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					 2008 Credit Union Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run
                                         April 6, 2008

        Team Competition Information and Entry Form
In addition to the individual and age-group competitions, the 2008 Credit Union Cherry
Blossom Ten Mile Run will conduct team competitions. Team competitions will be held in
three general categories: a) Corporate/Government Agency, (including military teams and a
special division for credit union members); b) Media; and c) Running Clubs.

Please read these instructions completely. The 2008 Team Entry Fee is $40 for each
Corporate and media team and $10 for each running club team (plus $28 for each individual
team member).

                                      Team Divisions

Corporate/Government Agency and Media teams: Corporate/Government Agency and
Media teams are mixed teams of men and women consisting of three to five persons. At least
one scoring runner of each team must be of each sex (i.e,. no all men's or all women's
teams), and all team members must be full-time employees (30 hours per week or more) of
the corporation or agency. Government agencies, media, law firms, non-profit businesses,
Armed Forces members from a single base (e.g., Fort Belvoir), etc. are eligible. Credit Union
team members must be members of the credit union putting together the team. Running clubs
are not eligible for this category.

Running Club Teams: Each team must consist of three to five runners. There are three club
divisions: Male Open, Female Open, and Mixed Masters. All members of a Mixed Masters
team must be at least age 40. Club teams may be assembled from RRCA or USATF clubs,
other registered running clubs, YMCAs, school teams, etc., but must all be members of the
same club.

Multiple teams may enter from the same company, credit union, government agency or
running club, etc. For fairness, the Team Coordinator reserves the right to limit teams from a
single entity and to evaluate team eligibility. His decisions are final. No "pick-up" teams are

                              Team Scoring and Awards

Scoring: Team scoring will be based on the sum of the net (chip) finishing times (among all
team competitors), of the first three finishers on the team (note that individual placing is
scored on “gun” time). In case of a tie, the team with the fastest third place time will break
the tie. At least one runner of each sex must finish and be included in the team score. For
example, if the team's finisher order is Joe, Fred, John, Mary, and Steve, the team's score will
be computed by adding Joe's, Fred's, and Mary's net times. Teams in each division will be
ranked in ascending order of times (i.e., lowest aggregate time wins).

Awards: Team awards will be presented to the top six teams in the Corporate/Government
Agency and Media divisions and the top three teams in each of the three Running Club
divisions. Please note, however, that team scoring is a complex process, and the race
organizers reserve the right to postpone awarding team awards until after race day.
                                                    The Entry Process

Each team must be entered using the enclosed Team Entry Form (or a photocopy). All team members must be individually
entered in the race; i.e., each runner must complete and sign an individual entry form (or a photocopy), pay the individual
entry free, and be entered before the cutoff limit is reached.

You may submit a Team Entry Form and all or some of the individual entry forms together. If some team members have
already entered as individuals, you must indicate this on the Team Entry Form to enable us to "link" their entries up with your

Entry Deadlines: Team entries must be postmarked by March 1, 2008. Individual entries are accepted until the 12,000-
runner limit is reached (usually early January). If individual entries are closed, teams may be formed only from runners
already accepted in the race and only until March 1 except as spelled out below.

Special Team Deadline: A team -- and all members of the team -- will be accepted after individual entries are closed if the
Team Entry Form (complete and with payment) is received by March 1, 2008, and all individual entries (fully completed) are
enclosed with the Team Entry Form (or names of those accepted prior to the entry cutoff are supplied on the team form). The
team coordinator reserves the right to limit the number of teams admitted under this exemption.

Entry Fees: There is a $40 team entry fee for each Corporate/Government Agency and media teams and $10 for Running
Club teams, which must accompany the Team Entry Form. In addition, each team member must pay the individual entry fee.
All entry fees and team fees are non-refundable.

Team Captains: A Team Captain must be designated for each team and will be the primary point of contact for the team.
The Team Captain is responsible for assembling and communicating with team members, ensuring that individual entries and
the Team Entry Form are completed and submitted on time, and resolving any problems with the Team Coordinator. Be sure
that all Team Captain information (address, phone numbers, etc.) is on the Team Entry Form.

                       Confirmations, Packet Pickup, Corrections, and Substitutions

Confirmations: The Team Captain will receive a confirmation of the team's acceptance or rejection, along with additional
instructions. The Credit Union Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run Team Coordinator has final authority regarding team

Note: Team members accepted as individuals can run as individuals even if their team applications are rejected.

Packet Pickup: Individual team members should pick up their race packets on Saturday, April 5, 2008. The Team Captain
may not pick up team members' packets without a written authorization from each of those team members. Substitutions and
corrections may be made only as outlined below. No team changes on Sunday morning.

Substitutions and Corrections: Substitutions will be permitted if a team has at least three members and is properly
registered by March 1, 2008. A team member may be substituted only by another registered runner. (In other words,
substitution will not enable a runner to get into the race after the entry limit or deadline, nor will it enable a team that was
incomplete as of March 1 to be filled out.) You may, however, add additional team members, up to the team limit of five. A
removed team member may still run the race, but may not give his/her number to another runner. No more than two
substitutions to a team will be permitted. Substitutions must be made by the Team Captain through the Team Coordinator
prior to March 15, 2008. Substitutions will be accepted at the Team Table on Saturday, April 5, ONLY if the team has less
than the minimum number of runners needed to score (two men and one woman or two women and one man).
Substitutions may be made from registered runners only; no new entries will be accepted. No substitutions will be allowed
on race day. NO EXCEPTIONS.

The no-refund policy applies to team members who are unable to run.

                                          Contacting the Team Coordinator

If you have questions or corrections or need additional Team Entry forms, please call the Race Hotline and leave a message
for the Team Coordinator or send an e-mail to We will respond promptly. Remember,
photocopies of the Team Entry Form are acceptable. Completed race and team entry forms cannot be faxed or e-mailed.
George Banker, Credit Union Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run Team Coordinator, 7507 Overlook Ct.,
Oxon Hill, MD 20745. Race Hotline (Team Competition Mailbox): 301-320-3350; E-mail:
    2008 Credit Union Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run
                                Team Entry Form (10 mile only)
                                                 Please PRINT all information.

                                         Team Category: (Check One)
[   ] Corporate (mixed teams)                                    [ ] Running Club – Male
[   ] Government (mixed teams)                                   [ ] Running Club – Female
[   ] Credit Union (mixed teams)                                 [ ] Running Club – Masters (mixed teams)
[   ] Media (mixed teams)

Company/Agency/Running Club Name: ________________________________________________

Team Name: _______________________________________________________________________

Team Captain: _____________________________________________________________________

Team Captain’s E-Mail Address: _____________________________________________________

Mailing Address: ___________________________________________________________________


Daytime Phone #: ________________________ Evening Phone #:__________________________

                                                    Team Members
                                                                          Entry Form         Already            Race #
Name (Last Name, First)                                 Sex      Age      Enclosed           Entered            (if known)
1. ________________________________                     ____     ____     ____               ____               ______
2. ________________________________                     ____     ____     ____               ____               ______
3. ________________________________                     ____     ____     ____               ____               ______
4. ________________________________                     ____     ____     ____               ____               ______
5. ________________________________                     ____     ____     ____               ____               ______

Fees Enclosed:              Team Fee                             $40 (Corporate); $10 (Running Club)
                            Individual Entry Fees:               $_____
                            TOTAL ENCLOSED:                      $_____

I certify that the above members of our team all work for the same corporation/agency or are members of the designated club in
accordance with the Credit Union Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run team rules.

____________________________________________                                        ___________
Captain's Signature                                                                 Date
Send this team form, individual entries, and payment to:
George Banker, Team Coordinator, Credit Union Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run,
7507 Overlook Ct., Oxon Hill, MD 20745.
Race Hotline (Team Coordinator Mailbox): 301-320-3350

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