewall configuration and maintanence (Linux IPChains).

Comaltech Limited, Sydney - IT Co-ordinator
June 2000 - March 2001
        Comaltech is a web-hosting and services company, specializing in “roll-your-own” solutions. The key
        product was called Comaltech Integrator at the time which is a patented interface for clients to build and
        completely customize their web site from an ordinary web browser.
        Major Achievements
           Migrated the majority of key internet services from Windows NT servers to Linux servers, achieving a
            significant lowering of license costs, allowing remote administration and a higher level of OS
            reliability and configurability.
           Organised a facilities upgrade to Comaltech's main computer room, extending the availability of key
            servers. This comprised an upgrade of UPS equipment and the installation of additional air
        Responsible for
           Linux, Domino and NT system administration
           Internet services, PC and Network support
           Facilities management

Self-Education and Professional Development
April 2000 - June 2000

Colonial Group IT, Sydney
6th February 1989 - 22nd March 2000

     Technical Analyst, IT Security and Risk Management
     January 1998 - March 2000
        Major Achievements
           Converted a Userid Repository from a collection of Excel spreadsheets into an Access database
            which made it three times faster to update and eliminated redundant information.
        Responsible for
           Assisting IT and business groups in implementing project and procedures compliant with Group IT
            Security Policy.
           Reviewing and recommending security on external links, including the corporate Internet firewall.

     HP-UX System Administration, Technical Services
     August 1996 - January 1998
        Major Achievements
           Eliminated significant disk-bound process delay and reduced end-of-month processing by several
            days (approximately 30%) by separating unprocessed and processed data in an innovative way.

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      Responsible for
         HP-UX 10.10 administration and configuration for a system running a large data warehouse on
          Oracle 7.x. This included user administration, operator training, conducting data restores, scheduling
          down time and performing software installation.

    PC/LAN Security Analyst, Data Security
    August 1989 - August 1996
      Major Achievements
         Reduced reliance on mainframe skills and integration by developing a secure PC-based application
          for loading cryptographic keys into PIN pads.
         Re-designed and re-wrote the LAN dial-in package (including a complete re-write of the
          documentation) so as to reduce support costs and to increase functionality.
      Responsible for
         LAN systems programming and security concerns on Banyan VINES versions 3 through 6.
         Corporate dial-up facilities and the inbound security system.
         Host cryptographic services, principally ERACOM Security Modules and Racal Datacryptors.

    Programming Traineeship
    February 1989 - August 1989

Extra-curricular IT Activities

    IT Support for Engadine Church of Christ
    Janurary 2004 –
      Major Achievements
         Configuration and installation of a file server running Debian Linux for the Windows desktops.
         Conversion of over 300 PowerPoint presentation files used for songwords to a consistent format.

    Personal permanent Internet connection
      Major Achievements:
         Personal web server with dynamically generated content. http://yceran.org/
         Custom HTML template program in Icon http://yceran.org/qompose/

    Participant on an IT-oriented Web community called "IWETHEY"
    November 1999 –
      IWETHEY is a free community with over 250 regular posters.

Education and Professional Development

    October 2000
      BMC Patrol Administration for Unix/NT
      BMC, North Sydney

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September 2000
  Maintaining a Domino infrastructure
  Aspect Education and Training
  Maintaining Domino users
  Aspect Education and Training

September 1999
  AS/400 Security Concepts
  IBM Learning Services

November 1998
  Essential Project Management
  Australian Computer Society

March 1997
  HP-UX 10.x System Administration Basics

May 1996
  Support Windows NT 3.51 course
  Aspect Education and Training

November 1995
  Information & System Security
  ALC Training Pty Ltd

May 1995
  Public Key Cryptography for the Banking, EFT and EDI Industries
  Eracom and Queensland University of Technology

June 1994
  Microsoft Access 2.0 Introduction
  Integrated Business Pty Ltd

  Programming Traineeship
  State Bank of New South Wales, Limited and Aspect Training

  Higher School Certificate
  Inaburra High School, Menai

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