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                                        Unit Packet 5
                                      Human Body Systems

**Parents: Please sign on the line below to indicate that you have seen your child’s
unit packet. Thank you!!

                                                            Mrs. Gellman

Parent Signature:____________________________________________________(15 points)

_____*****Place this checklist in the front pocket of the Unit Packet. Your
handwritten Table of Contents should be the first page in the prongs of your folder.
(5 points!)

         * indicates that the page is on loose-leaf paper.
            Page #                                  Description                             Date
                1         Human Body Systems Presentations – directions                      2/27/12
                2         Human Body systems – Questions for Your System                     2/27/12
                3         Levels of Organization in a Multicellular Organism                 2/29/12
                4         Text: Body Organization and Homeostasis                            2/29/12
                5         Human Body Systems Packet (including diagrams)                      3/6/12
                6         Text: The Nervous System                                            3/9/12
                7         Reflex Hunt                                                        3/13/12
                8         The Respiratory System                                             3/13/12
                9         Text: The Respiratory System                                       3/14/12
               10         Structure of the Heart                                             3/16/12
               11         Do The Circulation! (lyrics to songs)                              3/16/12
               12         Study Guide for Human Body Test                                    3/16/12
               13         Action Figure Joints                                               3/19/12
               14         Review and Reinforcement “Cell Specialization”                     3/19/12
               15         Test – Human Body Systems                                          3/22/12

_____Did you get your parent’s signature? (15 points)
______Do you have all of the pages? Missing pages count as 5 points each.      (65 points)
General Organization: (Maximum Deduction for General Organization is 15 points)
_____Place the checklist in the front of the Unit Packet,.

_____Your handwritten Table of Contents should be the first page in the prongs (paper fasteners).

_____Are all pages numbered in the top right corner?
_____Are all pages numbered correctly?
_____Are all pages in order?
_____Is your name and date on all worksheets?
_____Is your complete heading on all pieces of loose-leaf paper on which you took notes?
_____Are all assignments completed?
_____Did you make corrections on all sheets that were already graded or reviewed in

_____Are all pages right-side and front-side up?
_____Is your folder in excellent condition – not torn or worn out?
_____Is the packet securely fastened in a folder with paper fasteners (prongs)?
_____Is the packet neat? Pages should not be wrinkled or torn.
_____Are only the sheets listed above included?
_____Have you used the checklist?

Bonus for decorating the unit packet with pictures related to the topic. (2 points)

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