Ones_ Tens_ and Hundreds

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					Ones, Tens, and Hundreds
Show numbers to 200.
Look for patterns in different place value
Relate groups of tens to decade numbers and
    Ones, Tens, and Hundreds
• Use the 10 x 10 side of your MathBoard.
• Let’s write numbers 1 – 10. Make sure that
  you watch Miss Udell!
• Now, let’s write the numbers from 101 to 110.
• Finally, let’s count by 10’s to 110.
    Ones, Tens, and Hundreds
• Let’s talk about patterns!
• Look at the bottom row of our 120 poster.
• What does the 1 at the bottom of the left
  column tell us?
• What does the zero tell us?
    Ones, Tens, and Hundreds
• Let’s look at our Secret Code Cards!
    Ones, Tens, and Hundreds
Now let’s look at the dot grid on our

• Count aloud as you circle the dots.
• Label each group as a 10.
• What will we write under the last group of
  ten? Why?
• What are the different ways to say 100?
      Ones, Tens, and Hundreds
• Now, circle the dots in the 11th column.

•   How many tens have you circled altogether?
•   How many hundreds in this number?
•   How many extra tens?
•   How many extra ones?
•   How do we write this number?
Ones, Tens, and Hundreds

What does this number tell us?
   Ones, Tens, and Hundreds
• Now, show one more dot on your grid.
• We need two volunteers to come to the
    Ones, Tens, and Hundreds
• Draw a square around the 10 tens.
• This is called a Quick Hundred.
• From now on, we will not circle all of the dots
  or draw all the Quick Tens inside the Quick
  Hundred. We’ll simply draw a square around
  the 10 tens to show a Quick Hundred!
   Ones, Tens, and Hundreds
• Now it is your turn!
• Write the Numbers 101 to 200!
            Challenge Activity!
• A palindrome is a number that is the same
  when read from left to right or right to left.
• 11 is an example. Think of other examples.
• Make a list in your math journal. You may
  work with a partner.

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