Greatest Hits - Amazing Vocals And Amazing Songs by kellyp990


									                         Greatest Hits

                      Amazing Vocals And Amazing Songs

And they are by an amazing artist. This cd is full of catchy dance tracks
and beautiful ballads.
Vision Of Love-a very powerful ballad taht is so good it gives me
goosebumps 5/5
Love takes Time-heart wrenching, very emotional and sad 4/5
Someday-very old school, catchy chorus full of power adn
independence,graet for dancing 5/5
I Don't Wanna Cry-sad, grows more powerful as song continues 4.5/5
Emotions-not my favorite, but has a good chorus, danceable 4/5
Can't let Go- an emotional song about not being able to let go of a lover
Make It Happen-not only is it catchy, it has a greeat spiritual message. It is
great. 5/5
I'll Be THere-a live cover, very beautiful duet 4.5/5
Dreamlover-very catchy and i love it, my favorit on this cd, one to jam to
Hero-her famous inspirational song, it is so good and very uplifting 4.5/5
Without You-full of emotion, beautiful yet sad rendition 5/5
Anytime yOu need A fRiend-good with an excellent choir 4.5/5
Endless Love-great love duet, evn better than original 5/5
Fantasy-catchy and makes you feel good, great dance song 4.5/5
one SWeet Day-inspiring duet, very uplifting, with a good mix of vocals
Always Be My Baby-a catchy, happy love sond, love the hook 5/5
Forever-old school ballad, it is good 4/5
Underneath The Stars-fairly good, but nothing special like some tracks
Honey-catchy and hip hop influenced, good for the clubs 4.5/5
Butterfly-a song about letting someone go and hoping 4/5
My all-an emotional powerful ballad full of feeling, great performance 4.5/5
Whwn You BElieve-great duet, i love both performers, great message
I sTill Believe-a song about hope of being with a lost lover 4/5
HeartBreaker-hip hop ish but very good and catchy 4/5
Sweetheart-not the best 3.5/5
Can't Take that Away-good message about how noone can bring you
down if you don't let them 4/5
Thank God I Found You-great duet, happy and touching 4.5/5

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