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									                A Night At The Opera

                              The Album Rocks

Night At The Opera released by Queen in 1975 has contributed to
changing the face of rock music for ever. Their hard rock and even metal
movements all of a sudden were being listened to by ever growing crowd
of people who would have not came near such music before. On the other
hand, the lovers of hard rocking sound started accepting softer rock, folk or
even pop songs they would normally be running away from. Night At The
Opera has mixed it all up which in itself was a bit of a gamble. However,
that was an easy gamble to take considering how many great songs this
album contains. I wonder if the band had any idea which song would
become their ticket to riches, when they were working on their material.
Bohemian Rhapsody by many called the best piece of rock music ever
written became that breakthrough hit for the Queen. Considering how
many bad songs become huge hits it was good that i n this case the song
was great. However, the fact that The Prophets' Song (which to me sounds
like it could be dedicated to Robert Plant) went straight to oblivion and got
very poorly rated by many is a mystery. You might want to listen to this
song carefully. Following The Prophets' Song both Love Of My Life, a
beautiful love song and Good Company, a melodic parody which sounded
like it was written and sung by Paul McCartney took us all the way to the
Bohemian Rhapsody. When we used to listen to records an d not cds nor
digital files back in the 1970s, putting side B of this album on was a great
experience. Night At The Opera's side A starts with great Death On Two
Legs (Freddie wanted to express his feelings towards their former
manager right away), which after a funky and moody little filler Lazing On A
Sunday Afternoon takes us back in time and....roaring forward again I'm In
Love With My Car, the best song ever sung and written by Roger Taylor,
their drummer, which also happens to be the most beautiful car love song
ever. The following song You're My Best Friend was composed by their
bass player John Deacon and makes this album a true team effort.
Following it is another great song by Brian May '39. The only song on this
album that I could never get into was Sweet Lady, which was followed by
Seaside Rendezvous, funky moody filler taking you back to the 20s or 30s
again. These short fillers, because they are strong and stylistically so all
over the place, work well with the complex structures of Bohemian
Rhapsody and The Prophets' Song, and together with the remaining love
and rock songs create quite an album. Queen's following album Day At
The Races was very strong as well. Their following albums contained
some great songs but my recommendation would be to turn to their earliest
music first, if you like both Night At The Opera and Day AT the Races and
you are thinking about exploring their music further.
 I have compiled my favorite Queen songs, which include most of their
emotional jewels, but which possibly omit some very good songs with
heavy, hard or metal sounding loud parts (I need to do it so I can keep on
playing music at our showroom/office nonstop and loud, without distracting
our clients). My compilation starts with my favorite Queen song :

1.     Teo Torriatte (Let Us Cling Together)
2.     White Queen
3.     Love Of My Life
4.     Nevermore
5.     Jealousy
6.     Bohemian Rhapsody
7.     Forever
8.     Dear Friends
9.     Don't Try So Hard
10.    The March Of The Black Queen
11.    The Millionare Waltz
12.    Killer Queen
13.    Spread Your Wings
14.    Who Wants To Live Forever
15.    Las Palabras De Amor
16.    You're My Best Friend
17.    You Take My Breath Away
18.    We Are The Champions
19.    Bicycle Race
20.    I'm In Love With My Car
21.    Lilly Of The Valley

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