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Origin Of Symmetry - Muse On Vinyl - What More Do You Want


									                    Origin Of Symmetry

                          Amazing, Complex, And Beautiful

Origin of Symmetry is Muse's second album, and probably my favorite of
theirs. As I type this right now, I am scrolli ng through and looking at the
negative reviews. One says that Bellamy's voice is "rubbish", and that "he
wants to be Jeff Buckley". I don't see the resemblance- the falsetto is just
Bellamy's style. And that said, I think Bellamy has one of the best singin g
voices of recent times.

Origin of Symmetry is definitely Muse at their peak, beginning with "New
Born", which begins with a nightmarish piano riff you'd hate to hear in the
dark while you're trying to sleep. Then more piano kicks in and Bellamy's
soft vocals just help the song drift off. Then a totally [...] guitar riff kicks in
and the band just explodes, the song soon turns into a kick-in-the-teeth
metal song. Then the second track, "Bliss", which is Muse's best song,
begins with a dreamy keyboard riff that makes you think of an island
somewhere far away, then the rest of the band kick in and give us 4
minutes of pure kickass. "Hyper Music" cuts away from the soft, dreamy
intros and just explodes into a great metal track.

Song number 5, "Plug in Baby", is one of the best tracks on the album, and
one of their biggest tracks ever. Sure the title is enough to make you cringe
(to the point where your muscles tension up) but aside from the lame title,
it's one hell of a rocker. "Micro Cuts" is Queen-esque Muse at work, and is
just enough to make you claim this as their best album. THeir cover of
"Feeling Good" is great too, and even makes an appearance in the recent
Will Smith movie Seven Pounds.

In short, this may be their best album, and is totally an example of why, as
the other reviewer says, "Art Rock Lives".

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