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					                      Plastic Ono Band

                                  Lennon's Best

One of my first memories is of being in my father's apartment, at age 6, in
1988, listening to his Beatles records, with the song "I Don't Want to Spoil
the Party" playing. Needless to say, I have always been a big fan of The
In 2000, when I was 18 and just graduated high school, I decided to
branch out and explore some of John Lennon's individual music, as I didn't
have any of his solo albums. He was always my favorite Beatle, and I
always loved "Imagine," and admired him.
Plastic Ono Band was the first album of his I bought, and when I brought it
home and listened, I was completely struck and devastated with emotion at
what I heard. The pain and sadness and emotion that come through in
these songs... it was almost unbearable to me to hear. Listening to "God,"
and the line about him not believing in Beatles, was devastating to hear,
even 30 years after they'd broken up. The song "Mother" and "My
Mummy's Dead" are also especially hard to listen to. Not to say it's not
great music, because it certainly is a FANTASTIC album-- but it's so
REAL, that it's hard to NOT be affected by it. That's just another reason
why I love John so much, though, because he WAS that real.
A major favorite of mine on this album is "Love." The song is just so
incredibly BEAUTIFUL... his voice and the pure emotion of it haunts me
and brings me to tears.
This is not an album to be taken lightly. I can listen to these songs over
and over again, and feel like I'm there with John, hearing the raw truth of
what he was going through at that time in his life. It's a really powerfully
emotive experience. This is one of my favorite albums of all time.

(Note: I do not have the version with the added bonus tracks. I agree with
the other reviewers who say that it's a bit sacrilegious to alter the original. I
will keep my copy of POB WITHOUT the added tracks, thank you.)

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