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• Mark Effinger, 360.696.3278 (me@interclient.com)
• Jon Grisham, 360.696.3278 (smedley@interclient.com)

        Lets Anyone Stock an Online Storefront with Up to 50 Items in Under an Hour
           InterClient Corp. Puts the World in Business on the Web for $49.95

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VANCOUVER, Wash. (June 24, 1999) -- With the release today of its fast, simple and full-
featured QuickyMart™ “me-commerce” development tool for the PC and Macintosh, InterClient
Corp. gives anyone and everyone the power to build a virtual store on the World Wide Web.

Designed to be used by experienced site developers or total Internet newcomers, QuickyMart™
offers an elegant and intuitive desktop development environment. Working with previously
digitized product images, anyone with only basic computer familiarity can use QuickyMart™to
build a Web storefront and stock it with up to 50 items -- all in under an hour.

Available as a free unlockable demo-ware download from http://www.quickymart.com,
QuickyMart™ is the first PC and Mac client-side e-commerce development tool. It sells for just
$49.95. Users can arrange hosting through their own Internet Service Provider, or pay a
discounted $19.95 a month for simple one-button “print-to-web” hosting through InterClient.

“It’s ideally suited for the man or woman who doesn’t have a great deal of time, and doesn’t want
to learn HTML, and can point and click and copy,” says Ron Scott Bey (rsbey@home.com), a
computer consultant in Plainfield, N.J.

Ideally suited for small and home-based businesses, QuickyMart™ delivers a host of features
inside a distinctive file-tabbed interface. Using a mix of pull-down menus and simple text entry
fields, storefront developers can select from 12 background styles, list product features in
bulleted format, and select from an array of built-in credit card and shipping options.

QuickyMart™lets the developer randomly sort the order of catalogued items, and before
uploading, allows for a full preview inside the QuickyMart™application.

Mark Effinger, founder and CEO of InterClient Corp., believes QuickyMart™ will become the
standard by which all other entry-level “me-commerce” products will be judged.
“I believe this is the most effective solution to providing SoHo and emerging business people the
power to add ‘me-commerce’ capability, at such a low cost of entry,” Effinger said.
“If you're interested in either starting a business, expanding your business, or avoiding
obsolescence, the Internet is for you -- and so is QuickyMart™.”
Customers visiting online storefronts developed with QuickyMart™ benefit from InterClient’s
exclusive VisualCart™. As customers add products to their order, their shopping cart provides
miniature product pictures, pricing and totals so you can see what and how much you’re buying
before you check out. The whole process mimics that of conventional shopping.

Best of all, shoppers save valuable time using storefronts developed with QuickyMart™. At
many e-commerce storefronts, each calculation requires a time delay as data is sent from the
customer’s PC to the site server somewhere on the internet. With QuickyMart™, all calculations
take place on the customer’s PC. The shopping cart remains local until the customer sends the
final order. Then QuickyMart’s secure server takes care of the secure order process.

Despite recent media reports about data exposure with some e-commerce applications, Effinger
says InterClient Corp. has taken all necessary steps to prevent any risk of such problems. As an
Application Service Provider, InterClient Corp. has ensured transaction security by using
Verisign encryption technology to “hide” sensitive data before any transmission to host servers.
In addition, InterClient is in development of new server applications that provide faster, more
robust and extremely bulletproof security.

“I think the product is great, and very simplified,” says Mark Dybedahl (zacm1@aol.com), owner
of ZACM Inc., a web-based outdoor equipment parts supplier near St. Paul, Minn. “I tried
several other companies’ demos and found InterClient’s by far the easiest.”

Founded in 1996 as a full-service provider of e-commerce solutions, InterClient Corp.
(http://www.interclient.com) has grown to become one of the more recognized faces in e-
commerce within the Pacific Northwest landscape, and now both national and international.

For this release and more about InterClient Corp., go to: http://www.interclient.com/press. For
expanded details on QuickyMart™ go to http://www.quickymart.com/press

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