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									    Insect Lore Live Butterfly Garden

                              We Love Butterflies

Did you know that painted ladies (the butterflies, that is) taste with their
feet and have 10,000 eyes? You and your kids will be fascinated by all you
learn about these beautiful creatures with the Butterfly Garden from Insect
Lore. The kit comes with a relatively easy-to-assemble observation
chamber; supplies for feeding the butterflies (you provide only sugar and
water); an informative booklet of clear instructions and butterfly facts; and
a certificate for three to five free painted lady caterpillars. The
metamorphosis from larva to butterfly takes about three weeks from when
you receive the caterpillar larvae (which arrive in a small container with all
the nutrients they need). Your children can watch the larvae increase
dramatically in size, form chrysalides, and finally emerge into full-fledged
painted ladies (its suggested that they release the butterflies after a few
days of observation). This would make a wonderful activity for families
with kids of any age, but younger children will need help assembling the
observation chamber and reading the instruction booklet. (Note: The
manufacturer recommends that butterflies should not be set free in
temperatures lower than 55 degrees Fahrenheit.) --Rachel Radway

* See butterfly metamorphosis up close.Reusable, collapsible habitat.
* Includes feeder.Complete instructions included.
* Includes mail-in voucher for five butterfly larvae and special food. ($3.00
fee for processing)
* Witness one of natures most spectacular transformations up close.
* Just mail in the included coupon for larvae and food.

I bought this 3 or 4 years ago for my son. Sent away for the caterpillars
and had two delighted kids watching the whole process happen. Each
summer this has also been our lightening bug container each night in June
and July. We've caught local caterpillars and had varying degrees of
success having them turn to butterflies or moths.
My son's preschool and kindergarten class have also borrowed it for a
month at a time when they were doing butterfly projects.

So it wore out. Hence we are happily buying another one and will start
over with sending away for caterpillars this spring and I'm sure it will house
many more creepy crawlies to come.

It is easy to store (folds down and velcro holds together). The zipper is
easy to use (both my son and daughter could manage it at 3 1/2. It is way
more humane than the plastic bug holders with a magnifying glass
because air circulates and temperature is less likely to get hot.

We highly recommend.

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