5th Bn Suffolks Part2

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					Service Details
Cha 5832478 Pte Blake W M Arthur, D Coy,
Joined 20/06/1940 Frison Suffolk

4805236 Pte Blanchard John Wm Arnold,D Coy
Born 20/05/13 Joined 01/03/1940 Leeds

Cha 5832480 Pte Blew Albert Victor, C Coy,
Born 14/03/13 Joined 20/06/1940 Wing Bucks

5839806 Pte Blizzard Geo Edward, A HQ Coy,
Born 23/09/12 Joined 23/05/1939
Bury St Edmunds

5832483 Pte Bloom Ralph B E, HQ Coy,
Born 08/05/14 Joined 20/06/1940 Ipswich
Employed as Chiropodist since capitulation

5832927 Pte Blumson Jas W M,C Coy,
Born 28/08/13 Joined 24/06/1940 London

C'Kai 5832484 Pte Blythe Robt, A Coy, Born
27/07/13 Joined 20/06/1940 Comforth

CHS 5825773 Pte Boast Sidney Robt WM
C Coy,Born 28/08/15 Joined 25/10/1932

C'Kai 5828533 Cpl Bolton Fredk Ernest, HQ Coy,
Born 27/05/16 Joined 26/05/1939 Haughley

6020683 Bolton H G, A Coy, Killed in
action 15/02/1942

5827901 Pte Bonnett Dennis Arthur, A Coy,
Joined 18/10/17 Joined 15/01/1940
Bury St Edmunds

5832486 Pte Boon Walter Sydney, HQ Coy
Born 28/04/1920 Joined 20/06/1940 Gt Glenham

4805249 Pte Bosworth Albert John, HQ Coy,
Born 29/12/12 Joined 15/03/1940
Sawley Derby

Cha 4805309 Pte Bosworth Ernest Edward,
D Coy, Born 09/01/18 Joined 15/03/1940

5830312 Pte Bowridge Albert Richard, C Coy,
Born 26/01/19 Joined 16/10/1939 Plaistow

5828926 Pte Bowers Douglas Ernest,HQ Coy,
Born 01/08/17 Joined 18/01/1940 Cottenham

5834547 Pte Bowers Alfred Edward, A Coy,
Born 04/04/10 Joined 26/07/1940 Audley End

5828714 Pte Bowman Claude WM Gale, D Coy,
Born 06/02/17 Joined 13/06/1939 Sudbury

Cha 5833402 Pte Bradbury Percy, A Coy,
Born 15/08/16 Joined 27/06/1940 Southall

5834551 Pte Bradford Edward Chas, B Coy

HWP 5826653 Pte Branch Harold Stephen,
HQ Coy, Born 22/08/12 Joined 02/04/ 1936,
Hadleigh Suffolk

6028694 Pte Bratchell Red Fredk, HQ Coy,
Born 02/05/10 Joined 15/08/1940
Pattern Wilts

CHA 5832933 Pte Breed John, B Coy, Born
21/03/13 Joined 24/06/1940 Stefford Beds

HWP 5828557 Pte Bretherick W M John,
HQ Coy, Born 28/12/19 Joined 07/06/1939

5832895 Pte Brett Stanley Robt, D Coy, Born
16/12/20 Joined 14/06/1940 Badwell Ash

5828429 Lcpl Brett Thos Ivan, HQ Coy, Born
20/08/20 Joined 12/05/1939 Mendlesham

4805308 Pte Brewin Robt, D Coy, Born 16/04/16
Joined 15/03/1940 Mansfield

Wampo 5825246 Cpl Brewster Regd Chas
Born 27/06/12 Joined 12/01/1931 Glemsford

HWP 4805303 Pte Briggs Stanley, HQ Coy,
Born 08/09/16 Joined 15/03/1940
Keighley Yorks

4805285 Pte Briggs WM Joseph, D Coy, Born
04/04/16 Joined 15/03/1940 Derby

5832491 Pte Bright Geo Arthur, HQ Coy, Born
01/05/15 joined 20/06/1940 Edmonton

K'buri 5838315 C/Sgt Brighton Alfred Jack, A Coy
Born 02/09/12 Joined 06/05/1939
Bury St Edmunds

HWP 5828326 Pte Brinkley Albert Edward,
HQ Coy, Born 04/04/20 Joined 05/05/1939

5828256 C/Sgt Brinkley Edward Geo, C Coy, Born
01/04/14 Joined 02/05/1939

CHS 5950422 Pte Brooks Archibald Colin, A Coy,
Born 02/11/19 Joined 15/01/1940 Battersea

Cha 5830716 Pte Brown Austin, A Coy, Born
24/12/18 Joined 20/10/1939 Oldbury Birmingham

5828426 Pte Brown Bertie, A Coy, Cambs

5828262 Cpl Brown Benjamin Bernard Duncan,
C Coy, Born 28/11/20 Joined 04/05/1939 Fulham

RV 5830899 Pte Brown James Arthur, B Coy,
Born 24/11/18 Joined 18/10/1939

Cha 5932807 Pte Brown John Ernest, A Coy
Born 02/09/19 Joined 10/05/1939 Wisbech

4805311 Pte Brown Kenneth, B Coy, Born
06/04/16 Joined 15/03/1940 Boston Lincs

5824691 Pte Brown Wilfred, A Coy, Born
24/09/09 Joined 05/02/1929 Winston Green

5830717 Pte Brown WM.HY, A Coy, Born
06/04/19 Joined 20/10/1939 Quarry Bank Staffs

5834559 Pte Bruce Ernest, D Coy, Born 15/11/11
Joined 26/07/1940 Cambridge

5828442 Lcpl Bruce Edward Jas, HQ Coy, Born
29/12/13 Joined 17/05/1939 Elmswell

5828440 Pte Bruce Albert, HQ Coy, Joined
17/05/1939 Elswell Suffolk

5828177 Pte Brundell Sidney Arthur, Att D HQ,
Joined 26/04/1939 East Bergholt

5830718 Pte Bruntnell Kenneth George, C Coy,
Born 28/02/19 Joined 20/10/1939 Dudley Worcs
5828675 Pte Brute Herbert John, D Coy,
Born 06/04/10 Joined13/06/1939 Clare

CHS 5828153 Pte Buckles Fredk WM, C Coy,
Born 21/01/17 Joined 24/04/1936
Civilian Details                                  Details of Death
Occupation Under Gardener,C of E, Father          Died at Tambya 15/11/1943 suffering from
F Blake No 4 Council House Friston                Beri-Beri
Saxmunden Suffolk

Occupation Labourer, Meth, Father                 Died in Malayan General Hospital Sick in
Mr Blanchard 29 Newlands Brigg Lincs              Hospital 15/02/42 rejoined unit 23/02/42 Died of
                                                  Cholera at Matona 17/07/1943 Buried same
                                                  place N/K Aug 45

Occupation ????? Worker, C of E, Wife Winifred    Died according to information received from
Florence 76 Askwell St Leighton Buzzard           Lt Carter Cholera 30/06/1943 Kanburi

Occupation Labourer, C of E, Wife Hilda Dorothy
9 Church Walk Bury St Edmunds

Occupation Clerk, C of E, Wife Mary Edna Violet
3 Sherrington Rd Ipswich

Occupation Labourer,C of E, Wife Mrs Blumson      Died at Nong Pladuk 2 at 0535 hrs 13/05/1944
47 Manor Rd Harlow Essex                          from Amoebic Dysentry, Buried at 1645 hrs Nong
                                                  Pladuk Cemetery 13/05/1944

Occupation Wool Mixer, C of E, Father R Blythe
39 Grosvenor Rd Limbury Luton Beds

Occupation Labourer, C of E, Father Sidney
Boast 27 Ford View Rd Stowmarket Suffolk

Occupation Horseman,C of E, Wife Edith May
7 Wind Gap Lane Haughley Suffolk

Father Conway Chapel Lane Kirby Cross Essex

Occupation Painters Machine Minder, C of E,
Father H Bonnett 168 Westgate Rd Bury
St Edmunds

Occupation Gardener, C of E, Mother Mrs Boon
Gt Glenham Nr Saxmundon Suffolk

Occupation Shop Assist, C of E, Muriel E
17 Whiting Ave Toton Notts

Occupation Boat & Shoe Operative, Meth,          Died Beri-Beri at Tambya 05/11/1943
Mother Mrs Bosworth 4 Pike Lane Northampton

Occupation Jobbing Hand, C of E, Father A J
Bowridge 253 Elm Park Ave Romford Essex

Occupation Labourer, Bapt, Mother Mrs Bowers
20 Oakington Rd Cottenham Cambs

Occupation Labourer, C of E, Wife Mrs A Bowers   Died at Matona on 28/07/1943 Suffering from
26 East St Saffron Walden                        Beri-Beri N/K Jul 45

Occupation Butcher, C of E, Mother Mrs D E
Bowman Winifreds Nethergate St Clare
Sudbury Suffolk

Occupation Labourer, C of E, Mother Mrs          Died 21/07/1943 Dysentry N/K 24/09/1943
Bradbury 14 Bankside Southall Middlesex

Cof E, Wife Mrs Bradford                         Killed in action 13/02/1942

Occupation Engineer, C of E, Father G Branch     Died 04/06/1943 Tonshan of Dysentry
124 Angel St Hadleigh Suffolk                    N/K Jul 45

Occupation Domestic Servant, C of E, Father
F Bratchell, Littleton Panel W Levington
Devizes Wilts

Occupation Labourer, Bapt, Wife WinifredEileen
25 Orchard St Skempston?? Beds

Occupation Timber Feller, C of E, Mother Mrs     Died at Kano hospital camp on 30/06/1943
Lord 29 Circular Rd Prestwick Manchester         Buried in cemetery cause Dysentry N/K June 45
adopted son

Occupation Tree Feller, C of E, Father A Brett
2 Long Thurlow Badwell Ash
Bury St Edmunds

Occupation Factory Hand, C of E, Father
Ernest 6 Council Cottage Mendlesham

Occupation Collier, C of E, Father Mr Brewin     Died at Chungkai on 11/11/1943 suffering from
4 Slant Lane, Woodhouse, Mansfield Notts         Cardiac Beri-Beri N/K Sept 45

Occupation Labourer, C of E, Father Chas
Brewster 11 Council Houses Angel Lane
Glemsford Sudbury Suffolk

Occupation Commercial Traveller, Meth, Wife      Died 07/07/1943 N/K 43 Cholera
Marjorie Lilian Briggs 10 Shilley St

Occupation Moulders Labourer, C of E, Wife
Mary Ann 63 Northwood Ave Chaddesden Derby

Occupation Grocery, RC, Wife Ethel Victoria

Occupation Clerk, C of E, Wife Sheila Elizth
Tower Cottage Church Yard Bury St Edmunds

Occupation gardener, C of E, Mother Florence
8 Council Houses Drinkstone Suffolk

Occupation Costing Clerk, C of E, Wife Dorothy
Bessey 69 Bury Rd Stowmarket Suffolk

Occupation Carpenter,C of E,
Mother Mrs E Brooks

Occupation Plumber, C of E, Wife Gladys          Died at Nichy Diarrhoea 30/10/1943
126 Waterfall Lane Old Hill Staffs

Occupation General Labourer, Wife Mrs Brown
72 Cannon St Bury St Edmunds

Occupation Moulder, Cong, Father Benjamin
Milden Clayhill Hintlesham Nr Ipswich

Occupation Railway Greaser, C of E, Father       Died Aug 43 Maleria & Beri - Beri N/K Dec 44
J Brown 67 Tower St New Fletton

Occupation Labourer, C of E, Wife Lily May
65 Priors Rd Bury St Edmunds

Occupation Deck Hand, C of E, Father Arthur      Died at Kanburi 03/08/1943 Bac Dysentery
5 Burn St Gainsborough Lincs                     N/K Oct 45

Occupation Farm Labourer, C of E, Father John    Died at Chunkai on 21/10/1943 suffering from
Brown Winston Green Nr Debenham                  Dysentrey N/K Oct 45
Stowmarket Suffolk

Occupation Carpenter, Cof E, Father W H Brown    Died at Kanburi 29/12/1943 Suffering from Ulcers
5 Westfield Rd Quarry Bank Brierly Hill Staffs   & Dysentery N/K Aug 45

Occupation Labourer, C of E, Wife Edna
Gwendoline c/o 71 Roebuck Lane
West Bromwich

Occupation Labourer,C of E, Father Jas Holden    Died at Chunkai on 20/08/1943 suffering from
Bruce 1 Cooks Rd Elmswell Suffolk                Malaria & Dysentery N/K Oct 45

Occupation Moulder,C of E, Father Jas Holden
Bruce 1 Cooks Rd Elmswell Suffolk

Occupation Farm Labourer, C of E

Occupation Boot Repairer, C of E, Mother
Mrs Bruntnell 1 Hawthorn Rd Priory East
Dudley Worcs
Occupation Gardener, C of E, Mother Emily
Stoke Rd Clare Suffolk

Occupation Labourer, C of E, Mother Mrs Buckles   Died at Hakodate 12/02/1944
2 Lower St Stratford St Mary Colchester Essex

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