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					                               NMUN-NY ADVISORY BOARD APPLICATION (2012-2014)


The NMUN-NY Advisory Board was created in 2008 to help assure the quality of the NMUN –NY simulation by both: (a)
providing advice to the Secretary-General and Directors-General of the NMUN-Conference; and, (b) giving attending
schools a voice in conference planning through the election of faculty members by their peers. The prior two year’s SGs
and DGs will typically also serve as part of our commitment to continually learn from past simulations and improve the
conference. The NMUN-NY Advisory Board is separate from the NCCA Board of Directors which manages organizational
finances and sets long term priorities for programs, including the NMUN Program. The NCCA views the creation of the
NMUN-NY Advisory Board as an asset to assure quality in planning the current year’s annual NMUN-NY conference while
the NCCA Board focuses on long-term, strategic issues.

The NMUN-NY Advisory Board will have up to 10 voting members with the election of additional faculty to two year terms
and the possible selection of the 2012 NMUN SG/DGs as advisors to the 2013 Secretariat Terms are for two years. The
NCCA-NMUN Executive Director or designate will also serve on the Advisory Board as a liaison between the Advisory
Board and the NCCA.

Requirements and Responsibilities

           Participation in e-mail discussions of committee choices, topic selection, volunteer staff training input.
           Three prior years of experience as an advisor at NMUN-NY with the intention to attend the next year’s conference.
           No travel is required; all work is done electronically.

Declaration of Candidacy
We urge you to speak with the current Advisory Board members to obtain a first-hand perspective on the positions and the
organization (e-mail addresses are on the NMUN Web site).

Current members, serving in voting or non-voting positions, are below. * = serve(d) also as a delegation’s advisor

   2011-2013 NMUN-NY ADVISORY BOARDTERM                             2010-2012 NMUN-NY ADVISORY BOARD TERMS

   Ronny Heintze, NMUN SG 2011                                      Prof. Pam Chasek*, Manhattan College
   Chris Leischwitz*, Ludwig Maximilians U                          Emefa Gbedemah, NMUN SG 2010
   Doris Martin*, Bahrain Universities MUN                          Prof. Nils Mueller*, Helmut Schmidt U
   Jennifer Hathaway Spalding, NMUN SG 2009                         Jennifer Stewart, NMUN DG 2005
   Amanda Williams, NMUN DG 2011

  Michael Eaton (Executive Director) has served ex-officio.

  To apply:

             Submit the 1-page Advisory Board Application (page 2 of this document) by 26 March 2012 at noon New York
              time to: Michael Eaton (
             PLEASE WRITE NMUN ADVISORY BOARD APPLICATION in the subject line.
             Ballots will be distributed at NMIUN-NY registration (one per school with an advisor attending) and due that day.
              A summary of the answers on the next page given by each candidate will be available.

Time and Financial Considerations

           After the election, a brief in-person meeting may be held in New York.
           For work during the year, contact will be through e-mail dialogues or possibly conference calls for updates on
            programs, approving committees and topics, advising on training.
                          Application for NMUN-NY Advisory Board Candidacy


2012 NMUN Venue
                           (Sheraton or Marriott – so we can contact you if elected)

Contact Details

             Cell Phone

We want to understand your views on NMUN operations and how your potential contributions might benefit
the conference. Please answer the following questions. Limit your response to this page/the space provided.
Address and contact information will not be distributed. You are welcome to also send your résumé or CV.

1.   Please briefly describe your academic and professional background, and other relevant experience.

2.   Why do you seek a position on the NMUN-NY Advisory Board?

3.   Please briefly outline the specific skills you bring, or contributions you hope to make, to the Advisory Board.

                                  LIMIT RESPONSE TO THE SPACE ABOVE!

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