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					Laundry Solutions
Professional Bold 2in1
Professional Bold 2 in 1 is an all in 1
biological detergent with a built in fabric
softener that delivers excellent cleaning,
softness and freshness.

Product Information                                        • Bold Lavender and Camomile (Purple): contains
• Contains a unique combination of high performing           natural extracts of Lavender & Camomile bringing
  ingredients resulting in impeccable clean laundry,         a soothing, relaxing fragrance to your washing
  removing tough stains and giving brilliant               • Bold Apple Blossom and Lime zest (Green):
  whiteness.                                                 uplifting , refreshing fragrance of apple blossom
• Contains an advanced surfactant system, which is           and lime zest
  very effective at surrounding and lifting off dirt and   • Bold Crushed Silk and Jasmine (Fushia): latest
  removing stains.                                           fragrance of Bold 2 in 1 range with Luxurious
• Contains high technology enzymes.                          fragrance.
• Contains an activated oxygen bleach system.              • Bold White Diamond and Lotus Flower: Gradual
• Contains brightening agents.                               fragrance release throughout the day
• Contains a breakthrough technology that reduces
  the number of wrinkles formed after the washing          Technical information
  and drying process and makes them easier to              Appearance: White powder with blue, green or red
  remove.                                                  speckles
• Contains a special technology that allows easy           Smell: Perfumed
  gliding of the iron over the fabric surface so fabrics   pH (10% aqueous solution): ca. 10.8
  are easier to iron.                                      Relative density: 615g/l
• Professional Bold 2 in 1 special formula delivers        Water solubility: High
  an outstanding fabric softness and fluffiness.
• Phosphate free.                                          Usage Instructions
• Professional Bold 2 in 1 high solubility gives so
  good dispensing of the product, that it results in
  fast stain removal, providing good performance
  even in a short cycle.
• Can be used on all types of white and colored
  textiles, except wool and silk at temperature of 30-
  95° for whites and 30-60°C for colors.
• Has a strong building system so that it can be
  used on all water hardnesses.
• Has a unique time release perfume capsule that
  helps laundry to smell fresh for longer/all day long.
• Friendly to skin.
• Offers value for money versus a separate
  detergent and softener
• Exists in 5 different fragrance:
• Bold Ocean clear (Blue): invigorating freshness of
  the cool clean ocean air
                                                           Storage requirements
Usage Aid                                                  Assure adequate dust control. Store in a cool and
Scoop on request                                           dry area.

Safety and first aid measures                              Pack size/Pack type
Eye contact:                                               70, 90 and 120 scoops carton
Rinse thoroughly with plenty of water for several
minutes. If symptoms persist, seek medical advice.         COSHH/Classification
                                                           Not classified.
Skin contact:
Rinse affected area with water. If needed apply cold
compress to relieve irritation. If symptoms persist,
discontinue use of product and seek medical advice.

Drink a glass of water to dilute product. Do not
induce vomiting. Act immediately in order to prevent
further irritation of mouth, throat and stomach
mucosa. If symptoms persist, if persistent vomiting
occurs or if blood tinged vomitus is present, seek
medical advice.

Go into open air and ventilate suspected area. If
irritation is experienced, mouth and throat may be
rinsed with water. Particles adhering to the nasal
cavity may be rinsed/diluted with saline/plain water. If
irritation or asthma-like symptoms persist, seek
medical advice

Safety data sheet available for professional user on

                          For further information FREEPHONE 0800 716 854

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