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									Spa Etiquette                                              Spa Escape packages                                       Celestial Body massage
                                                                                                                     Relaxing and healing full body treatment
We ask you to keep noise to a minimum as                   nirvana at papillon                                       including a warm foot bath/spa with essential
treatments are in progress.                                Full day spa treatment including lunch. Body              oils, consultation to establish which oils are to be
                                                           exfoliation, aromatherapy massage and a deluxe            blended for the desired effect. Full body massage,
ArrivAl TimE We encourage you to arrive 10                 facial. Eyelash tint, eyebrow shape, eyebrow tint,        warm compress for face and head plus nurturing
minutes before your scheduled treatment time to            deluxe manicure and pedicure                              scalp massage
relax and complete your consultation form.                                                  (420 minutes) 495.00                                         (60 minutes ) 95.00

lATE ArrivAlS Arriving late will limit the time for your   half day Spa Treatment                                    papillon Signature Treatment
treatment so we strongly encourage early arrival.          Body exfoliation, 60 minute aromatherapy body             Consultation using the Skin Scanner
As a courtesy to all our clients treatments begin and      massage, aromatherapy facial treatment, eyebrow           Herbal tea, body brushing
end as scheduled.
                                                           shape and eyelash tint. Followed by a manicure            Half hour Aromatherapy massage
                                                           and pedicure treatment.        (240 minutes) 350.00       Customised one hour facial treatment including
CAnCEllATion Please advise us 24 hours prior to
your appointment if you are unable to attend,                                                                        lash and brow requirements
otherwise a fee may apply.                                 indulgence Spa Treatment                                  Finishing touch of make-up
                                                           30 minute aromatherapy body massage.                      Sample pack envelope on departure            230.00
WhAT To WEAr Casual attire is best.                        Consultation to choose blend, followed by
                                                           aromatherapy facial, manicure and pedicure                mini makeover
SpECiAl hEAlTh ConSidErATionS Please advise us             treatment.                     (180 minutes) 240.00       Hair - Shampoo and blow dry
when you book of any major health concerns, as                                                                       Beauty – Eyebrow tidy and Creative Make-up
some treatments may not be suitable for you.               Serenity Beauty Spa Treatment                                                                             110.00
                                                           Aromatherapy body mud wrap and aromatherapy
GifT CErTifiCATES Are available on request.                facial OR Aromatherapy body massage and                   Special occasion makeover
                                                           aromatherapy facial.          (120 minutes) 160.00        Hair – Luxury shampoo, head massage, cut, style
                                                                                                                     and a touch of colour
    At papillon health & Beauty we are                                                                               Beauty – Repolish, Eyebrow tidy and Special
  passionate and committed to providing                    Essential Elements                                        Occasion Make-up                            165.00
   exceptional best practice, products,                    for Total Body Wellness
                                                                                                                     papillon Seasonal makeover
      and quality service, to bring out                    Body salt scrub to gently exfoliate the body,
                                                                                                                     Hair – Full consultation, creative colour and restyle
                                                           aromatherapy body massage, face and scalp
        the Natural Beauty in you…                                                                                   Beauty – Full consultation, eyebrow sculpture,
                                                           massage.                           (90 minutes) 160.00
                                                                                                                     facial, nails customised and make-up application
                                                           Aromatherapy Body massage with reiki healing
                                                           Our most nurturing and healing massage
                                                           incorporating essential oils giving energy, renewal
                                                           and relaxation.                     (90 minutes) 120.00

                                                           Goddess massage or four hand massage
                                                           Aromatherapy massage with two therapists working
                                                           to relax mind, body and spirit. Includes consultation
                                                           and diagnosis to establish which essential oil blend
                                                           to be used.                        (45 minutes) 120.00

                                                           de-stress Treatment massage
                                                           Including body brushing. An effective massage
                                                           technique targeting the stress prone back, neck
                                                           and shoulder areas, including a scalp massage.
                                                                        (45 minutes) 75.00 (60 minutes) 90.00

                                                           pregnancy massage
        P APILLO N                                         Full body therapeutic individually tailored massage
                                                           that will relieve muscle fatigue, lower back pain
             health & beauty centre
                                                           and leg tension associated with the trimesters of
                                                           pregnancy. (30 minutes) 60.00 (60 minutes) 90.00                          find us on . . .
facial Treatments                                      Body Massage (30 minutes)                     55.00     Back wax including shoulder &                               Spray Tanning
Complimentary Face Mapping consultation                Body Massage (60 minutes)                     85.00       upper arm                                     50.00       Full Body                                      45.00
unique skin assessment developed by                    Body Massage (90 minutes)                    130.00     Chest wax including stomach                     40.00       Half Body                                      25.00
Dermalogica (20 minutes)                 No Charge     Couples Massage (30 minutes)                 130.00     Chest & Upper arm wax                           45.00       Maintenance (light application)                30.00
Express Facial (30 minutes)                   60.00    Champagne and chocolates                                Neck wax                                        15.00       Body Polish and Tan                           100.00
Discovery Facial (45 minutes)                 65.00    Couples Massage (60 minutes)                  180.00    Full Body wax from                             170.00       Buy three spray tans and get one free         135.00
Intensive Moisture Facial (60 minutes)        90.00    Champagne and chocolates                                Intimate wax (Brazilian) from 90.00
Botanical Facial (60 minutes)                 90.00    Couples Massage (90 minutes)                  320.00                                                                hands and feet Treatments
Purifying Facial (60 minutes)                 90.00    Champagne and chocolates
                                                                                                                                                                           Express Hand Therapy (20 minutes)              35.00
Firming Facial Lift (including eye lift)     105.00    Goddess Massage (45 minutes)                   110.00   Electrolysis (permanent)                                    File and Varnish
                                                       Luxurious, relaxing massage with two Therapists         Electrolysis (short session 10-15 minutes)          25.00
Glycolic Facial (75 minutes)                 105.00                                                                                                                        Spa Manicure (30 minutes)                      50.00
                                                       Pregnancy Massage (30 minutes)                  60.00   Electrolysis (long session 20-30 minutes)           45.00   File, cuticle treatment, massage and polish
Galvanic Treatment (45 minutes)               65.00
                                                       A gentle, calming and nurturing massage
Deluxe Facial (90 minutes)                   120.00                                                                                                                        French Manicure (45 minutes)                   55.00
                                                       Pregnancy Massage (60 minutes)                  90.00
Thalgo Native Collagen Mask Facial                     A gentle, calming and nurturing massage                 make-Up                                                     Deluxe Paraffin Manicure                       80.00
(90 minutes)                                 120.00                                                            Student (30 minutes)                            50.00       Men’s Manicure (30 minutes)                    45.00
                                                       Hot Stone Massage (30 minutes)                  90.00
Deep Cleanse (45 minutes)                     70.00                                                            Formal (30 minutes)                             70.00       Pedicure                                       70.00
                                                       Hot Stone Massage (60 minutes)                120.00
Deep Cleanse (75 minutes)                    100.00                                                            Special Occasion (60 minutes)                   80.00       Spa Pedicure (45 minutes)                      70.00
                                                       Hot Stone Massage (90 minutes)                150.00                                                                Exfoliation, cuticle treatment, massage, file and
Priori customised peel                        95.00                                                            Make-up Classes individualised training        150.00
                                                       Head Neck and Shoulders (30 minutes)            55.00                                                               polish
Priori Deluxe                                125.00    Nurturing and deeply relaxing specifically designed
Priori – Course of 6 peels                   475.00                                                                                                                        Deluxe Paraffin Pedicure (60 minutes)           90.00
                                                       to ease away facial tension and headaches
(pay for 5 and receive one free)                       associated stress
                                                                                                               Bridal make-Up
Glycolic peel (30 minutes)                     60.00   Seated Massage (10 minutes)                     25.00   Trial (in salon)                                80.00       Bio Sculpture Gel nail
Glycolic Peels – course of 6 peels                     Seated Massage (20 minutes)                     35.00   Bride (60 minutes)                              80.00       Enhancement
(pay for 5 and receive one free)              300.00   Seated Massage (30 minutes)                     55.00   Bride at home                                  100.00       Clear Overlays (60 minutes)                    60.00
Microdermabrasion Facial                       95.00                                                           (outside CBD travel charge applies)
                                                       Cellulite Massage (30 minutes)                  70.00                                                               Colour Overlays (60 minutes)                   70.00
Smooth and regenerate the skin with our medical                                                                Bridesmaids                                         70.00
                                                       Slimtone Muscle Toning (course available) 60.00                                                                     French Overlays (60 minutes)                   70.00
strength microdermabrasion. Beneficial for acne,                                                               Mother of the Bride                                 70.00
                                                                                                                                                                           Refills Clear (75 minutes)                     50.00
scaring, congested skin and dull complexions. It
                                                                                                                                                                           Refills Colour/French (75 minutes)             55.00
stimulates the production of skin cells and collagen   Ear piercing
resulting in soft smooth skin and a clear bright       Ear Piercing                                   40.00    Eyes                                                        Clear Extensions (105 minutes)                 85.00
complexion. For optimal results a course of four to                                                            Eye Lash Tint                          20.00                French Gel Extensions (105 minutes)            90.00
                                                       Ear Piercing including ear care solution       45.00
six treatments, two weeks apart is recommended.                                                                Eye Brow Tint                          16.00                Colour Gel Extensions (105 minutes)            90.00
(60 minutes)                                                                                                   Lash & Brow Tint                       33.00                Gel Toes (75 minutes)                          60.00
Microdermabrasion Facial course of 6 treatments        hair removal                   hot wax Strip wax        Lash & Brow Tint with an Eyebrow Shape 45.00                Soak Off with Buff and Polish in Executive
(includes one free treatment)             475.00       Eye Brow wax                      15.00                 Perma-Lashes                           59.00                (45 minutes)                               30.00
                                                       Eye Brow Sculpture                20.00                 Eye-lash Perming                       65.00                Soak Off with new application (20 minutes) 10.00
Additional Treatments with facials
                                                       Lip or Chin wax                   12.00                 Eye-lash Grafting (full set)          140.00                Hand or FootParaffin Bath (30 minutes)     30.00
Paraffin Masque                              25.00
                                                       Lip, Chin & Eye Brow              35.00                 Eye-lash Grafting (half set)           70.00                Nail Art                                   10.00
Ampoule Treatment                            25.00
                                                       Full Face wax                     45.00                                                                             Silk Nail Repair with gel nail enhancement
Thermal Masque                               25.00                                                             permanent micropigmentation available
                                                       Half Leg wax                      45.00     28.00                                                                   (15 minutes)                               10.00
Medik8 Needling               price on application                                                                                    price on application
                                                       Three quarter leg wax             60.00     42.00                                                                   Silk Nail Repair (15 minutes)              15.00
Eye Treatment                                25.00
                                                       Three quarter Leg & Bikini        75.00     52.00
                                                       Full Leg wax & Bikini or Underarm 80.00     57.00       Teen Treatments (for up to 18 years of age)                 Body Treatments
Body Treatments                                        Full Leg wax & Intimate wax                             Teen Manicure and Pedicure (30 minutes) 55.00               Back Cleanse                                   90.00
Body Polish                                    70.00      (Brazilian)                    95.00                 Foot/hand soak, scrub, nail buff, file and polish           Detoxifying treatment for the back (60 minutes)
Full Body Peel & Massage (30 minutes)         110.00   Top half Leg wax                  60.00     35.00       Teen Manicure                                       30.00   Body Exfoliation                               60.00
Full Body Peel & Massage (60 minutes)         140.00   Half Arm wax                      49.50     28.00       Soak, scrub, nail buff, file and polish                     Goddess Massage                               120.00
Back Deep Cleanse (45 minutes)                 80.00   Full Arm wax                                35.00       Teen Pedicure                                       30.00   Hot Stone Massage (30 minutes)                 80.00
Deep cleanse exfoliation using a mud mask to           Full body wax                              150.00       Foot soak, scrub, nail buff, file and polish                Hot Stone Massage (60 minutes)                110.00
detoxify congestion on the back                        Under Arm or Bikini wax           20.00     20.00       Teen Clean Start Facial (45 minutes)         60.00          Ho Stone Massage (90 minutes)                 150.00
Thermal Mud Wrap (60 minutes)                95.00     Intimate wax (Brazilian) from     55.00                 Teen Chill Out (30 minutes foot and head
Diet, Nutrition & Exercise Consultation        50.00   G String wax from                 39.00                 massage)                                     90.00          Gentlemen’s Escape package
(30 minutes) (redeemable off treatment)                                                                        Foot soak, scrub followed by a head, neck and               For Men who want to look after their skin care
                                                                                                               shoulder massage to release study stress and                and relax and indulge in a relaxing back

massage                                                men’s menu                                              tension                                                     massage, Corporate Men’s facial and scalp
                                                                                                               Teen Treat (30 minute massage and 30 minute                 massage                                   150.00
To rebalance your mind body and spirit                 hair removal                   hot wax    Strip wax
                                                                                                               facial)                                      90.00
Hand and Foot Massage (30 minutes)                     Eye Brow Wax                     15.00                  Teen Make Up Know How (30 minute customised                 men’s maintenance
Nurturing treatment to sooth and                       Eye Brow Sculpture               20.00                  basic makeup application (group sessions                    Express Facial, Express Manicure              150.00
revitalise your hands and feet                 55.00   Half Leg wax                                   30.00    available)                                   50.00
For a Massage Series buy five get one free             Full Leg wax                                   60.00    Teen Spa parties available equiries welcome

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