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									What is AquaSquirts ?
A new play-based aquatic program
Designed for boys and girls under 11 yrs
AS helps to improve swimming skills, such
as breathing, floating & propulsion
Learning is cleverly disguised as play
Theme-based lesson plans
AquaSquirts Lessons
Let’s Float               Let’s Visit Sea
Let’s Go Under Water      Creatures
Let’s Go Upside Down      Let’s Have Fun with
Let’s Move in the         Patterns
Water                     Let’s Go Team
Let’s Go to the Regatta   Let’s Give a Show
            What is
AquaSquirts TOO ?
Follow-up program to the original
Same play-based philosophy
New themes
Builds on skills learned in AquaSquirts
      AquaSquirts TOO
Kaleidoscope Magic
Pirate Surprise
Circus Tricks
Wild Weather
Anchors Away
Adventures in Sport
Oceans Alive
Mirror Images
Oh Canada!
Traditional Swimming Lessons
             Is designed to complement a child’s
            progression through swimming levels

Perfect for the child who:
• needs a break from lessons or
• is struggling with advancement (stuck at one level)
• is advancing very quickly through swimming courses
• who enjoys aquatic activity without the pressure of moving
  through levels
      Program Partners

Designs & develops the     Trains instructors (WSI’s &
program                    IT’s)
Markets and promotes the   Delivers the program
program nationally         nationally
Provides training &        Sells program materials
delivery assistance to     Promotes the program
programmers                nationally
Sells program materials
 Why offer AquaSquirts ?
Turn-key program
Instructor training is simple – workshop is short
and lesson plans are ready-made
Delivery is easy – no special equipment required
& no time-consuming swimmer evaluations to
Synchro Canada and Red Cross provide hands-
on support
Promotional material is widely available offers tons of tools/
resources for instructors & programmers
What’s new with
AquaSquirts ?
Fun activity sheets for swimmers
Freebies & promotional items (for a limited
Instructor supplement for adapting AS to a
younger age group (4-5 yrs old) … coming in
         Need Ideas ?
Offer as a summer camp program
Hold an AquaSquirts Day during regular
swimming classes or public swims
Target parents whose child fits the AS profile
Distribute AS pamphlets to children upon
completion of Red Cross Swim 4, 5 & 6
Have a launch – Zone Coordinators are available
to help!
Just Add Water!

Don’t miss out on
        Contact Us !
•   Email:
•   Web:
•   Call Synchro Canada at: 613-748-5674 ext. 7
•   Call Red Cross at: 1-877-356-3226
•   Call your Red Cross Program

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