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									  Evolution starring David Duchovny,
   Orlando Jones, Julianne Moore,
   Seann William Scott, Ted Levine

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Based on the evidence in Evolution, one thing is perfectly clear: special
effects have evolved, but director Ivan Reitman has reverted to primitive
pandering. Equally obvious is the fact that Evolution is a de facto rip-off of
Reitmans 1984 classic Ghostbusters, but this time theres no Bill Murray to
deliver the best punch lines (we have to settle for fellow ghostbuster Dan
Aykroyd in a broad supporting role), and the comedy has devolved into a
grossfest including deep-rectal extraction of alien insects, fire-hose
enemas into a giant alien sphincter, and a full-moon display of David
Duchovnys naked posterior. Whereas Ghostbusters was a shrewd,
irreverent mainstream comedy that combined gooey spectral ectoplasm
with something resembling genuine wit, Evolution is a crude, juvenile romp
in which all things slimy are elevated to comedic supremacy. Granted,
thats not always a bad thing. As latter-day ghostbuster equivalents,
Duchovny, Orlando Jones, and Seann William Scott make a fine comedic
trio, and Julianne Moore is equally amusing as a clumsy scientist and
Duchovnys obligatory love interest. Despite the meddling of clueless
military buffoons, they join forces to eradicate a wild variety of rapidly
evolving alien creatures that arrived on Earth via meteor impac t, and the
extraterrestrial beasties (courtesy of effects wizard Phil Tippet and crew)
are outrageously designed and marvelously convincing. For anyone who
prefers lowbrow humor, Evolution will prove as entertaining as
Ghostbusters (or at least Galaxy Quest), while others may lament
Reitmans shameless embrace of crudeness. One things for certain: after
seeing this movie, youll gain a whole new appreciation for Head &
Shoulders shampoo. --Jeff Shannon

This movie is a classic! We've quoted from this movie for years and
decided we needed to own it at last! We laughed just as hard this latest
time as we did the first time. The movie arrived within a matter of days, too
- which was REALLY nice!
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