MMSLLC_Licenses by cuiliqing


									                                                                   MMS, LLC Licenses
State                                      Regulatory Body
Alabama                              State Banking Department
                        Department of Commerce, Community and Economic
                          Development - Division of Banking and Securities
Arizona                         Department of Financial Institutions
Arkansas                               Securities Department
California                          Department of Corporations
                       Department of Regulatory Agencies - Deparment of Real
Connecticut                            Department of Banking
Delaware                       Office of the State Bank Commissioner
District of Columbia    Department of Insurance, Securities and Banking Bureau
                       Division o fFinance, Bureau of Regulatory Review Office of
                                           Financial Regulation
Georgia                            Department of Banking and Finance
Hawaii                              Division of Financial Institutions
Idaho                      Department of Finance Consumer Finance Bureau
                         Department of Financial and Professional Regulation
                                           Division of Banking
Indiana                           Department of Financial Institutions
Iowa                                       Division of Banking
                          Office of the State Bank Commissioner - Division of
                                    Consumer and Mortgage Lending
Kentucky                          Department of Financial Institutions
                        Office of Financial Institutions Non-depository Division
                                      Residential Mortgage Lending
Maine                            Bureau of Consumer Credit Protection
Maryland                         Commissioner of Financial Regulation
Massachusetts                                Division of Banks
Michigan                      Office of Financial and Insurance Regulation
Minnesota                              Department of Commerce
Mississippi                 Department of Banking and Consumer Finance
Missouri                                   Division of Finance
Montana                      Division of Banking and Financial Institutions
Nebraska                          Department of Banking and Finance
New Hampshire                             Banking Department
New Jersey                      Department of Banking and Insurance
New Mexico                   Financial Institutions Division Mortgage Unit
                                          Banking Department
New York
                                            Banking Division
North Carolina                Commissioner of Banks Mortgage Division
North Dakota                     Department of Financial Institutions
Ohio                         Division of Financial Institutions
Oklahoma                     Department of Consumer Credit
Oregon                 Division of Finance and Corporate Securities
Pennsylvania                      Department of Banking
                           Department of Business Regulation
Rhode Island
                                     Division of Banking
                   Consumer Finance Division of The Board of Financial
South Carolina
South Dakota                         Division of Banking
Tennessee                  Department of Financial Institutions
Texas                 Department of Savings and Mortgage Lending
Utah                               Division of Real Estate
                 Department of Banking, Insurance, Securities, and Health
                                    Care Administration
Virginia                      Bureau of Financial Institutions
Washington         Financial Institutions Division of Consumer Services
West Virginia                        Division of Banking
Wisconsin                 Department of Financial Institutions
Wyoming                              Division of Banking
S, LLC Licenses
                          License Type               License Number
                         Mortgage Broker                  21302

                      Mortgage Broker/Lender            AK391375

                          Mortgage Broker             MB-0919511
                          Mortgage Banker               103470
                        Finance Lenders Law            6031803
                  Mortgage Company Registration       Not applicable
                         Mortgage Lender               ML-391375
                         Licensed Lender                11767
                         Mortgage Lender               MLB391375

                         Mortgage Lender                MLD305
                    Mortgage Broker/Processor            31654
              Mortgage Loan Originator Company         HI-391375
                      Mortgage Broker/Lender            MBL-7576
                       Residential Mortgage           MB.6760792
                    First Lien Mortgage Lending          16181
                          Mortgage Banker              2011-0007
                        Mortgage Company              MC.0025090
                        Mortgage Company                MC73913
                    Residential Mortgage Lending      Not applicable
                       Supervised Lender               SLM11884
                        Mortgage Lender                   19582
                   Exempt Company Registration        Not applicable
              1st Mortgage Broker/Lender License       FL0017594
                   Residential Mortgage Originator   MN-MO_391375
                          Mortgage Lender                391375
                  Residential Mortgage Loan Broker      11-1998
                          Mortgage Lender                391375
                      Mortgage Banker License             2117
                          Mortgage Broker              16690-MBR
                    Residential Mortgage Lender       Not applicable
                      Mortgage Loan Company           Not applicable
                    Mortgage Broker Registration        A007416
                      Mortgage Lender License          L-151337
                          Money Broker                 MB102182
 Mortgage Loan Act Certificate of
        Mortgage Broker               MB001933
       Mortgage Lender                ML-5035
    Mortgage Broker License            34452
           Loan Broker                20122826LB

     Mortgage Broker License          MB-1125200
        Mortgage Lender                ML.04922
        Mortgage License                111842
Independent Contractor Processor /
                                     Not applicable
      Underwriter Company
         Mortgage Entity               7915143
         Mortgage Broker               1061 MB
            Broker                      MC-5571
     Consumer Loan Company             CL-391375
     Mortgage Broker License           MB-30865
        Mortgage Banker                391375BA
     Mortgage Lender/Broker               220
Mortgage Loan Originator Licensees
 Licensee Name         NMLS ID#

Breckenridge, Marc      782209

   Colbert, Amelia      401614
 Cunningham, Elgina     401816
   Darland, Cheryl      409219
  Disharoon, Kathy      402228
    Dykes, Lorna        401880
Jameson, Harry Ross     175460
  Koehler, Claudia      401723
    Nifong, Judy        402161
  Scherzinger, Ann      320084
    Serio, Sandra       401163
   Suzawa, Harvey       826199
   Weaver, Robin        883458
    Wise, Gerald        87460

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