5. Dress for Interview Success

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					Dress for Interview Success

By Sherri Eng
San Jose Mercury News
July 17, 1996

Career counselors, corporate hiring managers and fashion consultants agree that determining
what to wear to a job interview is no easy task. You must take into consideration such variables
as the position you're applying for, the culture of the company, even your own physical
appearance and personality. Many career advisers here say that in order to dress for interview
success, you must wear the appropriate job uniform. A good rule of thumb is: The more
supervisory the position you're applying for, the more dressed up you should be for the interview.

Male engineering job applicants can get away with wearing beige slacks or khakis, textured
shirts and creative ties, said Valerie Frederickson, a career counselor in Menlo Park. For female
engineering applicants, she suggests the ''Annie Hall'' look of pleated slacks and button-down
shirts. If you are interviewing for a job as a machinist, you probably needn't wear a three-piece
suit. Slacks and a sports jacket for men and slacks and a simple blouse for women may be

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