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									  Grindhouse: Planet Terror starring
  Rose McGowan, Freddy Rodriguez,
   Michael Beihn, Josh Brolin, Jeff


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If there's one thing I like more than zombie movies, it's parodies of zombie
movies. "Planet Terror" delivers in a huge way, by spoofing just about
everything you could hope for.

Just because this is a hilarious parody/comedy doesn't mean it's for kids,
though. There's a lot of disturbing material here, often more disturbing
because it's humans behaving badly, rather than simply zombies doing
what zombies do. In one of the most horrific cinema scenes I've ever
scene, a young boy shoots himself because he is too young to responsibly
handle a gun (or he doesn't feel capable of being saddled with the
instruction to kill anyone who approaches - even his abusive father). In
another scene, an attempted rape comes to a disturbing halt due to the
inability of the would-be rapist to maintain...structural integrity of his
melting genitals. This isn't exactly light-viewing we're talking about.

Yet as a deconstruction of the genre, "Planet Terror" is superb. Every trick
in the director's book is used with hilarious effect, including a false "missing
film" / "intermission" during which all the introductory misunderstandings
and usual "coming to grips with the situation" material all occurs without
the audience being privy to the material. This is a particularly nice touc h, in
my opinion, since the "let's face it - they're zombies" speech really has
nothing new to contribute at this point anymore.

If there is a downside to this movie, it is that Rose McGowan receives her
leg-weaponry far later in the film than previews would have viewers believe
- but every second afterwards is golden, climaxing in a truly hilarious
ending that will have all zombie fans rolling on the floor laughing. If you like
zombie movies, and like making light of them, "Planet Terror" is for you.

~ Ana Mardoll
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