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									                         ACTIVITY REPORT OF 2007

  1. During our ongoing winter clothing distribution, our brothers jointly contributed for the
     developmental work of Agarhati Ashrama Rs. 2,800 and to Sandeler Bill Ashrama Rs.1,500/-
  2. Given Sakila Sk of Mallickpur, Baruipur,24 Parganas for her son Sk. Akbar of 24 Years
     suffering Pulmonary Disease- Rs 200/-, Sari 2 Nos., Biscuits - 5 Packets
  3. Given Sandhya Mistry of Dumdum Rly. Stns for her medical treatment - Rs 200/-, Sari 2 Nos.,
     Biscuits - 5 Packets
  4. Kumari Sharmi Das of Indira Nagar Sodepur has been given Rs. 3800/- to purchase one Swing
  5. Smt. Sabita Karan from Sarbahara Colony of Belgharia for marriage of her daughter

     Rs. 500/-, a sari, 6 packet of Biscuit, Dhuti & Uttario & pant piece given to her

     Total of December 2007 - Rs.9,000/-


  1. Swapan Mandal of Mathakal Belgharia, for his brother's treatment who is suffering from
     cancer and admitted to Thakurpukur Cancer Research Centre has been given Rs 700/- for
  2. Dilip Kr. Choudhry for study purpose of his son Rs. 300/-

     Total of November 2007 - Rs.1,000/-


  1. Smt. Sangeeta Saha of Jatindas Nagar Belgharia for help to her husband Utlash Saha, a
     Rickshaw puller who has broken his leg Rs. 1000/-, Sari, 10Kg of Chira, 2Kg Sugar, 6 pack
     Biscuit given to her.

     Total of October 2007 - Rs.1,000/-

   1. 5 brothers of vivvsc group surveyed 60 families in the village of Mohanpur, Near Kalyani
      Express way and Barrackpore. Nearly 90 Saries & 24 Blankets may be given 2 them At the time
      of Puja with the help from Students' Home.
   2. Given Rs.500/- to Phalaram Chowdhury a rtd.head clark of Logo High School, Kutulpur,
      Bankura for Heart operation of his student Kumari Sharbani Das of age 06.rabindranath
      Tagore Institute of Cardiac Sc.,Kolkata doing the operation with a minimum charge of 15,000/-
   3. Given Rs.1,000/- to Sri B.R.Singh for doing CT Scan in Ramakrishna Mission Seva Pratisthan
      with a concessional rate. Sri Singh is a taxi driver of Kolkata and he is from Bihar.
   4. Given Rs.100/- with 6 packs of Biscuit & 1 Sari to Smt. Santa Mandal of Udaypur for
      purchasing of English book of her son Sujon. He is reading in class XI in local High School.
      Santa Devi stitching Blouse and getting only Re.1/- for 1 blouse. She can able to stich 24 blouse
      in a day if she did the work 12 hrs & earns only 24/-!! Her husband, Goutam Babu is a
   5. Given 110/- to Manju Devi of Chanditala, Hooghly for treatment of her brother Jagat Jyoti. He
      is sufferring from Cancer. Also given 6 packs of biscuites & 1 Sari to Manju Devi. Refered Sri
      Jagat Jyoti to Bibhuti Chakravorty, one of our Ex-student of Students&; Home,
      founder of Laryngectomee Club, Thakurpukur for free chemotherapy which costs
      nearly 4,200/- for 1 time from Chitta Ranjan Cancer Hospital, Kolkata.

Total of September 2007 - Rs.1,710/-


   1. Given Rs.555/- to Avijit Mandal towards the tuition fee of his college. He is reading in 3rd year
      diploma in Electronics & Tele-communication in Shilpapitha. His father making jute rope. He
      is from a poor family. His home is fully damaged in the recent flood of Mayel Ichapur of
      Hooghly District.
   2. One of our group brother, ex-student of Shilpapitha & now working in ABB Ltd, Sri Pijush
      Mandal donated 3,005/- to Belur Math for flood relief operation through our group.
   3. Given Rs.500/- to Parimal Das of village Logo, Dt. Bankura for heart operation of his 6 years
      daughter, Kumari Sharbani Das.

Total of August 2007 - Rs.1,055/-


   1. Given 1000/- & 6 Packets of Biscuits to Dilip Chowdhury of Shyamaprasad Nagar, Nimta
      towards the educational expanses of his son Sayan. He completed 2nd Sem in Degree in
      Electronics & Instrumentation in Kalyani University. Dilip Babu selling Coal by moving door to
      door. His health condition also not well.
   2. Sailent 49th Foundation Day Celebration of Shilpapitha: 6 of our Present & Ex Shilpapitha
      brothers donated blood to an ailing patient undergoing heart operation at BM Birla Hospital.
   3. Given another 100/- to Sayan Chowdhury to send application for scholarship from Jindal,L&T
      & Mahindra.
   4. Given 100/- & 6 packets of biscuits to Sri Sukumar Maity of Medinipur for purchesing

Total of July 2007 - Rs.1,200/-

  1. Son of Sri Goutam Mandal. A cerpentor by profession from Alipur Talbagan of Nimta passed
     Secondary just 4 numbers lesser than 1st Division. Given Rs.850/- for his admission fee. Also
     referred him to teacher of local school for further assistance.
  2. Two of our brothers, Rup & Soumen donated their O- blood for a patient at AMRI, Kolkata
     after getting phone call within 2 hour.
  3. Jagat Jyoti Baidya, son of Late Bikram Baidya of Madhyamgram doing his HS. He Passed
     Secondary Exam in 1st Division. His mother, Gita Devi is a day labour. Jagat having Aplastic
     Aneamia and admitted in NRS Hospital. Given Rs.700/- & 10 backets of biscuits for his
     treatment.Refered him to HOD, Medecine of NRS for further treatment.
  4. Pranab Gupta, a energetic young man having a small shop (gumti) near Agarpara Rly.Stn. He
     already managed Rs.2000/- for Mobile Phone Repairing Training. Supported him with 1,000/-
  5. Given 52 pair of Chhappal to local poor school going students amounting to Rs.2,140/-. The
     full amount was given by one of our group member. 06. Sent 6 cartoons (120x6=720 Packets)
     of biscuits to Koalpara Ashrama. Previously also sent 8 cartoons (120x8=960 Packets) biscuits
     to Koalpara with Paper/pencil/rubber given by one of our group brother.

Total of June 2007 - Rs.4,690/-


  1. Our 9 brothers visited Koyalpara Yogashram, Bankura and donated 1,100/- for their activity
     related to Serving 500 poor & needy students, 200 pregnant & nourishing mother & 70 widow
  2. Given Rs.500 /- to Sri Ramakrishna Ashrama, Somsar, Bankura for their activity. Our 13
     brothers visited that Ashrama after a 62 km Motorcycle ride from Koalpara.

Total of May 2007 - Rs.1,600/-


  1. Md.Parvez Alam a young boy of 22 of Kamarhati. His house was destroyed in fire! His father
     was serious injured. He came here afer borrowing clothes from others to get some help. Given
     2 Pants,4 Ganji,1 Dhuti,1 Panjabi,1 Shirt,1 Sari,6 Packets of Biscuits & Rs 200/-
  2. Given Rs.50/- to Sri Biswanath Sengupta of Barahanagar, Sapeta Bagan along with 1 Dhuti, 1
     Panjabi, 1 Sari and 4 Pack of Biscuites. He left his service in 1990 & now the childless couple
     depending upon their earning of packet making. Biswanath Babu having some problem related
     to old age & malnutration.
  3. Given Rs.200/- with one Sari, 1 Dhuti to Smt Kanchan Das of Mathkal of Nimta for marriage of
     her sister Radha. Her husband is a van puller & her father is day labor & not able to work now
     due to illness.
  4. Given 10,000/- & 10 pack of biscuits to Smt. Bibha Ghosh of Mohini Mill Mess, Nandannagar,
     Belgharia for treatment of her daughter Jhuma Ghosh.

Total of April 2007 - Rs.10,450/-

Rs 23,370/- helped up to date to different persons as follows:

Medicine amounting 2 nearly 10,800/- sent 2 Ghatmura, Gobordanga, Nimta.Dhuti-10,
Sari-19, Chadar-5, Ganji-8, Panjabi-Pajama-1 Set, Lungi-1, Shirt-1, Pant-1, Biscuite- 136
Pack, Boost/Horlicks-5 Pack, Childrens dress - 13 Nos,3 Blankets,4 Bed Sheets,3
Sweaters,3 Benarashi Sari etc. also given.


  1. Given Rs 50/-, 2 Pack of Biscuits to Sri Nirapada Mandal of Barasat Nivedita Palli for his
     cataract operation. Referred him to Dr. Hemadri Dutta of Medical College Hospital, where he
     will be operated without any charge.
  2. Medicine nearly amounting to Rs.800/- sent to Dr. Amitava Basu Sriti Samity,Nimta, A NGO
     doing a lot for low cost & Free Treatment in & aroung Nimta/Birati.
  3. Given Rs 100/-, 1 Sari, 1 Dhuti & 4 Pack of Buiscutes to Smt Sarama Saha for treatment of his
     Husband suffering from old age problem.

Total of March 2007 - Rs.150/-


  1. Given one Baranashi,1 Sari,4 Pack of Biscuits & Rs 500/- to Sri Chandar Choudhury, Feeder
     Rd, Belgharia (actually from Chapra, Bihar)for marrage of his daughter. He is a rickshaw
  2. Medicine nearly amounting to Rs.1,000/- sent 2 Ghatmura.
  3. Given Rs 400/- to Sri Haren Mistri, Golbagan, Chowdhury Para,Nimta for his treatment of his
     operated neck. Actually now he is bedridden & a paralytic.
  4. Given Swati Biswas 2,520/- along with 10 pack of biscuits for treatment of her 12 years girl
     suffering in heart problem. The whole amount we got from the selling of laminated card in
     Celebration at Belur Math.

Total of February 2007 - Rs.3,420/-


  1. Given 1500/- to Unmesh towards honorarium of 5 teachers out of 10 teachers @100/- from
     January to March 2007. (Nearly 165 students in their roll, and it's our 2nd time quarterly help
     2 them)
  2. Given 120/- and 4 Packets of Biscuits to Sri Swapan Das, DP Nagar, Belgharia for meeting
     tuition fees of his son. He is a street hawker.
  3. Given one Blanket, 1 Sweater,2 Pack of Biscuits to Sri Arun Modak,Sodpur,Line Dhar. He
     doesn't have any winter garments. He is a rickshaw puller.
  4. Given Rs.20/-, 4 Pack of Biscuits to Sri Haridev Sapui, Pairadanga, Nadia and arranged free
     coaching facility to his daughter in Vivekananda Yuva Mahamandal, Chakdah. Communication
     also going on for free studentship at Ranaghat College. Swraswati passed Madhyamik & HS in
     high 1st Division. Haridev Babu selling small books on Ranaghat-Sealdah Rail.
  5. Arranged 3 bottle of A+ blood for Smt. Rameswari Devi at Medical college hospital. Her son,
     Sudarshan is vegetable vendor in Kamarhati market. Also given Rs.200/- & 6 Pack of Biscuits
     to Sriman Sudarshan.
  6. There is another blood grouping camp to be held on 10th February 2007 with the help of
     Vivekananda Study Circle , Ramakrishna Mission Shilpapitha, Belgharia

Total of January 2007 - Rs. 1,840/-

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