Recipe Design by cuiliqing


									Recipe Design
Name of ingredients
Amount of ingredients
Cooking method
 Chopped   garlic •Garlic
 Shredded pork    •Pork
 Diced carrot     •Carrot
Carrot 1 no
Garlic 1 no 1 clove
Milk 100 ml
Spring Onion 1 stalk
Salt A pinch
1 tael ~1.5oz ~38g
1 fluid oz ~25ml
1 Tbsp ~ 25g
1 tsp ~ 5ml
1 Tbsp ~ 15ml
Slice (切片)
Shred (切絲)
Dice (切粒)
Chop (切碎)
Mince (剁碎)
Crush (拍鬆)
1. Moist-heat Cooking
   Hot-water cooking:
     Boiling (煲)
   Steam cooking:
     Steaming (蒸)
2. Dry-heat Cooking
   Hot-oil cooking:
    Shallow Frying (煎)
    Stir frying (炒)
    Deep Frying (炸)
2. Dry-heat Cooking
   Hot-air cooking:
    Grilling (烤)
    Baking (焗)
    Roasting (燒)
3. Combination Heat Method
   Moist-heat + Dry-heat
    Stewing (炆)
    Braising (紅燒)
1.Prepare ingredients
•Use simple English
•Point Form
•No more than 2 sentences in one point.
1. Egg
   Beat egg.
   Boil egg for 10 minutes. Soak in cold
   water and remove egg shell.
2. Fruit and Vegetable
   Wash carrot and peel. Dice into cubes
   Peel the apple and remove the core.
   Wash fruit and drain
   Wash the green peas. Boil for two
    minutes and drain.
   Wash and soak Chinese mushroom
2. Fruit and Vegetable
   Crush garlic.
   Cut spring onion into sections of 4cm
   Peel hairy melon, cut into halves
3. Meat and poultry
   Wash the beef and drain. Cut into cubes
    and mince lightly.
   Beat the pork chop with the back of a
4. Other
  Spread butter on a slice of bread.
  Boil stock, add sliced pork and vegetables.
   Boil fo 5 minutes over low heat
  Heat 1 Tbsp oil in wok and stir fry rice.
  Prepare seasoning/ sauce
4. Other
  Add oil, sauté garlic.
  Marinate with seasoning for half an hour.
  Melt butter.
  Put them aside
  Boil spaghetti for 10 minutes and drain
  under running water/ cold water.
4. Other
  Add thickening.
  Cook sauce until it becomes thicken
  Dish up. Serve hot/cold.
  Garnish with Chinese parsley. Serve hot.

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