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									          Songs From The Westcoast

                              Elton's Best Album

Luis Mejia (son) - Songs From The West Coast came up in 2001, selling
more than 4 million copies, its the best album Elton John had released in

Songs From The West Coast represents the return of a legend, having a
set of consistent, piano ballads all over the album, its his comeback to a
strong, formidable musicianship. It assembles emotional, classic style,
story telling, good natured, serious and potent moods within all of its
beautiful compositions. After nearly two decades of hearing Elton J ohn
getting weaker and weaker, this stunning new millenium debut claims that
Elton didn't loose the spark, he just needed the perfect moment for
releasing another brilliant work. Elton John came up with the strongest
components for making a smashing album, including his classic band and
a new producer, Patrick Leonard, certainly one of the most important
aspects of the critical success of Songs From The West Coast, 'cause
Chris Thomas poisoning production was obviously one of the main causes
of Elton's decadent career. Songs From The West Coast skips a lot of
mistakes seen in his 90's albums; for example, it doesn't stay unfocused,
unmemorable or uninspired, it doesn't has a poisoning production, or
unmellodic, dull tunes, it doesn't possess any foolish genr e
experimentation, among other weak characteristics among his previous
albums. Still, the excessive piano ballad style in every song, and the lack
of other genre features, like his classic piano rock for example, keeps the
album a little bit boring and with the aspect of nothing new, but still those
aspects are nothing compared to all the fantastic aspects in this marvelous

The album's classic, potent, undertaking and focused sounds make up a
collection of valueable songs. Almost every song comes pia no crafted, with
a mellodic and memorable style, the album comes as a wonderful and
enjoyable work: The Emperor's New Clothes is the first song that gives the
first sign of beauty and mellody, not marking any dissapointment. Dark
Diamond is one of the most original songs present, with its unechoing
instruments performance, its piano based composition and with a fresh,
light style, its one of the best in this album, and it also has the feature of
one of my idols, Stevie Wonder, playing the harmonica. Look Ma, No
Hands is an emotional balladry with a very comprehensible mood,
although a little bit of a common song. American Triangle is certainly the
most inspiring, personal and emotional song Elton and Taupin has written
for a long time, it tells the story of Mathew Shepard, an adolescent who
was brutaly killed because of his homosexuality. Original Sin is the most
romantic and delightful ballad in the album, keeping a strong piano ballad
basis. Birds, although is maybe the only song I didn't like in the album, it
keeps a nice, recognizable, country-like style. I Want Love is another
romantic ballad like Original Sin, although it stays as the most famous
song in the album. The Wasteland is the most original mellody in the
album, keeping an enjoyable, well crafted mood even covering the all time
classic Muddy Waters' instrumental section. Love Her Like Me is a
romantic balladry with its moments, although is kind of rutine and common.
Finally, Ballad Of The Boy In The Red Shoes, Mansfield and the famous
This Train Don't Stop There Anymore are three of the most beautiful,
orchestrated songs, the three are full of emotions and possessing sensitive
mellodies. Track pick: Dark Diamond, American Triangle, Original Sin, The
Wasteland, Mansfield, This Train Don't Stop Ther e Anymore.

Among the artists' performance, Elton John returns with an explosive,
mellow piano performance, stay away from the synthesizers, and his vocal
hability is now fully developed and as enjoyable as always. Bernie Taupin
lyrics keep an unexpected, emotional touch, being also the return of his
unique hability to write memorable, poetic lyrics.

In conclussion, Elton John strikes back with this marvelous album, keeping
in touch with his piano ballads' roots, and proyecting a fierceful image,
reminding every one who is and who was the greatest star in the world.

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