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True Believer by Nicholas Sparks - Great Reading


									    True Believer by Nicholas Sparks

                                 Great Reading!!!

Jeremy Marsh is a born skeptic and a science journalist who s pecializes in
debunking the supernatural. When he hears about ghostly apparitions in a
cemetery in Boone Creek, North Carolina, he leaves his beloved New York
City for this small, rural town-and what his instincts tell him could make a
great story. What he doesnt plan on is meeting and falling hopelessly in
love with Lexie Darnell, who is sure of one thing: her future is here in
Boone Creek, close to the people she loves. Now, if the young lovers are
to be together, Jeremy must make a difficult choice: return to the life he
knows in New York, or do something he could never do before... take a
giant leap of faith.

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I loved this book, and even more so after I read the sequel, AT FIRST
SIGHT. Jeremy Marsh the main character in both books is the ideal man
all women would love to have love them, the way he loved Lexie. The
supernatural or unexplained happenings are an added bonu s, but you dont
really get the full impact of that part until you read At First Sight. I would
love to see a movie made from both books. I still have more of Ncholas
Sparks books to read, and I cant wait. Read both books, this one first, you
wont be disappointed.

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