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									                                                                                      Applied Arts, Liberal Studies & Communications

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                                                            General Interest
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                                                            Looking	for	a	new	leisure	activity?	
                                                            Needing to update your investment skills? Juggling a
                                                            big to-do list or wanting some fun time out of the house?

                                                            •	 From	creative	art	courses	to	personal	finance	and		
                                                            	 self	development	courses,	Continuing	Education		
                                                            	 has	got	something	for	everyone.

                                                            •	 We	offer	courses	in	the	creative	arts,	music,	new		
                                                            	 age	and	metaphysics,	woodworking,	fashion	and		
                                                               much more.

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  General Interest & Leisure can be reached at 519-748-5220
   All General & Interest Leisure Courses
   (except for Woodworking Courses)                                   Deborah Wolf                519-748-5220, ext. 2212
   Motorcycle Courses                                                 Joyce Irving                519-748-5220, ext. 2200
 	 Woodworking	Courses	                                               Mary McElwain               519-748-5220, ext. 3466

Course Registration Form pg 106 and Program Application Form pg 107                                                                    57
General Interest & Leisure

Homer Watson Gallery                                  Introduction to Glass Blowing                           Communications
                                                      ◆ GINT0322
                                                      Learn the exciting process of glassblowing. You
Drawing is Seeing ◆GINT0805                           will make approximately 7 pieces including              Creative	Writing	Workshop	I	
                                                                                                              ◆ GINT0130
This foundation course in drawing explores the        paperweights, friendship balls, drinking cups
creative spirit through a variety of materials.       and anything of your own design. Your fee               Students taking this course will discover
Techniques in rendering the real world, along         includes all supplies.                                  and develop their writing skills. They will
with the principles and elements of design            Cost $399                                               be encouraged to read daily and to keep a
make this course a great start for budding            Sec 1 G Sa*         11:00 A 6 hr       Jan 23           journal. Each week, written work in a variety
painters and sculptors.                                        & Su*      11:00 A 6 hr       Jan 24           of styles will be written at home and brought
Cost $150                                             Sec 2 G Sa*         11:00 A 6 hr       Feb 20           to class for constructive evaluation, in a
Sec 1 D M*          7:00 P 2.5 hr Jan 18-Mar 1                 & Su*      11:00 A 6 hr       Feb 21           relaxed atmosphere. Offered are introductions
Location* Homer Watson Gallery - Kitchener            Sec 3 G Sa*         11:00 A 6 hr       Mar 20           to poetry, prose, the short story, and other
                                                               & Su*      11:00 A 6 hr       Mar 21           major genres. In order to fully benefit from
                                                      Location* Blown Away Glass Studio, Elora                the course, students should be prepared to set
From the Ordinary to the                                                                                      aside several hours weekly for study, reading
Extraordinary: Paper Sculpture                                                                                and revision.
◆ GINT0705                                            Pottery - Level I ◆GINT0440                             Cost $199
Perfect for the beginner or experienced 3-D           A soul satisfying course in the fundamentals            Sec 1 W W          6:30 P 3 hr      Jan 20-Mar 24
soul. This course covers the principles of            of pottery. You will learn the hand forming
sculpture while using handy “around-the-              methods of clay, including pinch, coil, slab and        Writing	for	Children	◆GINT0515
house” materials such as paper, aluminum foil         the potter’s wheel. Glazing and firing will be          Books have always played an important part in
and styrofoam. Techniques in the materials            taught with the history of this ancient art form.       a child’s early years, with many stories retaining
used, along with unique designs, will give            Cost $250                                               their magic into adulthood. In fact, many adults
students of this course a greater sense of the        Sec 1 D Th*          6:30 P 3 hr       Jan 21-Mar 25    dream of writing their own stories for children
world of sculpture.                                   Location* Dundee Pottery & Stained Glass                but don’t know where to start. Join Harry
Cost $150                                                                                                     Endrulat, author of the Max & Ruby series
                                                                                                              (based on the television program on Treehouse
Sec 1 D W*          7:00 P 2.5 hr Jan 20-Mar 10       Stained Glass ◆GINT0410                                 TV), and discover the writing process. From
Location* Homer Watson Gallery - Kitchener
                                                      Learn the art of Tiffany Style glass work in this       character development to getting your story
                                                      course. Topics of study include history, pattern        published, you will learn the essential steps
Pastel Drawing ◆GINT0895                              making, cutting, copper foiling, soldering and          required to create a children’s book in a variety
                                                      assembling. Students will make several projects         of genres. Each class includes time for you to
Students will learn all the basics of handling        and will create sun catchers, three dimensional         workshop ideas, share your writing and receive
soft pastels and oil pastels. They will learn         projects, lampshades and window panels with             constructive feedback. others.
about colour and play with techniques like            ease and confidence. Be prepared to spend an            Cost $199
blending, scumbling and sgraffito. More               additional $75-150 on supplies.
advanced techniques with applying mediums                                                                     Sec 1 D Th         6:30 P 2.5 hr    Jan 7-Mar 25
and fixatives may be included. Ideal for the          Cost $145
adventurous student who enjoys mixed media.           Sec 1 D M*           7:00 P 3 hr       Jan 18-Mar 15
Cost $150
                                                      Sec 2 D Th*          7:00 P 3 hr
                                                      Location* Breslau-88 Woolwich St. S.
                                                                                             Jan 21-Mar 11    Personal Finances
Sec 1 D M*          7:00 P 2.5 hr Mar 8-Apr 26
Location* Homer Watson Gallery - Kitchener                                                                    New! Everything You Need
                                                      Music                                                   to Know about Funding Your
                                                                                                              Child’s Post Secondary Education
Creative Arts                                         Introduction to Guitar Repair and
                                                                                                              ◆ GINT0998

                                                      Design ◆GINT0270                                        It’s never too early or too late to start planning
                                                                                                              your child’s post-secondary education. This
Glass Fusing ◆GINT0903                                This introductory course will provide students          seminar will address the following subjects:
Glass Fusing is the art of using a kiln to            with hands-on training in the set-up and repair         What are the financial pros and cons of going
join two pieces of glass together. In this            of acoustic and electric guitars. The repair            away or staying local. Should I use a RESP, my
introductory class, you will learn how to cut         of cracks and fractures, a detailed study of            RRSP or my TFSA to build an education fund.
and assemble glass to be fused in the kiln.           fretting technique, the fabrication of hand-cut         Is OSAP the best answer? If you, your child or
Kiln preparation, firing schedules, slumping          nuts and saddles, basic wiring and pick-up              grandchild will be attending a post secondary
techniques, glass compatibility and inclusions        installation will be covered in six 3 hour              institution and you want to know how to fund
will be covered throughout the course. You            sessions. Workstations and hand tools will be           it, this seminar is sure to answer all your
will make several projects starting with a small      supplied for the duration of the course. Study          questions.
learning piece, then an 8” square or round            with Luthier and Guitar Repair Technician,              Cost $50
plate of your own design. Other projects may          Michael McConville. http://mcconvilleguitars.           Sec 1 D Sa         9:00 A 4 hr      Jan 23
include a picture frame, candle base, coasters,       blogspot. com
jewellery, abstract hanging or suncatcher.            Cost $675                                               Investing in Real Estate Wisely
Glass cutting experience is helpful, but basic        Sec 1 S Sa*          11:00 A 3 hr     Jan 9-Feb 13      ◆ GINT0210
glass cutting techniques will be demonstrated         Location* Northwestern Secondary School
for those people new to glass work. Please be                                                                 An informative workshop designed to
prepared to spend an additional $75 - $150 for        The	History	of	Rock	and	Roll	                           de-mystify the real estate investment decision,
tools and supplies.                                   ◆ GINT0311                                              this course explores a number of issues such
                                                                                                              as whether to rent or to buy and whether to
Cost $210                                             Music fans both casual and experienced                  invest in rental income property. Students
Sec 1 D Tu*          7:00 P 3 hr       Jan 19-Mar 9   will be engaged by this in-depth course that            will be able to make informed decisions, and
Location* Breslau-88 Woolwich St. S.                  follows the development of rock and roll from           potentially save thousands by being “in the
                                                      its mongrel origins through to its continued            know”!!!
                                                      transformations in recent times. From Elvis to
                                                                                                              Cost $90
                                                      Nirvana and The Beatles to the White Stripes,
                                                                                                              Sec 1 D Sa         9:30 A 6 hr      Feb 20
                                                      no “Rolling Stone” will be left unturned. Your
                                                      facilitator, Jason Schneider, is a featured music
                                                      columnist with The Record and has co-written
                                                      a book called Have Not Been the Same: The
Find us on facebook®                                  CanRock Renaissance 1985 - 1995.
and become a part of the                              Cost $150
Continuing Education network,                         Sec 1 W Th           7:00 P 2 hr       Jan 28-Apr 15
share experiences and opportunities.

58                                                                                       For detailed program/course information visit:
                                                                                                                           General Interest & Leisure

Personal Finance And Investment                     Fashion and Imagery                                  Homestaging-How to Sell Your
◆ GINT0350                                                                                               Home For Top Dollar ◆GINT0650
Understanding your financial health is too                                                               Join Colleen Ernewein, proprietor of Home
important to ignore. This course is focused on      Look	Your	Best	-	Make-up	for	All	                    Impressions Staging and Decorating, and
matching your life goals - be they retirement,      Ages ◆GINT0300                                       learn how to stage your home for that WOW
estate planning, buying your first house or         Be your own judge and let a make-up expert           factor. You will learn about must do projects
securing your childrens’ postsecondary              help you. Learn to choose products and apply         such as accessorizing, painting, de-cluttering,
education - with your current and future            them so your personal beauty stands out.             furniture placement and more. In addition, you
financial resources. You will be introduced to      Pimples, signs of aging, pigment irregularities?     will learn which renovation projects provide
the multi-silo approach to life cycle financial     Make-up can help. You will learn how to apply        the best return when selling your home. Your
planning and how best to apply it to your           your make-up - not to look like someone else         course fee includes a one-hour personal
situation. You will learn the five W’s of active    or like everybody else, but truly yourself.          consultation with Colleen.
and passive money management with a                 Cost $80                                             Cost $250
particular examination of which alternative is      Sec 1 W Sa         9:00 A 6 hr     Feb 20            Sec 1 W Sa        9:00 A 2.5 hr   Feb 6-Feb 13
most suitable for you. You will learn the how
and when of selecting a mutual fund, an ETF         What to Wear ◆GINT0475
or an individual stock or bond. The psychology
of risk and how to make it work to your             The impression you create is your most               Knitting and Sewing
advantage will be examined.                         important form of communication. We will
                                                    show you which colours complement your
Cost $90                                            skin, hair and eye colouring. An analysis will       Introduction To Crochet ◆GINT0940
Sec 1 D W          7:00 P 3 hr     Jan 13-Feb 10    determine which styles maximize your best            Learn the basics of crocheting and pattern
                                                    features. Your personal makeup and hairstyle         reading to make your own gifts, wearables and
Personal Investment Management                      will be assessed to suit your lifestyle and          home decorating items. You will learn a variety
Techniques	◆GINT0355                                seasonal colouring. You will take home a             of stitches and techniques to create unique
This intermediate investment course will            seasonal colour wallet, a computer printout          designs. Various yarns, shaping and finishing
introduce you to the tools and theories used        with over 100 style recommendations and an           techniques will be discussed and demonstrated.
by the investment industry. You will preview        illustrated shopping guide.                          Simple patterns are provided or bring your
the Canadian and International investment           Cost $160                                            own project.
industry; the key characteristics and investment    Sec 1 W Sa         9:00 A 8 hr     Feb 6             Cost $95
uses of capital; IPOs; how to interpret financial                                                        Sec 1 W Th        6:30 P 2.5 hr   Jan 28-Mar 4
statements and features of the domestic and         What To Wear-Part II ◆GINT0715
foreign bond and equity markets.                    Come learn from a fashion expert the art             Knitting I GINT0285

Cost $90                                            of dressing well. Know the simple steps to           Whether your aim is to learn to knit or to
Sec 1 D W          7:00 P 3 hr     Feb 17-Mar 10    organizing, co-ordinating your wardrobe and          gain knowledge about a variety of stitches,
                                                    realize the importance of basic and capsule          this course is for you. Students will learn
                                                    dressing. Discover the magic of accessorizing        to interpret and follow patterns, be shown
                                                    and setting a style of your own. Discussions will    various finishing techniques, and gain the skills
                                                    include smart shopping tips to maximize your         required to complete simple projects.
                                                    lifestyle, budget, special events and colours and    Cost $95
New! Retirement 101®                                a trip to a local clothing store.                    Sec 1 W W         6:30 P 2.5 hr   Jan 27-Mar 3
◆  GINT0992                                         Cost $125
                                                    Sec 1 W Sa         9:00 A 5 hr     Mar 27            Sewing For The Beginner ◆GINT0390
Are you ready for fresh insights? This distinct             & Sa       10:00 A 3 hr    Apr 10            Introducing the basic operation of your
and proven educational course provides                                                                   sewing machine and fabric construction, this
participants with a personal perspective on                                                              course will also teach how to interpret pattern
the retirement planning process. It addresses
lifestyle, psychological, financial and non-
                                                    Your Home                                            package guidelines. Techniques for various
                                                                                                         seams, zippers and machine button-holes will
financial issues that everyone thinks about                                                              be introduced. Students will construct a basic
or faces during their retirement stage of life.     A Woman’s Guide to Basic Home                        garment of their choice and must provide their
The course is interactive, hands on, relevant       Repair ◆GINT0845                                     own sewing machine, basic sewing supplies
and puts participants in a position of financial                                                         and project materials.
strength and confidence as they plan for their      Designed with women in mind, this practical,
retirement. Each week, the instructor will          hands-on course will give you the confidence to      Cost $110
focus on one of the four pillars of successful      tackle a number of simple household repairs.         Sec 1 D W         7:00 P 2.5 hr   Mar 10-Apr 28
retirement planning: retirement, financial,         Topics include safety, basic carpentry, electrical
investment and estate planning. You are             repairs, home safety/security, installation of
provided with course material to guide you          door locks, installation and repair of drywall       Photography
through the sessions. Upon completion, you          and plumbing. Basic hand tools will be
are entitled to a Customized Retirement Income      discussed and utilized in various small projects.
Model. Unlike many bank or insurance                You will be advised of the most common tools         Digital Photo Management Made
company sponsored courses, Retirement 101®          needed for your toolbox.                             Easy ◆GINT0168
does not discuss or promote any investment          Cost $150                                            In this course, you will learn how to use a
products or suppliers.                              Sec 1 W Th         6:30 P 3 hr     Jan 21-Mar 11     powerful, yet user-friendly software program
Cost $185                                                                                                designed to make memory management easy.
Sec 1 D M          7:00 P          Jan 18-Feb 8     Basic Organizing 101 ◆GINT0855                       You will also learn how to make a simple
                                                    Learn how various organizing styles and              digital photobook to make sharing your
                                                    personalities contribute to the clutter that         photographs easier. This course will appeal to
Women And Money ◆GINT0490                           accumulates in your life. You will learn how to      anyone using a digital camera that is looking
This course is designed for women and will          put S. P. A. C. E. to work, in getting organized     to learn an easy system for managing their
provide you with unique planning strategies for     and various organizing solutions that you can        digital photographs. Fee includes software.
every stage of your life. You will learn how to     put in place either at work or at home.              Cost $120
make your money work for you - both short-          Cost $50                                             Sec 1 W Sa        9:00 A 3 hr     Mar 6
term and long-term. Topics include budgetting       Sec 1 D W          6:30 P 3 hr     Feb 3
tips, debt elimination, protection solutions,
creating wealth with investment tips and
retirement goal planning.
Cost $65
Sec 1 D W          7:00 P 2.5 hr   Feb 10-Feb 17

Course Registration Form pg 106 and Program Application Form pg 107                                                                                       59
General Interest & Leisure

Introduction to Digital Photography                 Mindfullness	Based	Stress	                            returning to school for retraining or upgrading,
◆ GINT0255                                          Reduction ◆GINT0380                                   keeping your knowledge and professional skills
                                                                                                          current and more free time as required reading
Designed to demystify digital photography           Mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) is          can be done in a fraction of the time.
as it relates to traditional 35 mm camera           an 8-week program of instruction on the art
photography, this course will provide the           of bringing meditation into your life. It offers      Cost $120
confidence needed to get full enjoyment out of      a method for enhancing stillness in one’s life.       Sec 1 D Sa           9:00 A 6 hr      Feb 6
your digital camera. This course is held over       It is a way to take care of oneself and promote
5 weeks with one field trip to be scheduled by      relaxation and wellness in daily living. You will     Superboost Your Memory ◆GINT0425
the instructor within this time period.             learn the following skills: Mindful breathing,        You never again need forget a name, face, or
Cost $105                                           attending to little things - daily awareness,         fact. Good memory is not a gift, it is a skill
Sec 1 D W          7:00 P 3 hr     Jan 27-Mar 3     mindful movement, awareness of your own               anyone can master. Tap your brain’s amazing
                                                    emotional reactions, letting go - acceptance.         memory power with techniques that are
Photography - Level I ◆GINT0360                     For more information visit http://barrycull.          proven, enjoyable to learn and easy to apply.
                                                    wordpress. com                                        This fun and fast-paced workshop will lead
Practical demonstrations and review of your                                                               to immediate memory improvement. Your fee
photographs will be provided throughout this        Cost $199
                                                    Sec 1 D W          6:30 P 2 hr      Jan 27-Mar 17     includes a comprehensive manual.
course. You will learn to identify and operate
parts of the camera and compose better                      & Sa       9:00 A 4 hr      Mar 6             Cost $50
pictures. Be sure to bring your Digital SLR or                                                            Sec 1 D Sa           10:00 A 3 hr     Feb 13
35 mm camera (with interchangeable lens) to         Naturopathic Nutrition ◆GINT0760
the classes. This course has one field trip to be   Learn about proteins, fats, carbohydrates,
scheduled by the instructor.                        vitamins and minerals and the body’s ability
Cost $149                                           to break down and digest them. This practical         Special Interests
Sec 1 D Th         7:00 P 3 hr     Jan 7-Feb 25     course will provide you with the knowledge to
Sec 2 W W          7:00 P 3 hr     Jan 20-Mar 10    create nutritious meals at home.
Sec 3 G Tu         7:00 P 3 hr     Jan 19-Mar 9     Cost $50
                                                                                                          Basic Boating ◆GINT0055
                                                    Sec 1 W Th         6:30 P 3 hr      Mar 18            This course is designed to meet the Canadian
Photography - Level II ◆GINT0365                    Weight Loss - A Naturopathic
                                                                                                          Coast Guard’s basic boating safety course
                                                                                                          standard. By completing the course and
Each student will require a Digital SLR or 35       Approach ◆GINT0470                                    successfully passing the approved test, the
mm camera with manually adjustable aperture                                                               student is entitled to a Coast Guard approved
and shutter speeds and several films. Students      Living in our society we are more prone to
                                                    weight gain. Weight gain affects us socially,         Pleasure Craft Operator Certificate. This course
will learn and practice advanced photographic                                                             is designed for persons 16 years of age or
techniques. This is a six-week course with two      mentally and physically. Learn the naturopathic
                                                    approaches to weight loss to improve your life        older.
field trips.
                                                    physically, and mentally.                             Cost $85
Cost $149
                                                    Cost $50                                              Sec 1 D Sa           9:00 A 8 hr      Mar 27
Sec 1 D Th         7:00 P 3 hr     Mar 4-Apr 22
                                                    Sec 1 W Th         6:30 P 3 hr      Jan 28
                                                                                                          Bed	And	Breakfast	For	Fun	And	
                                                                                                          Profit	◆GINT0075
Health and Wellness                                 Self Development                                      Have you ever thought of opening a Bed and
                                                                                                          Breakfast? It can be very rewarding, but you
                                                    Finding	or	Creating	Work	You	Love	                    should not go into it without some essential
Attention	Deficit	Disorder	-	A	                     ◆ GINT0188                                            knowledge about the business. Who better to
Naturopathic Approach ◆GINT0720                                                                           share stories, ideas and lessons learned than
                                                    Do you find yourself dissatisfied at work?            the proprieters of Hillcrest House Bed and
Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) is becoming        Do you want to tap into your hidden talents,          Breakfast, Stefan and Wendy Schuster. With
more prevalent in our society with increased        passions, life vision and interests to define         over 20 years experience in hospitality and
exposure to toxins, poor diet conditions and        work that will leave you excited and fulfilled at     service, Wendy and Stefan will ensure a lively
lifestyle conditions. Learn the physiology          the end of your day? In this comprehensive,           and relevant learning experience. This course
behind ADD and the role that naturopathic           hands-on class, you will learn a step-by-step         will cover the following topics: Getting started,
medicine can play in helping a child with           process of picking a career that expresses your       regulations, tax implications, location, day-to-
Attention Deficit Disorder.                         most creative self and how to make it happen.         day operations and websites. The course will
Cost $50                                            You will learn how to address your fears and          take place at Hillcrest Bed and Breakfast in
Sec 1 W Th         6:30 P 3 hr     Feb 11           how to transition from where you are now and          downtown Waterloo.
                                                    test-drive your dream job.
                                                                                                          Cost $145
Children’s	Health	(Birth	-3	yrs	old)	               Cost $50
                                                                                                          Sec 1 W F*            7:00 P 2 hr     Feb 19
A Naturopathic Approach ◆GINT0100                   Sec 1 D Tu         6:30 P 3 hr      Mar 2
                                                                                                                   & Sa*        9:00 A 8 hr     Feb 20
Learn how naturopathic medicine can help            Lifestyle	Coaching	◆GINT0341                          Location* Hillcrest Bed & Breakfast
treat various illnesses including colic, feeding    In this course, you will learn about the stages
problems, ear infections, immunization and          of change and the process you must go through         Celestial Navigation ◆GINT0217
several others. Also learn how naturopathic         in order to make a successful lifestyle change.       This course provides an overview of the
medicine can improve immune function                You will understand how to identify obstacles         historical background of celestial navigation
reducing risk of illness in young infants.          to success and how to create strategies for           and why it is still relevant in today’s world
Cost $50                                            success.                                              of electronic GPS and navigational aids. You
Sec 1 W Th         6:30 P 3 hr     Jan 21
                                                    Cost $120                                             will learn how to use the sun, moon, stars,
                                                    Sec 1 W W          6:30 P 3 hr      Feb 3-Feb 17      planets and a marine sextant to determine your
Colds and Flu’s - A Naturopathic                            W W        6:30 P 3 hr      Mar 3-Mar 10      position by latitude and longitude anywhere
Approach ◆GINT0740                                                                                        on the globe without the need for batteries or
Colds and flu’s are very common and have a          Speed Reading: Mastering The Age                      electronic gadgets. You will gain familiarity
                                                                                                          with the night sky and how to recognize the
profound impact on us socially and physically.      Of	Information	◆GINT0405                              principal celestial bodies used for navigation
Antibiotics are not always effective and            Are you a student preparing for College or
many over the counter medications have a                                                                  for centuries. Real life examples are provided
                                                    University? Are you faced with the prospect of        by the instructor who has used celestial
suppressing effect on the body and have many        retraining for a new career? Are you looking
side effects. Learn how you can stimulate the                                                             navigation on two transatlantic ocean crossings
                                                    to advance your present career? Are you               in a small sailboat.
body’s own healing processes by increasing          looking for a way to read all the books you
immunity and reduce your risk of developing         have never had time to read? If you answered
                                                                                                          Cost $99
colds and flu’s.                                    “yes” to any of these, then Speed Reading is
                                                                                                          Sec 1 W Th           6:30 P 2 hr      Feb 4-Mar 25
Cost $50.00                                         a must! Benefits of speed reading include
Sec 1 W Th         6:30 P 3 hr     Mar 25           reading faster and understanding more, better
                                                    grades and exam results, easing the pressure of

60                                                                                   For detailed program/course information visit:
                                                                                                                                General Interest & Leisure

Choosing	the	Right	Partner	for	a	                      Woodworking                                         Motorcycle Driver Training
Successful	Relationship	◆GINT0430                                                                          ◆ GINT0315
Are you wondering where you will find “the             C. S. A. approved safety glasses and C. S. A.       Admission Requirements: A valid ‘M1’ licence
one?” In this course we will create your dating        approved footwear are required for all courses      prior to the course start date if you would
plan to help you find ideal partner including          in the Woodworking Centre shop.                     like to be tested for your class ‘M2’ licence.
where and how to meet potential life mates.                                                                Must be 16 years of age or older. Each lesson
You will also determine exactly what you               Finish	Carpentry	&	Cabinet	Making	                  builds on the previous, thereby allowing for
are looking for in a potential partner while           ◆ CARP1020                                          continuous skills improvement for a full riding
developing an effective plan for getting the ideal     This is an individual project-oriented course       experience.
relationship. To ensure future relationship            designed for both the novice and experienced        Cost $415
success you will learn about scouting, sorting,        woodworker. Students will acquire the
screening and testing potential partners. Using                                                            Weekend courses – Fri 7:00 – 10:00 PM,
                                                       knowledge and skills required to efficiently and    Sat & Sun 8:30 AM – 6:30 PM
the ten principles of conscious dating, you will       safely use the types of hand tools, power hand      Start Dates: March 26, April 2, 9, 16, 23, 30, May 7, 14,
become the chooser of your next relationship           tools and stationary equipment available to the     28, June 4, 11, 18, 25 July 2, 9, 16, 23 August 6, 13,
and get what you really want.                          home craftsperson. Participants should think        20, 27 September 10, 17, 24 October 1, 15, 22, 29
Cost $50                                               about their projects or select a project drawing
                                                                                                           Weekday courses –
Sec 1 D Tu          6:30 P 3 hr     Feb 23             prior to first class.
                                                                                                           Mon, Tue & Wed 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM
                                                       Cost $309.95
Getting	Ready	for	a	Successful	                        Sec 1 D Sa        9:00 A 6 hr     Jan 16-Mar 6
                                                                                                           Start Dates: May 3, 17, June 7, 21, July 5, 19, August 16
Relationship ◆GINT0432
If you have not found the right relationship           Introduction	To	Woodworking	                        (M2	Exit)	-	Experienced	Rider	
or find yourself re-entering the dating stage          ◆ GINT0535                                          Course ◆GINT0005
and want to ensure your future success,                Work through a project from rough wood to
this course will help. You will define who                                                                 Admission Requirements: Applicants must have
                                                       completion. The project is preselected and          attended a Novice Rider program and have
you are and what you want regarding your               alternates each semester. Layout, measuring,
relationship requirements, needs and wants                                                                 had their ‘M2’ class license for a minimum of
                                                       cutting, machining, joinery, assembly and           18 months or had their ‘M2’ class license for
for a sustainable and fulfilling life partnership.     sanding are included. Select your own
You will clarify your life and relationship vision                                                         at least 22 months. All applicants must bring
                                                       preference in woods and learn the proper use        their own motorcycle (min. 250 cc), proof of
and develop a profile of your life partner and         of hand and power tools. NOTE: Pad, pencils
a relationship plan to attract this person into                                                            insurance and registration, and the mandatory
                                                       and a tape measure are required at the first        gear. Course includes testing to upgrade from
your life. Learn the 14 dating traps and how to        class. A reasonable additional cost is required
avoid them. This course will help you find the                                                             an M2 to an M class license.
                                                       for project.                                        Cost $389.00
love of your life and the life that you love.
                                                       Cost $230.63                                        Fri 7:00 – 10:00PM, Sat OR Sun 8:30AM – 6:30 PM
Cost $50                                               Sec 1 D Tu        7:00 P 3 hr     Jan 12-Mar 30
Sec 1 D M           6:30 P 3 hr     Jan 18                                                                 Start Dates:
                                                                                                           April 16, 23, 30, May 14, 28, June 11, 18, July 2, 16, 23,
                                                                                                           August 6, 20 September 10, 24 October 1, 15
New Age/Metaphysics                                    Motorcycle Driver Training                          Gearing-Up/Rider	Refresher	
                                                                                                           ◆ GINT0975
                                                       Conestoga has been offering motorcycle driver
Advanced Psychic World ◆META0130                       training to new and experience riders for over      Prerequisite: Student Must hold an M or
Recommended: META0110 The Psychic World                30 years.                                           M2 Licence. This course gives students a
or permission of instructor                                                                                hands-on opportunity to review and utilize
                                                       For	all	of	our	riding	programs,	student	must	       motorcycle riding skills in a structured and
Advanced Psychic World continues where ‘The            come prepared with mandatory riding gear:           controlled environment. Students review rider
Psychic World’ left off. Covering topics such          certified	helmet,	sturdy	jacket	and	pants	          and equipment preparation and safe street
as alternative realities, ley lines, other styles of   (leather,	corduroy,	or	denim)	sturdy	boots	         riding strategies. Students practice balance,
meditation, and astral projection, this class will     which	cover	the	ankle,	and	full	fingered	           braking, accelerating, turning, shifting, obstacle
be taken on two group projections. Students            leather	gloves	(rain	gear	is	optional).	            avoidance, tight maneuvers and hill start skills
will need to bring a blanket and pillow.               Participants must be at least 16 years old and      using College owned motorcycles. Students
Cost $80                                               those under 18 must have a waiver signed by a       must have previous experience on motorcycles
Sec 1 D Sa          10:00 A 6 hr    Mar 13             parent or guardian. Motorcycle Driver Training      and possess basic riding skills. Participation
                                                       (GINT0315) is a Canada Safety Council (CSC)         in this course may be eligible for a discount
Reincarnation	-	Who	Were	You?	                         Motorcycle training course that gives 22 hours      on your insurance. Check with your insurance
◆ META0060                                             of instruction. Included in the course is the CSC   provider for eligibility.
Exploring the possibility of past lives and what       Workbook “Gearing Up”. Full	attendance	for	         Cost $210.00
Karma is, this one-day workshop gives some             the 22 hours is mandatory.
                                                                                                           Mon 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM,
interesting theories on why bad things do              Class sizes maintain a ratio of 1 instructor
                                                                                                           Tue & Wed 6:30PM – 9:30PM
happen to good people and why you are where            to 5 students. Participants are engaged in
                                                                                                           Start Dates: May 3, August 16
you are today. This class also includes three          intensive practical riding on a strategically
group past-life regressions which may help the         designed circuit that progressively build and
students to remember their previous lives. A           reinforces riding skills. The course concludes
blanket and pillow is needed for this class.           with Ministry of Transportation testing for the

Cost $80                                               M2 class license. Motorcycles are supplied by
Sec 1 D Sa          10:00 A 6 hr    Feb 27             the college.

The Psychic World META0110  ◆                          Getting Started ◆GINT0690
This one-day seminar will help you to develop          Designed as an introduction to motorcycling,
the dynamic powers of your mind. The course            this course provides an orientation to
will cover such topics as E. S. P. games to            motorcycling and responsibilities of the rider.
increase your own abilities, learn how to              College motorcycles are used to familiarize the
meditate, how to see auras and decipher what           student with the motorcycle and its controls.           We cancelled it because we didn’t
the colours mean. We will discuss how to               Students will be better equipped to make smart          know you wanted it!
interpret your dreams and control them, Astral         choices of proper training and motorcycle
projection and more.                                   equipment.
Cost $80                                               Cost $4.76                                              Be sure to register at least 7 working days
Sec 1 D Sa          10:00 A 6 hr    Jan 30             Sec 1 D Apr 1,21, May 6, June 3, July 8, Aug 26
                                                                                                               before the start of your course.

Course Registration Form pg 106 and Program Application Form pg 107                                                                                              61
General Interest & Leisure

Scooter Gearing Up ◆GINT0318                       Motorcycle Driver Training-Level 2                      Basic Motorcycle Maintenance
Admission requiremenst: Valid M1. This CSC         ◆ GINT0321                                              ◆ GINT0060
“Scooter Gearing Up” course is designed to         This course is designed for individuals who             This course, gives motorcyclists a basic
take the brand new rider through all of the        have completed Motorcycle Driver Training,              understanding of general maintenance using
skills needed to feel comfortable and confident    and would like to further enhance their                 college equipment. Topics include safety,
riding a “LSM” ie less than 50cc Scooter and       riding skills using their own motorcycles. It           tools, lubrication, engine types, drive systems,
moped, on the street. The course is suitable       will also be of interest to riders with limited         suspension and electrical systems all focused
for those who have never ridden before as well     experience or as a refresher of basic skills.           on providing the novice with information for
as for those who have some previous riding         In-class discussion will focus on riding skills         proper do-it-yourself servicing.
experience. An “M2L” test will be done at the      and techniques as well as group riding and              Cost $125
end of the course. You will learn basic skills     consideration for road commuting. On the lot,           Tues & Thurs 6:30 – 10:00 PM
such as balancing, proper braking, starting the    you will practice slow speed control, cornering         Start Dates:
engine, slow speed riding, etc. You will also      technique, push steering, collision avoidance           March 23, April 20, September 21, Oct 12
learn more advanced skills such as curves and      and quick stopping. The class will finish with
collision avoidance techniques. At the end of      a group ride with stops en route to discuss
the course, the successful student will have the   considerations while riding.
necessary skills to ride a scooter comfortably     Cost $139
and safely. Students will be required to bring     Mon & Wed 6:00PM – 9:00PM
their own scooters as well proper riding gear.     Start Dates: May 10, June 7, July 19, Aug 16
When you successfully complete the Ministry
“M2L” test (done on-site), you will get The CSC
certificate that your insurance agent is looking
for, and the upgrade documentation for your                                                                             C O N E S TO G A
“M2L” licence.
Cost $220.00
Sat & Sun 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Start Dates: May 8, June 5, July 10, Aug 28                                                                               continuingeducation

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