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									 Losing It: And Gaining My Life Back
   One Pound at a Time by Valerie

                    Italian Mama Did It The Jenny Craig Way!

A Note to Amazon Readers (and a Q&A) from Valerie Bertinelli           Dear
Amazon Customer,          Glad to see you here and hopefully purchasing my
book. Ive heard if you buy multiple copies its a better experience--a better
one for me! But seriously, Im usually on Amazon, too. Ive been buying
books through the site for ten years. I enjoy reading the reviews. I get a
good sense of the book, and I like to hear what other people have to say.
Like in a traditional bookstore, I can look at the cover, peek inside the
book, and check out the bestseller lists.       Valerie     Do you have a
favorite character from a book? I love Scout and Atticus from To Kill A
Mockingbird.       If you can be any character from a book, who would you
like to be? I would like to be Scarlett and I would let Rhett know how
much I love him. How do you decide what next book you want to read?
If it’s for my book group, whoever hosts the next gathering picks the book,
so it’s picked for me seven out of eight times. But on my own, I read
reviews and ask people whose taste I like what they’re reading. Where’s
your favorite place to read? Either lying in bed or on the sofa next to the
fireplace.      What is your favorite genre? I don’t really have one.

Knowing there is no "magic bullet" to solving weight loss issues, I think this
book does an excellent job of detailing one person's journey through how
she got overweight, why she stayed overweight and how she discovered
how to control her weight problem.
I grew up loving Valerie Bertinelli and romanticizing her life with rock icon
Eddie Van Halen so this book was of particular interest to me as a result. I
am not sure if you aren't interested in her on some level what you will get
out of the book.
Valerie does a wonderful job of explaining the good and bad of her life, she
accepts responsibility for her mistakes, she gives accurate descriptions as
to other's flaws without villianizing them. The book left me feeling that she
had a very complicated yet real and relatable life.
I love how she described her embarrassing moments, social mishaps and
vulnerabilities. She could be your next door neighbor, but just happens to
be famous, which is actually refreshing. She explains the social and
professional pressur es in Hollywood to be thin and how she struggled, yo
yo dieted and went to extreme measures to manage those pressures.
Oftentimes we see stars as svelte and fit creating an impression that they
are just naturally this way which further adds to our own internal battles
"why can't I attain that, there must be something wrong with me". This
book helps dispel that myth and made me stop and wonder what other
stars who appear thin are struggling with and what they are doing behind
closed doors to stay that way.
This book does not give advice on how to lose weight but more so it
provides insight as to the journey of learning to love yourself, take control
of your life and understanding how/why you are in the situation you are in.
Typically weight gain, eating habits and exercise are all tangled up in that.
Valerie describes this as a journey and I couldn't agree more.
I have been on the Jenny Craig program for years and understand that this
is a lifestyle change not a diet. The weight is just a part of the lifestyl e
change but is the one part that everyone else can see but the change that
really matters happens on the inside.

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