South Was Right The by James Kennedy - A Look In The Past A Glimpse Of The Future by kellyp990


									     South Was Right!, The by James

                              The South Was Right!

An authoritative and documented study of the mythology behind Civil War
history, clearly exhibiting how the South was an independent country
invaded, captured, and still occupied by a vicious aggressor.

The best feature of this book by far is how it illustrates how the United
States of America changed from a constitutional republic to despotism. To
the casual observe today, he can readily note the continued abuses of the
federal government. As during the Southern War of Independence through
the multiple wars the federal government is waging abroad the theme has
been consistent. Human rights, civilian casualties, and the right to be left
alone all fall to the wayside when it comes to the greed of the politicians in
Washington DC. This book allows readers to come away with a correct
understanding of the events that led to the Southern War of Independence.
This understanding sheds a new light on the federal government tyrannical
ways and warns of future peril for the federal government if they continue
to abuse its own citizens.

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