Arrested Development Season 3 - Amazing by kellyp990


									     Arrested Development Season 3

                           An Under Appreciated Gem

I love "Arrested Development" and consider it to be one of the most
original, funny, offbeat, and intelligent television shows of all time. Having
said that, I waffled between a four and five star rating for season three
solely because while great, it still wasn't quite up to the amazingly high
standards of the first two seasons. In the end, though, I couldn't bring
myself to give it anything less than five stars, because it just isn't fair to
punish the third season simply because the first two seasons were so far
off the charts and warranted a rating greater than five stars.

Season three is shorter than the first two seasons, and the jokes are both
a bit more biting, and a bit more off-color compared to the earlier shows.
As always, Ron Howard's narration is a clear winner, and helps viewers
new to the show to get their bearings on what's going on. One of the chief
delights of the show for me is the long-running plotlines that span seasons:
this season they become even more otherworldly and convoluted. Jason
Bateman is a great actor and centers the off-kilter ensemble cast. This
season he dates a British woman (Charlize Theron) and explores the
British section of Orange County, in a lengthy subplot that was my least
favorite of the entire series. I never thought this story helped flesh out
Michael's character, nor did it further the flow of the show in what was an
already truncated and busy season.

As always I loved Jeffrey Tambor as the lunatic patriarch of the Bluth
family, and especially enjoyed the subplot about his trial for treason and
the bizarre aftereffects of his dealings in Iraq. The guest stars this season
were also great and included luminaries like James Lipton and Andy
Richter. My favorite piece of casting was Scott Baio as attorney Bob
Loblaw (who even has his own Internet site, the "Bob Loblaw Law Blog").
Baio is brilliant here, as is Justine Bateman who makes a sultry
appearance in an amazing turn of events. The entire cast is strong, the
vast majority of the material is great (the rest is very good), and the finale
is totally unexpected, which is exactly what you would expect from
"Arrested Development." This is a great show, and while season three is
not my favorite season, this is still genius on a disc.
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