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									                Ixnay On The Hombre

                         Its Not Smash, But Thats Good

I've been listening to the Offspring for about eight years now, but for some
reason I never picked this one up until recently. It hasn't yet grown on me
like Smash or even Conspiracy of One, but it has some great tracks, many
of which are really funny.

I rate the tracks with all other Offspring songs in mind.

Disclaimer: 5/5 - Really hilarious and clever intro, probably the best of any
of the Offspring albums, if not a little over the top...

The Meaning of Life: 4.5/5 - Great energetic opener, what you would
expect, but not quite as powerful as Americana's "Have You Ever" and
Smash's "Nitro".

Mota: 3/5 - This has one of those great little high-powerchord intro riffs that
the Offspring are known for, and it really sets a good mood for this faced-
paced satirical song. But not one of my favorite off the album, pr obably
because the chorus isn't as cool as the verse.

Me & My Old Lady: 4.5/5 - Longest song ont he album, Really catchy riff
and verse rhythm, and the brief lead guitar melody near the beginning is a
nice difference from other songs. I think this songs "she aint no ball and
chain" was probably influenced by the Social Distortion song, but maybe

Cool To Hate: 5/5 - Just an awesome well-paced song, the lyrics are
brilliant. Probably the most memorable track from the album. I only wish I
hated this song, so I could be cool

Leave It Behind: 4/5 - A good short and fast follow-up to that last song.
The opening riff makes me think of "Genocide".
Gone Away: 5/5 - Really not a typical-sounding Offspring song; The intro
and verse vocals sound more like they are off a grunge or alternative rock
album. The chorus is very memorable, too. This rates as one of the
Offspring's best slower songs.

I Choose: 3.5/5 - Hahaha, the first 1.5 seconds of this always throw me off
because it sounds like that Van Halen song "Unchained". The main riff and
rhythm of this song are cool, but I just don't like the vocals on this song. I'm
sure others might strongly disagree with me. Though it does have a nice
solo about midway through.

Intermission: 5/5 - Ahhhhhh....

All I Want: 5/5 - So the guitar parts aren't quite as interesting as other
songs on the album, but this quick song has an awesome vocal melody.

Way Down the Line: 4/5 - Song about how kids turn out just like their
parents. Has one of those Offspring choruses similar to One Fine Day or
Walla Walla.

Don't Pick It Up: 4/5 - I like how this song almost sounds like its gonna be
serious at the start. This is the obligatory ska-punk-sounding song on the
album and its pretty funny.

Amazed: 3.5/5 - Not-typical-Offspring in a similar way as "Gone Away". If
you've listened to the Conspiracy album, the chorus sounds similar to
"Vultures", but a little better. I think the main thing I don't like about the
song is its placement after "Don't Pick it Up". The guitar is pretty
unspectacular compared with other songs on Ixnay except for the
interesting little lead melody at the beginning.

Change the World: 4/5 - Starts with that mysterious interesting guitar riff
that ended the song "Smash" on the previous album. I like how it builds off
of that with drums, 2nd guitar etc. This song always reminds me of that
song "Revolution" by the Beatles.

I should add that I don't really listen to any punk, mostly classic roc k,
progressive and instrumental rock, and some metal. But the Offspring is a
great band with diverse albums I love to listen to straight through. it never
gets dull, it never gets old. If you're just getting into their music, definitely
go for something like Smash first instead of the newest albums; but if you
have that one already, Ixnay is an excellent choice, as is Ignition or

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