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					Language=English SqlEdit=Open a new SQL Window|Open a new SQL Window Browser=Open a new Schema Browser Window ProcEdit=Open a new Procedure Edit Window SqlBuilder=Open a new SQL Builder SqlModeler=Open a new SQL Modeler ExPlanResults=Explain Plan Window|Show previous Explain Plan Results DBMS=Open a new DBMS Output Window Execute=Execute statement|Execute the complete or highlighted statement ( F9 ) ExecutePartial=Run current statement|Run the statement at the cursor ( Shft-F9 ) ExecuteScript=Execute all of current window as script RecallSql=Recall Previous SQL ( F8 ) RecallPers=Recall Personal SQL InsertRow=Insert a row DeleteRow=Delete the current row ChangeSession=Change active session for this Window EditCut=Cut text to Clipboard Ctrl-X EditCopy=Copy text to Clipboard Ctrl-C EditPaste=Paste text from Clipboard Ctrl-V EditSelectAll=Select ALL text Ctrl-A EditClear=Clear ALL text EditFind=Search for text -- Ctrl-F EditFindNext=Find Next F3 EditReplace=Find & Replace Ctrl-R EditUndo=Undo last change Ctrl-Z EditRedo=Redo last undo EditUpper=Convert to upper case EditLower=Convert to lower case PrintEditor=Print Editor Text TblSelect=Show Tables Window ColWindow=Show Columns Window EditLoad=Load a file into the editor EditSave=Specify a file to save the current editor contents EditIndent=Indent the selected text EditUndent=Un-Indent the selected text EditMakeCode=Make CODE Statement|Make a CODE statement and copy to clipboard EditStripCode=Strip CODE statement|Strip CODE syntax from the current SQL statement UpdateGrid=Update grid edits|Update changes to the database -- THIS IS NOT A COMMIT! postGrid=Reverse changes|Reverse changes to the current query not yet posted Commit=Commit|Perform a session level commit CreateScript=Create Script|Generate a Create script for this object NewProcWindow=Proc Edit Window|Copy source to a new Proc Edit Window SaveEdit=Save to file|Save the current edit window ExplainPlan=Execute Explain plan ExecuteFrom=Execute FROM the cursor position ExecuteTo=Execute TO the cursor position NewProc=Create new procedure CheckOut=Check file out of source control

CheckIN=Check file in to source control LoadSource=Load source from existing object NextError=Show next error PrevError=Show previous error SaveObjToFile=Save to file|Save the current object to a SQL file ExportData=Export data|Generate a file of Insert statements for this table SqlHelp=Show Sql Help Window|Show a list of Oracle SQL statements and descriptions

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