SanDisk 2GB MicroSDTransFlash Card with SD Adapter SDSDQ2048 Bulk Package - Great Deal by kellyp990


									  SanDisk 2GB MicroSD/TransFlash
 Card with SD Adapter (SDSDQ-2048,
            Bulk Package)

                              Nice Little Card

2 GB Memory (SDSDQ-2048-A10) in TransFlash/ Micro SD/ Mini SD/
SDIO format is an ideal way for you to add more memory to your cell
phone!2 GB Memory Card: will Easily expand and customize your cell
phone entertainment experience and share content with other personal
electronic devices. You are no longer constrained by embedded cell phone
memory limitations.How much Memory do you need? Click here for a
Storage Chart.W HAT YOU GET2 GB Micro SD memory carda ( May be
SanDisk Kingston or Dane-Elec). SD/ SDIO adapter to hold TransFlash/
Micro SD in other devices using SDIO slots. Mini SD adapter to hold
TransFlash/ Micro SD in other devices using MINI SD slots. Jewel case.
Lifetime warranty applies. Motorola TransFlash/ Micro SD 2 GB Memory
Card + MINI SD adapter + SD/ SDIO Adapter can be used with USB SD
Card Readers to Easily transfer files from your cell phone to your computer
or other memory device. Be certain you have the correct Memory card
desired as Memory cannot be returned unless replacing a defective
memory card.If you cannot locate your cell phone owners manual refer to
SanDisk cell phone compatibility chart here. Supported Models and
Categories:Audiovox SMT-5600 / SPV-C500 (HTC Typhoon) Cell Phone
AccessoriesUTStarcom SMT5800 Cell Phone AccessoriesUTStarcom
XV6800/ PPC6800/ HTC Titan Cell Phone AccessoriesAudiovox CDM-
8940 Cell Phone AccessoriesUTStarcom CDM8945 Series
AccessoriesAudiovox PPC4100 PDA Series AccessoriesAudiovox
PPC5050/ HTC Falcon AccessoriesAudiovox PPC6600/HTC Harrier
AccessoriesAudiovox PPC6700/ HTC Apache AccessoriesAudiovox Sharp
TM150 Series AccessoriesDanger Sidekick 1 Series AccessoriesDanger
Sidekick Slide Series AccessoriesPalm Centro 690 Series
AccessoriesPalm Treo 600 Series AccessoriesPalm Treo 650 Series
AccessoriesPalm Treo 680 Series AccessoriesPalm Treo 700 Series
AccessoriesPalm Treo 750 Series AccessoriesPalm Treo 755 Series
AccessoriesHitachi G1000 AccessoriesHP 510 Series AccessoriesHP
6300 Series AccessoriesHP iPAQ hw

* SanDisk 2 GB MicroSD/TransFlash CardGeneral Features: 2 GB
capacity Compatible with all MicroSD/Tran
* Includes a Secure Digital MicroSD/TransFlash adapter with lock
* Sandisk SDSDQ-2048 (Bulk Package)

Product is great, but I didn't read the manual/my phone sucks.

My phone (Nokia 6085) doesn't work with it the way I'd like. I thought it
would expand my memory so I could receive more text and multimedia
messages - nope. Unfortunately it only expands memory for you to store
photos OUTSIDE of the messaging system. You can save photos from
each of your messages one by one (annoying), but you can't move
messages and it does NOT expand your memory for messages.

This is, of course, entirely my fault since I didn't read my phone's manual
beforehand which somewhat clearly states that it only expands memory
outside of messages.

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SanDisk 2GB MicroSD/TransFlash Card with SD Adapter (SDSDQ-2048, Bulk Package)
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