Saskatoon Regional Womens Committee by leader6


									Saskatoon Regional Women’s Committee

October 20, 2009


Attendance: Nancy Johnson (Co-chair, UTE), Elena Beynon (Secretary-Treasurer, Agriculture), Carol
Casey (UEW), Rosemary Neufeld (Agriculture), Angie Chudy (Agriculture), Karen Zoller (Agriculture),
Clara Fabbro (UEW)Louise Mardell (Northern Saskatchewan Regional Rep)

   1) Meeting Schedule for remainder of 2009

         Nancy proposed the following dates: November 3rd, November 17th and December 8th

         Action: November dates were acceptable however December 8th is tentative and might need to be
         changed depending on room availability

   2) Open House

         The RWC and local Area Council will be putting on the annual Open House in December. In
         previous years, it was scheduled to coincide with the International Day for Human Rights
         however the office may not be available December 10-18th. Nancy and Louise will double check
         to see if we could be accommodated. If not, an alternative date will be determined.

         Action: None at this time. Bring forward to next meeting.

   3) Volunteers for Prince Albert Senior’s Supper

         The Prince Albert District Labour Council will be sponsoring a Seniors’ dinner on Sunday,
         November 8th. Members of the Prince Albert Regional Women’s Committee and Area Council
         will be volunteering and have asked for volunteers from Saskatoon.

         Action: Nancy and Elena will volunteer.

   4) Saskatchewan Leadership Seminar November 4-5th, 2009
This seminar will be held in the Saskatoon Regional Office and is open to a representative from all North
Saskatchewan Locals and North Saskatchewan Regional Committees, all Saskatchewan Prairie Region
Council members and all Saskatchewan Component Regional and National Vice Presidents. Applications
should be returned to the Saskatoon Regional office by October 21 and the tentative agenda is available
on the PSAC Prairies website. The purpose of this seminar is to put together a future strategy and
education plan for the North Saskatchewan region.

Action: Elena will attend on behalf of her Local and the RWC as all other interested members were
already attending on behalf of another body or were busy November 4th & 5th. A Local/Committee
assessment was distributed which will need to be completed before the seminar. More information,
including a tentative schedule of events can be found on the PSAC Prairies website for Saskatoon located

    5) Volunteers-Friendship Inn
       Saskatoon’s Friendship Inn puts on a Christmas dinner staffed by volunteers. Nancy suggested
       that PSAC members might be interested in volunteering.

        Action: Nancy to contact Friendship Inn to find out date of Christmas dinner and if volunteers
        are still needed. Move to next meeting.

    6) 100 Year Celebration of International Women’s Day
       The Prairie Lily Feminist Society will be putting on a Tribute to 100 years of International
       Women’s Day March 2010 in Regina. The keynote speaker will be Buffy Sainte-Marie. A financial
       appeal has gone out to organizations and individuals. They may also be looking for volunteers
       on the day.

        Action: Nancy and Elena to get more information on the event. Move to next meeting.

    7) Saskatchewan Federation of Labour (SFL) Upcoming Events
       The SFL will be hosting the Spring School May 9-14th at the University of Saskatchewan and the
       Prairie Women Union School June 13-14th in Waskesiu. For more information, members should
       contact Nancy Johnson or Elena Beynon. We discussed hosting an event such as the ethical
       fashion show that was done in past years with other community partners to coincide with the
       Prairie Women Union School.

        Action: Carol to talk with her United Way contacts about collaborating on an event. Move to
        next meeting.

    8) PSAC Prairie Women Activists Meeting December 7th & 8th Winnipeg
       A meeting for female activists will be held in December in Winnipeg. Attendees will include the
       Women’s Representative from the Prairie Council, one activist from each of the RWC’s and other
       PSAC activists, especially those with young children. Final selections will be made by the REVP
       for the Prairies.

       Action: Wait for Letter of invitation which should be sent out by the end of October.

   9) Phone Tree for RWC
      Nancy requested contact information for Local executives from the Regional office. She plans to
      contact each Local directly to see if they have members who might be interested in participating
      in the RWC.

       Action: Louise to provide information and Nancy to contact each Local.

   10) Hamper donation AIDS Saskatoon

       Clara suggested that the RWC ask Locals to collect items for hampers for individuals accessing
       AIDS Saskatoon services. Items would be collected November to mid-December. Donations of
       cash and gift certificates for groceries are also appreciated and donations of NEW items valued
       at $50 or more will receive a tax receipt. The RWC will contact the Locals and coordinate the
       collection and donation of items. Clara contacted AIDS Saskatoon and was told that they need
       men’s clothing, jackets, toothpaste, shampoo, baby wipes, small and large appliances. A list of
       other items needed, taken from their website ( is shown

Immediate Needs:
      Coffee Cups!
      Plastic flowers & floral foam for wreaths we will be making during the month of
       September, 2009.
Ongoing Needs:
      Seasonal Clothing- winter coats would be ideal for all sizes in the cold months,
       bunnyhugs and toques.
      Blankets or sleeping bags, bedding, pillows
      Undergarments & socks
      Baby items such as clothing, blankets and hygiene products
      Baby Formula & Food (given out on a emergency basis)
      Household items, such as pots & pans, plates utensils and cups.
      Purses & duffel bags
      Gift Cards for food
      Sugar
      Cream or powdered coffee cream
      Hygiene products such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, pads, underarm deodorant, soap and
       shampoo to name a few.
      Christmas gifts for hampers
      ANY craft supplies!
Action: Clara will create a poster and send it to Patty for distribution to Local presidents. RWC
will arrange to pick up donations and deliver them to AIDS Saskatoon. Any toiletries collected
through Clean Sweep during this time period will also be donated.

Next Meeting: Tuesday, November 3rd Saskatoon Regional Office 5:15pm

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