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									  Strange Times by The Moody Blues

                         A Must For Moody Blues Fans!

It figures that the Moody Blues dignified brand of pop rock would age well.
The groups second studio album of the 1990s--its first in eight years--
reveals a veteran foursome still capable of delivering sophisticated goods
in a satisfying manner. The 57-minute package, the first self-produced
recording the group has released since this current lineup formed in the
mid-60s, takes a yearning, cautiously optimistic view of our modern state
of being and adorns it with a pleasant sheen of mature energy. The sound
ranges from politely symphonic to playfully Beatle-esque. Strange Times,
in fact, offers a few nods to the Moody Blues storied history, even including
a spoken-word coda by Graham Edge à la Days of Future Past. (The
poetic content is a bit baffling, though.) Justin Hayward is in fine voice, and
the albums uptempo pieces (Foolish Love, The One, English Sunset) rate
as highlights Though a touch too sweet in places, Strange Times is an
engaging listen for long-time fans. --Terry Wood

My beloved Moody Blues aren't the spring chicks they once were but then
neither am I. They're a lot older and grayer, but don't seem quite ready for
their rocking chairs. They would all qualify for the senior citizen discount at
any of the local buffet restaurants in my area, but I don't see 'em parking in
the handicap spots- not yet anyway. Like the old cliche says they are like
fine wine, only getting better with age. Indeed they have aged well, hence
the title for my review. I am not going to give an in-depth, song by song
review here, just a very brief synopsis on the album as a whole.

I have to give 'Strange Times' 5 stars because it is a truly beautiful piece of
work by the marvelous Moodies. Their singing and songwriting are as
great as ever, their music still sounding like the Moody Blues. Justin
Hayward: what can you say, the man is indeed amazingly gifted and
advancing years haven't diminished that at all. He is in top form here in this
work. The man certainly knows how to pen great songs and then sing them
like no one's business. He leaves me in awe sometimes at just how he
does it.
The one thing, the only thing that 'ST' didn't provide me was a rocking tune
by my favorite rocker, John Lodge. That was a shock to me, as I can
always count on "Johnny B. bad" to rock my world- at least once per
album. Lodgie has been the rocking soul of the Moodies since 1966 and I
cannot imagine them without him, and this album shows me exactly how
much I would miss that. Perhaps John moves to the beat of a slower drum
these days, at least in what he puts on paper. He still rocks it on stage,
though. Regardless, his work on this album is superb, bringing out his
loving romantic side. Listening to his sweet airy voice in my headphones
is........ aaaahhhhh. For that pleasure alone, I can forgive him for not letting
me get my groove on to his driving bass line.

Bottom line: The Moody Blues are still The Moody Blues, wrinkles and all.
They have been giving us joy for over 40 years with their talents and
music. I know the world is a better place, simply because their voice is in it.
This album is a must-have addition to any Moody lover's collection. Enjoy!

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