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					                                                           Department of Biology
                                                      UNIVERSITY OF DAYTON
                                                          Fall 2010 - Seminar Schedule

September 16                   Hugo Bellen, Ph.D.                                               Novel Genes that Affect Neurodegeneration
                               Baylor College of Medicine
                               Houston, Texas

September 23                   Michael Markey, Ph.D.                                            Full-length hdmX Transcripts Decrease
                               Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology                 Following Genotoxic Stress
                               Wright State University
                               Dayton, Ohio

September 30                   Joshua Gross, Ph.D.                                              Genetic Basis for Morphological
                               Department of Biological Sciences                                Evolution in the Blind Mexican Cavefish
                               University of Cincinnati
                               Cincinnati, Ohio

October 14                     Janice Fischer, Ph.D.                                            Endocytosis as a Regulator of Notch
                               Institute for Cellular and Molecular Biology                     Singling
                               The University of Texas at Austin
                               Austin, Texas

October 21                     Vijayan Asari, Ph.D.                                             EEG Analysis for the Recognition of
                               Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering                Emotional States of Mind
                               University of Dayton
                               Dayton, Ohio

November 4                     Owen R. Moss, Ph.D.                                              Measurement of Colligative Threshold for
                               President of POK Research                                        Alveolar Macrophage Accumulation of 28 nm
                               Apex, North Carolina                                             PSL Beads

November 11                    J. Andrew DeWoody, Ph.D.                                         Transcriptome Pyrosequencing in
                               Department of Forestry and Natural Resources                     Vertebrates: The Discovery of Genes
                               Purdue University                                                Underlying Traits of Evolutionary Interest
                               West Lafayette, Indiana

November 18                    Helene LeBlanc, Ph.D                                             Blow Fly Response to Olfactory Stimuli
                               Department of Forensic Science                                   Associated with Decomposing
                               University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT)             Vertebrate Carcasses
                               Ontario, Canada

December 2                     Yiling Hong, Ph.D.                                               DNA Damage Responses to Manufactured
                               Department of Biology                                            Nanomaterial and Epigenetic Reprogramming
                               University of Dayton                                             of Fibroblast to Stem Cell-like Cells
                               Dayton, Ohio

December 9                     Mary Arthur, Ph.D.                                               Controls on Nutrient Cycling in a Northern
                               Department of Forestry                                           Hardwood Forest: N Deposition, an Invasive
                               University of Kentucky                                           Pest and Geological Substrate
                               Lexington, Kentucky

All seminars are presented on Thursday at 4:30 p.m. in the Science Center Auditorium (SC 114)
Those coming from off-campus are advised to check with the Biology Department
to confirm the presentation (937-229-2521). Students are welcome to attend.

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